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  1. i just wanna look at houses for sale what you mean bro. only look though
  2. Looking for any houses really, just wanna see them as well. Viewings only.
  3. All the info is here. Like I said, I did not hear any demands due to possibly VOIP being broken like it has been the last few days. Again, I don't have a recording of this as I wasn't informed of the report being made.
  4. Hi, ID 217 here. In this situation, I have jumped on the roof of the building, saw you point a gun but heard no demands (not sure if it was VOIP messing up or whatever). I jumped off the roof then and proceeded to stay off it for a good while until I heard shots coming from that general direction, where you shot Blat. No recording available as the reporting party did not inform me of the report being made. If you got any more questions let me know. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hey, ID 537 here. The whole scenario is pretty straight forward. As seen from the video provided by the reporting party, they were told to get in the back of the clothing store. I personally only got the reporting party in place. While we had many vehicles around the store and the general area outside, we knew there was no PD coming any time soon. When it comes to the location, we got the reporting party and his friends in the back of the store, where realistically nobody would go anyway. No recording is available as we were not informed of the report initially.
  6. Dlugi


    70k cash in hand, it's yours
  7. Dlugi


    Both cars have been sold. Currently selling a Bison, maxed, fits 6 people as well as someone in the trunk.
  8. Dlugi


    Maxed Chino Custom Asking Price - 70k SOLD Maxed Kuruma Asking Price - 100k SOLD Both Prices Negotiable Contact - #4046225 More cars will be added further down the line. Thanks for your time.
  9. Dlugi

    The Misfits

    Dlugi MacShea Dlugi. Born in Poland, raised in Ireland by his grandparents. Experienced violence and cash-in-hand deals from a very early age. Grandfather was an ex-military man from the GROM. Discipline was his second nature, but after retirement, he focused on cars, bikes and farming equipment. A nice and calm elderly life. So, since Dlugi didn't have anything else to do, he started hanging out with the old man in the garage. Picked up a lot, from changing oil in cars and tractors, to tearing a car apart and building it back up again. His grandma usually stayed indoors. She was unfortunately diagnosed with terminal cancer. A keeper was provided by the local governing body, as they were too fragile to look after one-another. Dlugi did help, but there's only so much a small kid can do. After a few years, he managed to find and renovate an old bike from a junkyard not too far out from the village. A shitty Manchez, but he was proud of it. Got all parts together, got the thing working without too many issues. So he took it for a spin. Drove on for about an hour, to the nearest city. Just as he was approaching, he heard sirens behind him. Checked his mirror and sure enough, Garda were after him. 120km/h on the motorway. He pulled over, took off his helmet and relaxed on the bike. The Garda approached him, asked for a license. Dlugi calmly pulled out his wallet and gave it to the man. After a quick look, the Garda said "Slow down kid, you're only 16, don't end up in the hospital." and went back to his cruiser. He watched them drive off and sat down next to his bike. He got lost in his own mind and after checking the time, he noticed he was gone for more than 4 hours. He hopped back on the bike and raced home, this time without any Guards. When he arrived at his grandparents house, it was dead quiet. Unusual, specially at this time of the day. 6PM on the dot, old man should still be working in the garage. He walked the Manchez to the shed and leaned it against the door. Paced around for a bit, unsure what to do with himself. His stomach rumbling, he knew he had to grab some grub. Ran to the house, and into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw a cold bloody finger inside. He then noticed a trail of blood leading to where his grandma slept. Face expressionless, he marched forward. The door squeaked open after a slight push, and he could taste blood in the air. Bed was clean and tidy, back wardrobe also untouched. Even spotless under the bed. So he checked the rest of the house. Nothing. Ran out to the garage. Checked every corner. and then he opened a freezer that was there since he was a kid. Inside, dead bodies. Both grandparents gone, just like that. He fell back with tears coming out of his eyes. He stayed there crying for what felt like an eternity. Dlugi stood back up and checked his phone. 9.58PM. He ran out to the shed again and grabbed his bike, throwing the helmet away. Then he remembered. His grandfather always told him. "For emergencies only" he said. So he went inside the shed and opened a small wooden box. Inside was a small pistol, a Glock-18 with 5 spare magazines, all loaded up and ready to go. He grabbed it all, put it into a bag he found lying around and checked around the shed for anything else. Came across a stack of cash, just over two thousand euros in fifty's. Threw that in the bag as well. Ripped up a shirt he saw hanging there, making a provisional bandana and tied it on his face. He took off. Nothing holding him back, he wanted to get out. Out of the village, out of the county, out of the country. He was looking for a one way ticket. Anywhere. Somewhere else. "Running from problems helps, right?" he thought to himself. He drove halfway through the country north, doing odd jobs here and there, grabbing as much cash as he could. Started dealing with not-so-friendly individuals. Conversations changed from "What's the craic lad you all good, all sorted?" to "D, get an ounce for me, will ya?". So he started delivering drugs. From weed, to coke, to ecstasy. Paid well, let him sleep in a nice hotel. One day, during a quick drop-off at one of his friends' places, he ran into someone. A girl about his age. Obviously, didn't think too much about it, he just wanted to drop off what he had and dip. So he knocked on the door of the house she just walked out of. Waited a while, no response. Knocked again. Nothing. He went to see if there was anyone in the back yard. Not even a ghost. Lights were still on, but it was dead quiet. He left with the produce, hanging onto it for another day won't hurt. On the way out of the driveway, he saw her again, just standing there like she was waiting to be picked up. So he strolled forward, looked at her and offered her a spin into town. She agreed and hopped on the bike with him. "Dlugi MacShea, nice to meet ya." She nodded and said "Holly Hops. Patrick's Street, if you don't mind." They started hanging out more and more, purely by accident more than anything else. She was always at that house, and there was always stuff to be delivered there. Chit-chat on a frequent basis, and soon enough they talked about potentially leaving the country. Hops got involved with the same crowd he did, so they were basically rolling with each-other at this stage. Dlugi knew that he was gonna go as soon as he could. Too much memories in Ireland. He wasn't intending on making another one happen if he could stop it. Time went past, money came and went. The only thing that remained constant it seemed was the friendship between himself and Holly. It was time. He packed all his shit away, stored the weed to be delivered at a later stage by Hops. Gave her his old gun too, since he couldn't be arsed trying to smuggle it through. Los Santos. One way ticket to LS. He said his goodbyes and told Holly to come over whenever she wanted. Marcello Family It wasn't long before Dlugi managed to get involved in a gang of sorts in LS. He found them to stand out more than others. This family, The Marcello's, just had something about them. Something appealing. When he arrived in LS, he tried joining up with them within 2 weeks. Barely any knowledge of how anything worked in town, what to do for money or anything like that, he decided to go for what he was good at. While with the Marcello's, he applied for a job in Los Santos Customs. His knowledge in car parts and what not to do in a garage came in handy. Overall, the experience and the friends he made in the Marcello Family were very positive. Many of them were something Dlugi wanted to be. He wanted an actual family. He got one. He reached the rank of Capo within the family. A respected rank, one responsible for many orders. Responsible for recruitment. But unable to work. Unfortunately, this didn't last long. The head of the organisation, Winston, had left town unexpectedly, due to a family funeral back in Italy. Luca was in charge. And then Luca left. No leaders, no future plans. Marcello's disbanded. So D was back to the lone wolf position. Many of his friends tried recruiting him to their own gangs, for example the Saints. He turned them down every time however. Not looking for anything in particular, he just wanted to be left by himself, do his own thing. He got bored after a while, started trying out some races with his friends. There were a few races, but a lot of racers. Then one crew caught his attention. One in all orange. One who knew how cars worked, how to drive efficiently. The Wanted The Wanted were a unique crew in town. Orange racers. This is some excitement that the city needed. So Dlugi tried out for them and got accepted due to a quick interview organised by his friend from Bayview, Dre. Everything went smoothly. Races were hella fun. Dlugi climbed through the ranks until he got to Bandit. At that point, the war with Zetas had really kicked off. Many boys left town for different reasons, many more just didn't wake up from their slumber. Dlugi himself had to leave for an extended period of time. He needed a break. He picked the worst time for it as well. After coming back, he knew something was in the air. No texts of new radio frequencies, nobody from the Wanted in town. He threw in the towel for himself and changed car colours back to black and white. Misfits Before the Wanted and Zeta war, Dlugi's friend showed up in town. Hops was around, and is sticking around. She managed to find herself a nice bunch of friends. Yellow gang, called Misfits. She tried to convince him to join up as well, but he refused many times. He wanted to be the lone wolf of the city once again. This didn't stop him hanging out with Holly and the Yellow Boys. Of course, when it comes to gang activities, Dlugi remained unaffiliated. But then the thought of being part of something even bigger again, that made his finger itch. "What if this is it? What if I go hard again?" "I ain't going 6 feet under because of natural causes. Being normal is boring. Fuck it." He called Holly for a quick meetup and told her he's in. Her asking finally paid off, and she told the Boss, Richie the good news. "If this is it, then fuck it. No more solo shit." With a lot of fun, comes a lot of jail time. Fuck it. Be grand.
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