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The Four Seas Order

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世界各地的 订购

(The Four Seas Order)

The Four Seas Order (FSO) is an americanized translation of the organization's name which can more accurately be translated to “the order influencing all around the world”. 



FSO is an organization that has settled and is based out of Little Seoul, they operate on two fronts: the legal representation and the illegal handlings. Publically, FSO is known as a neighborhood organization that is filled with members of the Little Seoul neighborhood. They perform public works, put on community events, advocate for local businesses, and maintain a positive public image. Privately however, and to anyone with a questioning eye, their illegal activities are plain as day. 


There are many chapters across the world but the Los Santos branch was established early in the year by Jae Fang and Charlie Lau. Starting from two it has grown to a large organization including diverse members from all walks of life. Following the creation of FSO in Los Santos they moved into their headquarters at the Noodle House in Little Seoul from which they still operate to this day.


The members selected for the Four Seas Order will only be of extreme quality, professionalism, and those who are willing to invest their lives into the success of the organization. For the Four Seas Order, reputation and image is everything. The Four Seas Order works heavily on rigorous training processes to work on the criminal skills of each member within the organization. We are undeniably Chinese and our main focus lies on protecting our territory and citizens within it from rampant crime.



The specific rankings are tailored to each member and their strengths and inputs to the gang however there are five established orders within FSO.



Members in this order are the people who head our businesses, events, and community projects. These are the face of the gang to our city and neighborhood. They bring any neighborhood concerns to the higher ups to be handled.



Members in this order are the people who head our street operations. They are our foot soldiers, territory patrol-ers, general muscle of the order. They follow the leadership of our Cranes and Tigers.



Members of this order are our leaders. They lead the Koi in operations, work on training members, recruitment, and overall watching over the well being, quality, and growth of the gang members and gang at whole.



Members of this order are our directors, our lieutenants. They manage the direction that the gang moves in. Some lead the lead recruiters, lead trainer, and training & recruitment teams. Others manage orders and gang relations in the city. These are the go too leaders for the lower ranks in the gang.



Members of this order are the orchestrators of the gang. They make sure all things are on the right track. They have proven themselves over time and effort to be of the utmost honor. The word of the dragon is to be followed at once and without question. Only those who have truly proven themselves will be invited to join the Order of the Dragon.


FSO does not stick to any one place, like water, they do where they please. However, Little Seoul is well regarded as their territory and they put aside time to patrol them, party at noodle houses, or just vibe. They are as of present expanding into Strawberry territory to address overcrowding..



The current plans for FSO include, but are not limited to:

  • Establish presence and power within Little Seoul and the surrounding areas.

  • Establish influence upon the citizens of the Little Seoul neighborhood.

  • Purchase the Noodle House in Little Seoul for opening a restaurant.

  • Establish Noodle House as a regularly opened restaurant to the public.

  • Build the organization's treasury to allow for the purchases of more properties in Little Seoul.

  • Find and secure multiple locations of interest to expand operations to. 

  • Establish and Maintain diplomatic relationships with other organizations in the city.

  • Secure a warehouse to store goods for the organization.

  • Expand the organization’s reach outside of Little Seoul.





  1. You must have 50,000 XP on the character applying. Exceptions can be made for those that have high XP on alternate character.

  2. You must be in good standing with the community. Extensive admin logs or severe server punishments could be grounds for denial.

  3. You must be willing to learn or already have the ability to provide exceptional role play.

  4. You must be active before joining, and as a member of the faction. A minimum of 5 hours should be played on your character every week, with absences longer than 3 days being approved by a high command member.

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New Journey - 新旅程 (Xīn lǚchéng)

Kai Zhuo was born on 1 December 1995 in Shanghai, China. He used to work as a butcher back at the days in Shanghai, but behind the counter, he has been working for 14k Triads that operate in Shanghai since a couple of years ago. He works for Gyang Xui, second hand of 14k Triads in Shanghai, and even though he loves his job as a butcher, he's been asked to gathers some informations around, becoming informant of 14k Triads. He also used to extortion other butchers and business owners at the market with the promise of protection from 14k Triads, proving and showing plenty of respect and loyalty for them. He considers his job as an illegal stuff import, extortionist and informant for Triads done. He decided to move to Los Santos to start his new life and find a new group with Chinese culture in it.

The Four Seas - 四海 (Sìhǎi)

Kai discovers a local Chinese restaurant in the city, trying to check it out and for some reason it still under construction, he went into the parking lot to check around and try to stay until there's a customer come to check out the restaurant, during the time when he was waiting for the customer, there are 4 people walk slowly towards him. Kai introduces himself and asking for the reason for the restaurant why its closed. Kai notice 4 of the guy using the same outfit with different color and different type of the tops, In the meanwhile Fitz asking for his name, Kai would answer his question gently using Chinese Accent, they offered Kai to sleep and stay for a night inside noodles and talk about story.


New Trial - 新审判 (Xīn shěnpàn)

Kai enjoyed every moment and situation with the group, Fitz teach him a lot of things, he learned a lot of stuff in the city and every member looks friendly. Kai starts his interview with Costa Black and Simon, he answered every question truthfully including his past as well, after few days Kai got a text from Simon that he got accepted as Trial in Four Seas Order, his test start by evading the cops and communication between group and him in the radio. his black clothes with Chinese decoration have their own meanings.

Wanted - 通缉 (Tōngjī)

Being a criminal means you need to take a high risk to get caught or chase by cops, Kai has been thinking about it since a long time ago to become active criminal. He always takes every single risk and chance to get and make more money from every illegal activity, but after thinking about it twice, he realizes that it's all not just because of money. he has a family after every single situation that involve him. it will also give him a chance to become official member.

Kai is getting chase by 2 cruisers and it keeps increasing more and more every single pursuit, 2 helicopters and 20 cruisers behind him it just because he's hard to get caught. until the first day, he got arrested for 8 years inside the prison for store robbery, possessing illegal firearms, taking police officer as a hostage, stealing government vehicle, attempted murder, and more. Kai was driving his elegy when he got chased by 2 cruisers behind him, he went to the power plant by the east highway near Wanted Refresh 24/7, unlucky Kai hit a wall and got stalled.

His car is stalled, he quickly jumps out from the car and unholster his .50 Caliber from his back with a silencer attached on his gun, pointed his gun towards one of their officers and yelling towards all of them "Do not shoot or this officer gonna die as soon you pull the trigger", He asks for a cruiser's key so he can drive it due to his elegy stalled after the crash to the wall.


He succeeds out from hostage situation after the car crash, driving the cruiser to the setup location of hakuchou drag that has been planned but sadly the location compromised, the helicopter was already there and one of the cruisers blocking the road.

The stolen cruiser that he drives got flip when he tried to get away from the chase and it makes the engine stalled.
He ends up surrender by showing both of his hands up on the air and get down on his knees. Kai always escape and get away from the cops and that's the reason they put more cruisers while pursuit against him


After every effort and proving himself, he got promoted to become an official member of Four Seas Order.
"Wanted" tattoo in letters running on his right forehead above his right eye has a lot of meaning.


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(The Conflict)


Kai and his other family members were at Chiliad Lab, rumours had been spread out about Irish was gonna hit FSO.
They were picking some plant and Thomas was outside chiliad lab on-foot, and as soon as Irish came, demands were given by them towards Thomas. Leading to a shootout in less than one minute, Kai got hit by bullets on both of his arms, as medics found him he was immediately brought up to the hospital.

One month after rehabilitation inside the hospital, Kai could finally go back to his house. The first thing he did was to take out his SMG from his safe, reloading it and making sure the load was full. Kai never underestimated his enemies, If the enemy is very strong, all you can do is attack them part by part from all sources. Corner them from all sources to checkmate them finally. Focus on your strengths and concentrate on the weaknesses of your opponents, If one plan fails, alternative plans must be ready to address the challenges to move the things forward.


The second shootout happened at Stabcity Bridge, it was supposed to be a setup ambush plan for them but unfortunately the shootout ended up outside the location of the ambush. Kai droves his elegy as he heard the backup call before the ambush location. He drove it quickly to the location and get out from the vehicle, unslings his Micro-SMG from his back, opening fire on every person that known as Irish. 


Shootout by shootout, Kai was learning more life lesson and decided to remember them as a Tattoo on his body.


Dragons tattoo may represent chinese symbolic also symbolic of legendary animal.
Dual Wield Guns tattoo may represent danger, evil, honor and security.
Beast tattoo may represent power, greed, ruthlessness, ferocity and devilish nature also symbol of  apocalypse.

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A new beginning

Jean had great hopes his path was clear and open within the Triads, months had passed, sacrifices were made and the once reputable businessman became an acquaintance of the known criminal scums of the city.

Has he tought his reputation was building up inside the group, one day, what seemed to be a regular meeting for Jean turned out to be what felt like a hundred blades stabbing thru his back.

"Jean, we don't see you often, we will have to bench you" are the words that came out Bruce Wong's mouth...
 At this very moment, Jean felt like his whole world was shattered appart. As Jean's mind was still battling over the phrase he just heard, he still had to attend the meeting silently.
Multiple persons were called up front for promotions and what used to be an enjoyable ceremony, turned into a torturing nightmare as he saw new faces being put up in his place.

Jean was told after the meeting that he was still the "homie" and could still wear the color and the mask, but he felt otherwise...

Days passed and the thought of the recent events were still hunting Jean's mind.
He went up to observatory to try and meet up with an old friend of his that used to be racing and luckily, they were around the area so Jean spent the night with them, driving around the track, venting off any stress.


As he needed some sort of relaxation he went to the pier to fish and socialize with the people around.


Altough, on a rainy night, Jean got shot at in cold blood after being asked if he was triads. 


Luckily, a woman named Ana got out of her way to save him, but this event became a turning point for him as he figured he wouldn't represent a gang that hadn't been loyal to him just to be targeted and potentially killed for good.
He then dropped the color, disposed of the mask and decided he would roll on it's own for a few...

One night, he received a text from Simon wondering what he was up to. After a quick discussion, they rolled up towards labs together, ocean being the first stop.

Arriving at the area, familiar faces were around and a few red purpleish cars could be seen. Four Seas Order was there and Jean already knew these people and the ones in charge of it.
Missing the old days in which he was part of a family, he quickly proposed his service to Charlie and in a matter of seconds, the whole crew was around Jean, greeting him very warmly.

Jean immediately felt he belonged in the group, made a quick stop at LSC to get his car painted got some fresh clothes and then spent the rest of the night running errands with them.



This night would ultimately dictate a new beginning for Jean as he knows, for sure, the best is yet to come.



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It seemed like just another day. Waking up, getting freq, checking up.


But someone had other plans.


“Check Dlugi. Grab your shit, Zetas disbanding, outcasts tried hunting us. Time to return the favour”.


Seems like a lot of information to take in at once. Seems like someone has a death wish.


Quickly walking over to a safe, grabbing his AK-47 summed up the morning exercise. Thankfully this toy was cleaned a few days prior in anticipation for other situations. Dlugi eagerly secures it in a bag, pocketing a magazine.


“We’re outside if you want a pickup Dlugi”


There seemed to be a bit of calmness on the radio. Almost as if people were still processing the situation at hand.


Fully packed out 4-doors, sports cars, trunks at the ready. The organisation was impeccable. And of course, finding people to put into MD didn’t seem like a distant wish. 


The one important bit of detail people forgot, was that it was Zetas disbanding. The people were still sticking around. For us, it was free game. Red or green, neutral or enemy... nobody cared. You talked shit, you got hit. And it was ensured that you felt it.


Obviously, the rest of the council came to aid. Due to politics, Triads and Aztecas didn’t initiate, unless they were initiated against first.


And you can bet that certain people made that mistake. Annoy a wolf, the whole pack will come after your ass.


A few days have gone by, many bullets and  casualties later, the opposition could’ve been found at one place in particular.


After a few more days, Dlugi found himself joining the Four Seas Order. At first glance, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Another gang with more goals, and even more hopes for the future.


“Fuck it. I’m in.”


After talking to Brandon Fitz, Fitz made sure that the FSO would see to Dlugi’s recruitment. A familiar smile appeared under his mask, as Dlugi has received yet another chance to prove himself.


Friendships were made quite quickly. Most of the people in FSO Dlugi knew already from previous encounters. Be it other disbanded gangs, or ex-legal workers who got bored of their 9-5 jobs, all were welcome to get a shot at the Crim life, and check out what it had to offer.


Amongst other responsibilities, the grind for cash was in full motion. Drug lab after drug lab, hustle after hustle. Finally enough was gathered for FSO to buy the HQ they wanted for so long. Bruce Wong was willing to sell it for 2 million. Dlugi obviously did his part for this, assisting in any way possible. The deal was closed, Noodle House now under new owners.


A while passed, and Dlugi was promoted to Yellow Crane, a rank with more responsibilities. He could now proceed with training runs and recruitment opportunities. Eager to get started, he set up a callout training the next day. All the participants surprised him with great callouts. Everyone kept up, nobody lost eyes on the target vehicle. Impressive for a small gang, he had to admit.


More training runs, more imports, more gunfire. The Four Seas Order seemed to be coming out on top. Granted, a few have done lengthy sentences in SADOC, only to be welcomed back on the radio frequency.


Grind doesn’t stop, as long as motivations are high.


Another chance was given to him. Another chance he can’t and will not fuck up.


Like a wise friend of his once said:

"Colour is temporary, family is permanent"

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(The Journey)




Just as most good things do, they come to an end, and as one gang ended, The Crimson Syndicates,


another gang rose, The Four Seas Order. Travis had caught wind of a new group that was to come soon, so he got to work. Trying to get his money up and working diligently with a goal at mind. To get into this group, one way or another. That he would take a select few to bring with him to join the new gang The Four Seas Order. John had finally picked his select few out of the group that was there at the meeting. Those names happen to be Jay, Travis, John himself, Ralphael, and last Isaac. We were exhilarated with his decision to pick us as the select few to bring us to The Four Seas Order. The Crimson Syndicates were to officially disband. We were to immediately go to Triad HQ where they were there to meet the new Founders and Co-Founders of this new adventure to come. Upon arrival we swiftly moved out of the cars to meet Jae Fang who would be the Leader of this new group, and Chi 'Charlie' Kwang who would be Co-founder of this new group. The group of Ex-Crimsons were thrilled and could not wait to get to work and what would hopefully eventually lead to their very new lives.


After long and through meetings to understand who everyone was and what they thought about everyone else. They would soon have a meeting deciding whether we were worthy enough of becoming a part of this new group, and five hours later the decision was made. We were all to be set onto trials for the group and we were to roll around not in colors. Now this was not the normal, typically. As this could be a potential starting group they made one exception, that we were able to get into uniform to identify ourselves among the rest.



He would soon come to learn and know lots of faces within the group itself, and many others that would also soon come to follow in the footsteps of Jae and Chi. He would come to appreciate that very simple fact that because of the work he put into The Crimson Syndicate, this would be his final reward. He would join a group that would have potential to become very big things.

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One afternoon Thomas and Jerome met up after a quick conversation over the phone. Both were in a gambling mood and decided to go shoot some dice. It had been a good while since they tossed against the walls of Little Seoul, as usual they had them stored in their bags all polished up ready to go.

After a quick call over the radio they gathered two more members who also wanted to partake. The spot chosen had a great overview of the surrounding area with multiple escape routes in case any hostile groups were to show up or if the Police decided to interrupt their illicit activities. Being familiar with the alleyways they knew where to conceal their weapons and still have easy access to them if necessary.




After a short while their presence was noticed by two men who approached them asking to join in. Since The Four Seas Order is welcoming and helpful to all citizens of Little Seoul they gladly accepted the request and invited the men to gamble with them. 

Oliver Ng was first out to challenge one of the men to a best of three, bets were placed, $1,000 was the sum.




On this day the gods of gambling were against Oliver, he lost a thrilling match against the man, but he wouldn’t back down. After the last dice were thrown he turned around pointing towards the other man challenging him in an attempt to win back his money.




Multiple people came and went as they continued to gamble throughout the afternoon, some weren’t as fortunate and others made lesser riches.




At the sessions end “Charles” had money to claim, Thomas willingly went with him to the ATM around the corner to give him his winnings. Even in the face of defeat, The Four Seas Order stays true to their word and upholds promises given.



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While the conflict with Daichead Gadaí was raging throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, the Four Seas Order were still planning to open their Noodle House, as they have ever since buying the property.


 Once they had settled on a date, Charlie and the Pandas began setting up the soft opening of what in the future shall become their way of connecting with the public. 


They decided that they would make this a private event, open only to certain other gangs and close friends. Invitations were sent out to their good friends of Los Aztecas and the Triads, and even their not-so-good Irish friends of Daichead Gadaí.


Over the next few days, people were asked to sign up as waiters and security for the evening as everyone was anticipating the big day. As a show of gratitude and respect, there would be no entry fee and food would be on the house; Their cook Thomas was in for a hell of a night.


Once Sunday had arrived and it was almost time to welcome their guests, everyone made their way down to the mask store to get dressed in their traditional outfits that they would wear from now on for their events at the Noodle House. 


Upon their arrival back at the restaurant, the parking lot was already starting to fill up with Aztecas and Triads. The Pandas hosting the event greeted as many people as they could before heading inside for a final briefing to get everyone on the same page before the doors were to open and their guests could finally experience a taste of what FSO had in store for the future. 


As the night kicked off, the tables were soon full of people, their conversations engulfing the room in chatter. Topics emerged and faded as fast as they could speak, after all Los Santos was a busy place. It was a rare occurrence though for this sordid crew to be able to relax and just talk over a nice hot bowl of noodles.


As the mouth-watering smell of the noodles filled the restaurant, some of the guests got up and started dancing and having a good time to the music being played by Travis, our DJ for the night. 


With the interaction still flowing amongst the occupants of the Noodle House certain staff suddenly showed a bit of an alarm in their expressions. The word had gone out that Irish were circling the block, making their presence known in a rather interesting fashion given that they were invited to the gathering. Cooler heads prevailed and the roar of the green motorcade faded into the distance. Those who had went on alert making their way back inside, casually returning to the conversations they had left behind.

As the crowd filed out after the final calls, the night had been a success on many levels. Even the Irish leadership had decided to stop by and make an appearance. The Noodle House began to wind down, waiters taking a moment to rest in a booth, dishes clanking in the kitchen, and congratulations on the outstanding opening night being passed around.


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(The Beginning)


It was a great spring when Artur flew into the city of Los Santos, with his past of not having his family around and not having enough money for anything and he could barely afford food. Artur knew that the only way he could make a living is by being a criminal it was the only way he could get thro life, so he did. Some months past and out of nothing his Brother that he did not see in a long time was also in the city and came to talk to him about things. Both decided to procced in a criminal life together.




(The Four Seas)

Months past and they both started to feel lonely, so they went on an adventure to find a group with more people to support them and give them backup when they need. Artur started looking at FSO’s work and he really liked it, he told Mudar about them and he also really liked them, the work they did and just the environment around them was amazing so they decided to join them, and fortunately they accepted them.






(New Trial)

After Artur got accepted to be in FSO they  told him that to be a part of the actual family he has to go through a process of trial, which would be a small amount of time where they see how he is and the potentials in him. Artur learned a lot of things due to everyone there they were all very kind and wanted the best for everyone.  He did a lot of things while he was a trial and they thought he was ready, and they promoted him to “Blue Koi”. Artur is very proud in the position he is right now in FSO and hopes to get even better and get more promotions. Joining FSO was a great achievement for him and he hopes to do his best to not ruin it.







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“(The Initiation)”

It was a nice breezy spring in los santos when Mudar Smith’s plane landed in the LSA. Mudar had no one in the city to help him get started and that’s when he remembered about his brother “Artur Smith”. Artur got a call from Mudar telling him to catch a flight and come join him in the beautiful city of LS.

Once he arrived, Mudar Smith greeted him with love and support and they both wanted to learn their ways in the city.
On a hot day Mudar Smith was ran over by a insurgent, he then met Tony Kong which helped him get started in the city. Tony bought Mudar Smith a Brioso R/S to get started in the city.




"(Gang Realtions)"

Mudar then started to work a job and get enough money to start buying guns when needed. Mudar then went and met with a man named Fumar Smoke, Fumar was a good man and introduced Mudar Smith to “Gulf Cartel” gulf cartel didn’t stick around for too much but it was enough for Mudar to get his experience up in the city and know his ways.

Mudar then started getting hit by “Tab Yez” & “Jac Scofield” both of these men didn’t like Mudar because of his time in “Gulf Cartel”. Mudar then went around gang to gang and tried figuring out who he’ll stick around with. Mudar tried many gangs from “Gambetti Crime Family” to “Murda Block” he didn’t like either of them and when it was time to fight council he definitely didn’t like that part.

Mudar then separated ways with “Murda Block” and started to work on his income and net worth, Mudar then multiplied his net worth  by at least 2.5x.
Mudar then worked at bayview until he could afford an apartment, when he bought one he had started to buy guns and rolled with his brother “Artur Smith”.



"(The four Seas)"

A long time passed and Mudar & Artur searched for people to stick with and trust until they heard about FSO, Mudar and Artur took their trial interview and became Trials for FSO, He worked day and night to prove himself worthy to carry the name of FSO wherever he goes.
Mudar was bribed by many people from Officers to Ex-Murda members to snitch on FSO but he believed that they are his true family and wanted to stick around with them so he refused and continued on with his life in Four Seas Order. Mudar proved him self both worthy and trust worthy.

Mudar was then Promoted to become a Blue Koi and is still proving himself worthy and putting all his hard work in Four Seas Order to get promoted and reach mile stones with the Gang.



"(the current state)"

Mudar is currently a "Blue Koi" at FSO and is proud to be apart of the family, being apart of it meant so much to him and he hopes to be promoted to a higher rank in FSO in the coming weeks.

Mudar was taught the ways of cooking by many people in FSO he was inspired by their money making ways and sold his 2G Apartment. He then bought a house and tables and is yet making his way into the rich life of LS.




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(The Robbery)


It was a casual day. Thomas,Leo and Jerome happened to be next to the store which is far away from the city and is located next to the highway which is not that often used so they decided to rob that store since there is lower risk to get caught.

First robbery was successful,so we decided to regroup at noodle at set the plan for second robbery. Once they arrived at Noodle House,Prozacel decided to join for one robbery. They decided to change their outfits,so police wont recognise them.



Once outfits were changed,they set up a plan and headed to the first store. Once arrived they parked their vehicle outside the store so it would be easier for them to escape if needed,then they ran into store and Prozacel started aiming gun at cashier as they planned and the last of the group started taking money out of the cash machine.




Everything was going well,until cop car drove past the store. Leo,Jerome and Thomas had decent amount of cash in their pockets,there was still a lot of money left in the cash machine,but group had to react quick and run away from the store. Sadly,Leo and Thomas had the slowest vehicle so Cop decided to chase them. 

Leo and Thomas were leaving the hideout but then Police back up  showed up with few more cruisers and a helicopter. Leo realised that they won't escape while being outside of the city,so he decided to drive towards Los Santos,but sadly he ran into detectives Neon while switching lanes in highway .




                      The car stalled straight away,Leo and Thomas had to get out of the car and surrender to police.



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Donny Bruno originally came to Los Santos from Sicily, Italy. He had been involved with low level crime syndicates in his hometown, but little did he know this would only be the beginning of his life as a criminal. Around 2010, Donny moved to Los Santos where he began his new life as a legal worker. Like many others, Donny began to mine as his primary source of income. 

This monotonous job was not fulfilling to Donny though, and it did not take long for him to seek out a new criminal organization to get involved with. Donny met Mikkel at the mines who ended up being a higher up with The Misfits. At the time, The Misfits were a relatively new organization who were just establishing their place in Los Santos. Donny communicated back and forth with Mikkel and eventually ended up as a prospect for the organization. Donny worked his way through the prospect phase and became an official member of The Misfits.


This group had taught Donny what it took to be a criminal in this city and how to carry yourself as one. Through this, Donny made many connections with other criminal groups within the city and after attending a few parties, he became friends with several members of the Los Santos Triads


Donny had seen the triads around quite a bit and admired their professionalism and prestige. Eventually, The Misfits ended up at war with The Triads and The Zetas. Had everything been normal with The Misfits, Donny would have gladly stuck around to fight back, but seeing as their leader had been out of town for weeks, the organization was already crumbling with no central leadership and poor communication. Even at this time of war though, The Triads fought fair. They did not hit the Misfits HQ and avoided us in the city. Even when up north, they weren’t eager to jump any Misfit members. Donny knew it would only be a matter of time until the Misfits collapsed, so he met with Vince Draco of the triads to find out if he could become a trial for them. Donny knew how this would be viewed by his friends from the Misfits, and even though he knew he would be viewed as a traitor, he knew that the Triads had never wronged him and that he could gain more momentum in the criminal world by joining them. Vince allowed him to become a trial, and after a few months, Donny worked his way up to the rank of 49er.



Around this time, Donny felt that it was time for him to return home to Italy. He loved meeting so many new friends in Los Santos, but he had gone so long without seeing his family. When he finally decided upon moving away from Los Santos, Donny approached Kai Fang, another Triads higher up, as well as his friend Dom Presky and brought up the discussion of him leaving the Triads. Both members were surprised by his decision, but Donny gave up his mask and explained that he must move away from the city for some time. This was not a spur of the moment decision. He had worked so hard to establish connections and make new friends in the city, but he knew that he could not abandon his family back home and thus, he must leave. 

Donny continued living with his family in Italy until his father received a call one day. His father said it was the FIB. They were looking for a man named Donny Bruno who was wanted for several counts of murder and armed robbery in Los Santos. This enraged Donny’s father who kicked him out on the spot. With nowhere left to go, Donny thought of the friends he’d made in Los Santos and began thinking of ways to get back into America without being discovered by law enforcement. He found a cargo ship captain who (once bribed) was willing to smuggle Donny back into America. He took this opportunity, and after arriving in America, hitchhiked his way back to Los Santos. Once there, he met with another old friend: Chi Lau. Donny had met Chi at a couple of the parties that he’d attended and was good friends with her. Chi invited Donny to join her crew called the Four Seas Order and with his criminal background and past relations with several of its members, Donny happily obliged in joining. 


With the FIB still looking for him, Donny knew that he’d have to change his identity to remain incognito and Chi suggested that he change his last name to Lau to match her's. Donny thought this was a perfect idea and ordered several forms of fake identification off the black market to prove that this was his name if any law enforcement demanded it. He was equipped with a passport, birth certificate, and most importantly a driver’s license to prove that his last name was indeed Lau. He even dyed his hair gray and rocked some kick ass new glasses so as to not raise any suspicion. After all of this, the new Donny was born. 



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(The Cook)

Quentin started his day cooking some crack. He had plans on off loading a serious amount of it but had trouble reaching his contact so he started cooking and learning. He had no gloves on as he was not able to get a pair but it didn't bother him. After taking a break his nose got itchy and he scratched it and inhaled a very small dose of crack. The second it hit him, he knew what happened. It was an instant feel of a never ending adrenaline rush.





(the Effect)

Quentin felt like a superhuman, he felt like he could jump in front of a moving truck and walk it off. He felt that he could jump off a building and fly to space. He did not want the feeling to end so he kept taking it and taking it. Quentin could not remember it properly but he must have taken over 12 grams. He saw a guy he knew and let him take a bump. He told me that he had to get a medic since he got an instant addiction claiming it was the purest thing ever. 





(The Chase)



Quentin kept doing lines after lines when he pulled over to call a friend. An officer pulled him over since Quentin had a reckless operation. Before the officer reached his window he did a line on the steering wheel. Quentin couldn't have gotten out of the car since he had crack all over him and had was packing a weapon. He was talking like eminem and was shaking like he had Parkinson's. He put the key in the ignition and drove off. His driving was decent but it placed some paranoia hearing a helicopter and bike tailing him. 



(The Withdrawal)



As he was driving he hit a sudden need for crack, and next thing he went head first into a wall. He started to run away since he had gained some distance on them. He turned around and started to shoot at a cop which was his former employee at Weazel News but Quentin went down since he could not hold the gun properly. He did not even remember anything after the crash since he was so doped up. Jason Tate, his old boss arrived and helped him out which placed him in an awkward position getting treated by him. Quentin did not remember the ride to D.O.C either.





(The Aftermath)


Quentin arrived at DOC when he really needed crack but to the point where he would die if he did not get a bump. When he got into the processing room he collapsed on the floor. The guards feared he was about to over dose and drop dead but they did their best in helping me. He had bloody eyes. Sweating as if he got possessed from the devil. Quentin went inside prison and had a long chat with one of the guards. He had started to get various withdrawal phases but as always, Thomas was there beside him to help him out.



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Four Seas Order was looking to expand their influence throughout their immediate territory. There were far too many people coming through Little Seoul and FSO wanted to extend their knowledge and relationships with the people who lived there. They started doing patrols through the streets of Little Seoul to get to know the citizens better and to scout out any crime that may or may not be going on.


This was mutually beneficial. Between these BMX patrols and fishing down by the pier FSO was able to gain intel on what was going on in the neighborhood. It was nice to see some life breathed into the skate park near the shrine. Little Seoul was feeling more and more like home every day.


What started as just boolin led to hours and weeks of training at the skatepark. Each member of the so-called BMX Gang puts in hours to train and perfect the best trick jumps, flips, turns, even just riding the half pipe. In time this became a community and family activity over many weeks to relieve stress, create relationships etc. In fact it is during these escapades that we were able to make many connections with fellow BMXers in the city. Including some interested in racing which was helpful as FSO plans their next two large events. For now tho it is great moments relaxing at the park, doing tricks, and chatting with family members. A moment of calm before the city would explode into madness.




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(The Police)


It was a casual day for FSO ,they were driving through the labs and picking up some plants. After they done what they were doing they decided to drive towards the city, but once they drove on to the highway Prozacel came up and then long conversation started. They parked up their cars and bikes onto a side of the highway and the conversation continued. Dlugi decided to join the conversation by coming over,but then suddenly he been pulled over by Sheriff and that's where the fun started.




Dlugi did not have a drivers license so, FSO decided to approach the traffic stop and free Dlugi out. Kamacho drove in front of the Sheriff's car and Leo approached them from behind,gave them demands. Both Sheriff's been told to get out of their car and get on their knees. Once Sheriff's left their vehicle,Dlugi been told to run away.






Once Dlugi flew away from the situation and Sheriff's were still on their knee's,Jerome drove up to Leo  and everyone flew away as fast as possible from that situation. While driving towards Los Santos,another Sheriff's car flew by,but he were too slow and was not able to react quick to chase us down. Everyone flee away successfully from the scene and no one been caught. FSO main target was to save their Red Tiger without having to kill or lose anyone.

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(from dark clouds, to clearer skies)



The week started out with our weekly meeting in which we discussed the going ons in the city. This week was a pretty heavy discussion as we were discussing the fact that many of our allies now found themselves in conflict with each other - and what would we do about it? La Familia Michoacana  had stepped in with Gangster Disciples in the conflict against the Triads. This was very trying for the member’s as we discussed how we would respond to this conflict. FSO had no skin in the fight but personal members of the gang all had stories of LFM members having their back as well as Triads helping them out too. It was heart wrenching. A vote was held to gauge the members opinions on where we would go from here. It was decided that we would remain neutral entirely. Charlie thought hard and decided to honor the gang's desires and announced that FSO would remain neutral during this conflict. They then discussed what we would be working on in the coming week. There was some sad news to announce. Tom Fitz and Drew Sanchez announced to the group that they would be leaving FSO to join other gangs in the city. This was followed shortly in the next day of 2 more members also leaving to join other gangs. This left a sour taste in most mouths, so many absences from what once were busy frequencies. Dark clouds came over the group for that evening as they licked their wounds, mourned their losses.


The next morning and on however was for moving forward - Members are important to the family but not any one member can dictate the beginning or end of a family. While we acknowledged the losses we also came to terms with what needed to be done moving forward. The gang had our goals we had set out from the meeting and it was time to get to work on them. Recruitment interviews were going on and then after it was time to hit some stores. The gang successfully hit around 4 stores with absolutely no PD presence before some members had to head out of the city. i2KA3Hh9UGfF3jkD8Qmy_oMw_n7GhO0TugwA4Vtqmo9DIamdzZ5qDQzpAL45HtfZX1zN-NNUvyGyuzgx07J28U4b882h1FEl0wASA9nxh5xmXgIRF3hfZWwU_OgQA2qro4hxUc0v

Once we had gathered our earnings it was time to get that money laundered and into the treasury safely. For this FSO reached out to one of their biggest business partners and allies, the Los Santos Triads. We reached out to our contact within the Los Santos Triads and set up a meeting in order to get our earnings laundered. We were in luck and he was in town so we were able to make the trade and transaction happen fairly quickly.


Travis guarded the entry to the alley to make sure no one was able to enter while we did our business deal with Mr. Shin. Business deals like this are one of the lifeblood for FSO. And striking many different contracts and deals with gangs throughout the city that help benefit both are something that FSO is always looking to pull off and participate in.



After the money was laundered and safely deposited into the treasury Charlie headed back to Noodle to talk with some of the new trials. They shared a few bowls of (you guessed it) noodles while they discussed what was going on in the city. Charlie took a moment to be thankful for her family and those she had around her. She thought back on her busy day from running labs, chopping a few cars, and even having some time to hop on her BMX and do a few jumps. Life was good and although the week started out stormy - for now all she saw was clear skies.


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( A cup of sake )


War was raging across the state. Friends fighting friends over what seemed like trivial matters. But when pride comes before thought the outcome will be a destructive one.


“The wise warrior avoids the battle.”


The Four Seas Order had decided to not partake in fighting on any side. Some members felt differently than the decision made by vote and left the group to fight on separate sides. 

Even when not actively participating, war lays heavy on the mind and Jerome needed some time away.

He knew of a location east of Sandy Shores, atop of a mountain overlooking the ocean, rarely visited by travelers.




He parked his car near a camping site and proceeded to climb the mountain side on foot. Even though it was early morning the sun burned on his skin. The side of the mountain was steep and the peak rose high in the sky. After two hours of climbing he needed a short break.




He stopped and sat down for a moment to admire the view before continuing his last push to reach the top.

It had taken him almost four hours to scale the mountain and he felt weary. Thoughts of war and chaos were still lingering in his mind and exhausting his energy.




He sat down, crossed his legs, closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. To gain focus and to center his mind he inhaled through his nose and exhaled through his mouth with a sound resembling the waves of the ocean.




After some time he stood up and started to transition into one of his favorite poses, the Warrior II. He placed his feet wide apart turning his left foot out 90 degrees and lining up his right foot with the heel of his left. While bending his left knee and straightening his back he moved his arms up to shoulder height forming a T. As he focused on his breathing he sank deeper into the stretch.




After a minute or two he transitioned into the Upward-Facing Dog by first laying down on the ground and then rising up, momentarily resting on his toes and palms. Staying like this for a few seconds, breathing in before pushing his mid region down and his head up. Feeling the strain to his core and the flow of energy slowly returning.




After finishing his session he once more sat down to admire the view from the peak.

He took up the flask of sake he had brought with him and unscrew the lid to use as a cup. 

A cup of sake became a part of his relaxing ritual after being introduced to the drink back when he was seeing a certain Detective of the LSPD. He took a sip from the cup and gazed out at the horizon, the future seemed bright for him and the rest of The Four Seas Order.

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It was a sunny evening in Los Santos and, considered the time, a lot of the Four Seas Order members were in town, keeping up with some work, discussing about future plans as they were planting up in Chiliad.


As soon as the time to leave came in, heading all towards a pre-established location, Ling, Joshua and Lyosha found an abandoned car in the middle of the road.
The perfect opportunity, if it wasn’t that after the third failed lockpick, a detective’s cruiser pulled behind them, forcing them to leave it in a hurry.
Luckily enough, Joshua and Lyosha managed to flee, where Ling didn’t, finding herself surrounded.


“Not that big of a deal”
thought between herself as she was being handcuffed and taken to DOC, already used to that kind of routine.
Put the prisoner’s clothes on and brought to her cell, Ling sat on the bed, ready to serve her time.

“Ling Cheng’s presence is required in the interrogatory room.”

Ling felt the blood freeze in her veins as soon as she heard the guard’s words, pulling herself up from the bench where she was sitting.
A few days had already passed since she got arrested, and since nothing like this has ever happened to her, she was caught off guard.
Trembling on her own legs, stuttering in panic, she was escorted into the room by the guards.


Couple of minutes passed, before the detective Quinn made her entrance, walking behind the desk.
After a brief exchange of glances between the two, the detective started going through Ling’s rights.


“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you.
You have the right to a government-appointed attorney.”

 Evidently anxious and In need of having her back covered, Ling acknowledged her rights, asking for an attorney.
He was making his way from Mission Row, and during the wait, the detective kept walking around the room, whispering to the guards around.


When the attorney came into the room, he immediately asked for it to be vacated until he had the chance to talk to Ling.
Relieved, Ling glanced at him, listening carefully to his words.


“Before we begin, it’s absolutely imperative that you do not answer any question before I give you the go-ahead.
Do you understand?”


Ling nodded, ready for what was going to happen.

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--- (Bringing the Community Together) ---


The sun was setting, begging to dip below the horizon when the roar of car engines began to fill the parking lot of the The Pipeline Inn. The parking spaces soon filled, engulfing the area in a mix of exhaust fumes, random chatter, and a variety of music coming from the different vehicles. People from all walks of life within Los Santos had come out to take part in the festivities of the night.


The maroon Chino Custom was pulled up in front of the establishment and soon a DJ was blaring music behind it, all the while raffle tickets were being bought up in hopes of winning the displayed car. Those in attendance gathered, old friends seeing each other again and new friends meeting for the first time. For one night it didn't matter what set you represented or what position you held in the city, everyone came together.


Not even the presence of the LSPD would dissuade the event goers, with some of the uniformed police officers purchasing their own raffle tickets. Then came the squeak of hydraulics whistling through the night as the Vatos pulled up, filling out the rest of the parking spaces.


The night was already a success and it had only just begun. The legal workers associated with FSO moved through the crowds, monitoring the event. The opening of the Noodle House and the turnout from that had given them the much needed motivation to keep these community interactions going. Instead of hiding in the shadows the Four Seas Order had taken a different approach, boldly stripping away any mask to hide them from the public eye.


While running drugs, robbing, and eliminating rivals could provide profit there was a bigger picture in the eyes of FSO. These events allowed for networking across the board, legal and illegal coming together. Plans were made, contacts were established, and these interactions were breaking the mold used by every other illegal faction in the city.


As the night began to wind down the last calls for the car raffle were being made. A steady rotation of cars moved across the highway to take advantage of the free fuel from Purm's Pumps, the local petrol station that had sponsored the event. Others lined up using the fuel station's ATM to withdraw money for a last minute ticket.


As the crowd gathered around the Chino Custom the music lowered from the DJ. The onlookers glanced down to check their ticket numbers one last time while the event coordinators reached down to pull the winning stub. Even the LSPD took part, the announcement of the winner blared out over their megaphone. Despite only one person driving away with the prize there wasn't a single ounce of disappointment, the night had been one to remember.

The crowd started to disperse, with a long line of cars filing out of the parking lot. The members of the Four Seas Order watched until the final car exited, a bit of relief and a lot of pride within the group. Gathering together the crew stood for a quick picture before calling it a night. Their own caravan of vehicles speeding off down the freeway disappearing as they made their way towards the Noodle House.


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