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  1. r u gonna include the part where the noodle house was set on fire by evil-doers?
  2. Strawberry Car Meet At this point, the Four Seas Order were no strangers to putting on public events. After all, they helped keep up the public image and made Little Seoul’s citizens happy. With the Order’s recent move into Strawberry including the acquisition of the local laundromat. Looking to increase their influence and also introduce themselves to the neighborhood, it was decided that a car meet would be put on at their new property. Thanks to Jake’s connections in the city, he was able to acquire a brand new Penumbra FF for unusually cheap to raffle away. After ad
  3. Looks dope, best of luck!
  4. Sounds super interesting, best of luck
  5. 盛宴 (Feast) --- With the holiday season in full swing, there were events being held all over to the city. Coming off of the massive success that was the previous weekend’s opening of Steamboat Beers where the Four Seas Order could showcase their skills in dumpling making, they were invited by Burnout Nation to serve noodles at their upcoming Yule Feast event. Jake Okibi, in all his strength, loaded the air fryer, wok and stoves into the trunk of his trusty Novak and transported the cooking utensils over to the location.
  6. 急需休息 (Much needed break) --- After months of fighting, the tired warriors of the Four Seas Order were longing for some time away from all the stress and hecticness. After all, how much use is a worn-out fighter? News of Daichead Gadaí opening their pub, Steamboat Beers, thus came at the perfect time. Finally something to look forward to that would leave them without gunshot residue, serving as a break from the troubling and oftentimes scary criminal life. To make things even better, the Order was offered to contribute to the menu with their own be
  7. 領土 (Territory) --- Little Seoul is bursting at the seams. A recent influx of people moving into the area has led to most housing opportunities being taken up. As a result, the nearby neighborhood of Strawberry has become the choice of residence for many Chinese citizens. Though not a district of luxury and comfort, Strawberry offers affordable housing for the working class, as well as multiple properties for the new residents to set up their businesses in. Of course, it is also home to the Central MD. Unfortunately, life
  8. 增長 (Growth) --- The Four Seas Order has always avoided fighting. Shooting is too loud and bad for business. However, in recent times, it was unavoidable. Fortunately, their relations with Daichead Gadaí and TRCC had improved to a point where the Order could rely on their support and vice versa. The family kept growing and over time the number of people fighting under the FSO banner had risen drastically. Some of the most experienced criminals of the city were looking for a new home and they decided that Little Seoul would be the perfect place.
  9. 園藝 (Gardening) --- Chris awoke to a text from Daichead Gadaí’s Lola DeValera informing him that they would like to show the Four Seas Order something that they have been working on, proposing that it might be something that the Order would like to get involved in. Curious to see what the text was about, the two set up a meeting for later in the day. With time fast approaching, the team of higher-ups gathered and made their way to the Steamboat Tavern where they were greeted by Lola, who showcased Irish hospitality by offering everyone drinks from the
  10. Chris Kellermann The story so far --- “10-2 Kellermann.” He breathed a sigh of relief as he took off his work attire to slip into more comfortable clothing. He closed the locker room door behind him and went up to the roof of the building, where he would regularly just sit and think. He stood on the edge of the building, his gaze fixated on the Noodle House down the road, as a smile graced his face and he got lost in his thoughts. He remembered getting on the plane in Germany, thinking he was just going to be away for a year.
  11. Great update, really enjoyed reading it! Up the Beanie Gang
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