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  1. 搶劫 ---(Heist)--- Part 1 The Blueprint A lot of planning goes into a bank heist. Stake out your surroundings and plan for any unforeseeable circumstances. Jerome has been staking out the Fleeca Bank for a few hours every day for the last week. Getting to know the routines of the employees, money transports and the local police presence, timing and taking notes on the regular daily activities. Soon enough he had gathered enough intel to continue shaping the plan and start informing the rest of the gang. Meeting up in a hangar of the Los S
  2. 關係 (Relations) --- “Just give me a call and we’ll help you out.” Chris had put on his warmest smile and best suit for this day. He shook the internet cafe’s owner’s hand and got back in his trusty Jester Classic. With a sigh of relief, the Golden Panda crossed out another name on his list. Thomas and he had spent the day cruising through Little Seoul, meeting with business owners and local residents, going over their needs and wants and of course, how the Lau Foundation might be able to help them out. With his background in graphic design, Chris had prepared bu
  3. 新聞 (News) --- Ever since taking up the Noodle House, the Four Seas Order have steadily been working on making Little Seoul theirs. Fending off petty criminals, protecting local businesses and community outreach - the denizens of this neon-lit neighborhood have certainly made notice of their new neighbors, everyone expressing their gratitude in their own way. With their influence rapidly spreading throughout Little Seoul, it was time to get the word out to the rest of the city. Chi and the Pandas came up with an excellent idea and immediately got to work on the first
  4. 晚會時間 (Party Time) Where there’s a party, there’s drugs and Los Santos was about to have a big one. With the announcement of Sandchella, a music festival held on the Sandy Shores airfield, Los Santos had its citizens ready to party and forget about the stress of life for a while. The Four Seas Order knew exactly how to take advantage of that and were more than happy to supply some stress relievers. Preparing for a big day, Leo visited their favourite citizen of Little Seoul to pick up bags and drug scales. With the supplies in the bag of his van, Leo made his
  5. 凝聚社區 --- (Bringing the Community Together) --- The sun was setting, begging to dip below the horizon when the roar of car engines began to fill the parking lot of the The Pipeline Inn. The parking spaces soon filled, engulfing the area in a mix of exhaust fumes, random chatter, and a variety of music coming from the different vehicles. People from all walks of life within Los Santos had come out to take part in the festivities of the night. The maroon Chino Custom was pulled up in front of the establishment and soon a DJ was blaring music behind it, all the while ra
  6. Great stuff as always, looking forward to the next posts!
  7. 統一 (Unity) --- While the conflict with Daichead Gadaí was raging throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, the Four Seas Order were still planning to open their Noodle House, as they have ever since buying the property. Once they had settled on a date, Charlie and the Pandas began setting up the soft opening of what in the future shall become their way of connecting with the public. They decided that they would make this a private event, open only to certain other gangs and close friends. Invitations were sent out to their good friends of Los Azte
  8. Have nothing but good things to say about this faction! Great interactions and great forum thread
  9. Looks great, excited to rp with y'all, good luck!
  10. Is there a phone number I could contact? Have some questions that I would rather discuss in private.
  11. Got to go on a field trip with the vatos!
  12. Looks awesome, good luck!
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