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Thomas Beaulieu

Thomas Beaulieu - Who am I?

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Hey, I'm Thomas 

 Part 1 is out :)

Part 2 is out now too

Part III is out three 😛 
 here it is!

Part IV is out , it is about taxis 🚕here is the text for it, please leave a like!

no part 5 today 😞 but there is an apology for that!! please read HERE! thank you for the support and keep 💪

 part 5 IS finally oUT 😉here it is this time REALLY ALSO 
here is a short video For yoU!: 
here it is :)

so this is part VI i think this is speacial so please like! 😖 here it is: here it is

here it is part 7 ; click on it :d thank you

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7 hours ago, Captain Tofu said:

Great story and RP showcase.

Thank you a lot Captain Tofu! 

2 hours ago, QuirkyMayhem said:

Yooo welcome to the server man, hope we cross paths!
Part one had me on the edge of my seat

Thank you, QuirkyMayhem. I hope to meet you as well! 

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Part III

I joined a gang called Novo Los Aztecas. They were from mexican heritage. 

I got to know very cool people wearing bandanas and those very frosty open shirts!! I myself closed them up. They called me El Poeta ✒️
@MissDeeds got me in the gang, she is very cool too. 😃

Soon I realized that I am not mexican??!?!?! 🇲🇽❌ So796660816_i01_NLAthomas.png.1d89aef9cf076b5e9be24becd0e352fc.png I left the gang after 🖐️ days in good terms! 

I enjoyed being mexican for a short while but a Beaulieu is french!

Here is a picture for proof:


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Here is the picture for proof:

Part IV:

Today I had a job interview with                   DCC. @Dqnielpersonally hired me. 
He said I should be able to drive to get this job?? 🚙💭
He said I'm
interesting, I don't know what he meant with that., but I think it's good that he said that.
I don't even know what DCC means⁉️:852_question:

Anyway I made a lot of money on my first daytherei01_Bild_2021-01-12_222600.png.118abd165b165df4a5031b72259408fb.png was another Thomas in DCC (I think his name ended with penny like the coin?) and every knows there only can be ONE Thomas and it is me so let's see where this goes.

i01_Bild_2021-01-12_224653.png.5a3a1111181a58312631f02510424630.png((here is another picture. there is no context, but I think I looked very nice here, so I decided to include it! (please don't metaganme it)))

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