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  1. ammeo

    Selling 1G

    The Op has stopped replying and i am pretty sure its sold by now
  2. The ultimate goal is to mine until your intestines fall off. With money from mining, open a strip club and bang as many chicks as you want.
  3. i'll buy for 100k. Will contact you when i am in the city
  4. Day 5 and still my car is lying dead on the Del Perro freeway. Today i decided to wait a complete 30 minutes after making the /mechanic request to see if the mechanics can respond in this timeframe. There were 6 mechanics online. Result? Nothing happened. No response at all. Just like my previous dozen requests. Btw, people keep basic car repair kits in their cars irl to fix minor to medium issues with their vehicles. This applies to real life as well. To any mechanic reading this, stop sitting on your lazy ass at the shop to grind for that next 3G in Vinewood and respond to people's requests for their broken down vehicles. Or if that cant happen, either introduce basic car repair kits or create a separate department for towing and remote repairing services.
  5. The sad feeling when you verbally tell the medic the state of your injuries but you have to text rp it all over again

  6. As far as i know, as long as you are VIP, your properties cant be taken away from you
  7. If it isnt sold yet, i can buy it for 300k
  8. If someone is banned from the server for a certain period of time, will that be also counted in their inactivity period? or is it exclusive for unbanned players only?
  9. If all my properties get sold due to inactivity, will i be refunded for those properties? Also, what is the inactivity period for it to happen.
  10. ammeo


    Can you share the location of your property on the map
  11. Just hop on and you are good to go again. No need to take any steps before joining again. 1 thing you can do is go through the new rules and development logs if you feel the need to update yourself with the changes to the server.
  12. I would like to know that too. Hope someone gives some info on it
  13. Its a big issue. Why we dont have car repair kits in stores is still beyond me. No one wants to wait days for their broken down car to be removed from roads.
  14. I face the same issue. I am used to using the "F" key for voip in games like garry's mod and dota 2. Sometimes i unconsciously press the "F" key in eclipse while talking to someone which throws me out of the car.
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