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  1. I tried this method but it didnt work out. All i was seeing was some grainy ui with login and username nowhere to be seen . I'll try again and again and see if it works out.
  2. I am located in Pakistan. Maybe thats why.
  3. Nope. I have never been banned from Eclipse rp. It just tries to connect but fails. I never get to see the username and login ui pop up .
  4. I took a 2 month break from Eclipse and decided to play again. Now, every time i try to join eclipserp, i get the message that connection to eclipserp is lost. I reinstalled rage mp and downloaded all the files of eclipse again which were 300 something files . Even after that, i am getting this same message. Not sure what the problem is cuz i had never encountered such a problem when i used to play.
  5. Isnt 230k a bit too much for a 1G? I am currently looking to buy a 1G but this price is expensive for me.
  6. Was it the Blue one with blue tyres? Just curious cuz i bought a Maxed Blue colored Brawler two days ago from HE.
  7. I dont know man. Its like whichever public place i go to, there are these giant speakers playing all this trash. I do use /vol for that but sometimes it becomes annoying to type /vol between going from one public place to another. Many other players have also complained about these speakers being very annoying and ruining their gameplay experience.
  8. There are always these speakers playing some ear bleeding music like pop, rap or hip hop in front of the bank, at some gas stations, public events or at los zantos. It is extremely annoying and many players have to stop this music through commands to stop listening to the trash that is being played on them all the time. Plzz make it so that speakers can only be played on one's private property during private parties or gang meetups.
  9. Dota 2 Age of Wonders series Crusader Kings series Europa Universalis series Tropico series Port Royale series Garry's Mod
  10. (( I like the fact that you listed the song "Pain" in your post which is my favorite song from 3DG. I have a lot of memories with listening this song, especially in those days when i was suicidal and deeply depressed. ))
  11. +1. Would be a good improvement.
  12. +1. There needs to be a marine mechanic shop in the city.
  13. -1. This would make it much harder to get into departments or get promotions. Plus, formal education is one of the worst ways to learn anything.
  14. 77k is a bit much. I'll can go 72k on it max.
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