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  1. Thanks to my boy @Dqniel for fixing ya boys forum warnings


    You the man!

    1. Vinny Loreti

      Vinny Loreti

      The ONLY admin that I've come across that actually assesses the situation and uses his brain. Doesn't blindly follow rules and takes everything into account. More admins needs to follow suit. 

  2. Hey man I was told you could help me

    1. Eriksen


      whats your discord?

  3. Hey Im new please send help

    1. FruityJohn
    2. William Robert Ferrari

      William Robert Ferrari

      hey i think you accidentely deletetd my post haha please repost it.

    3. Bakmeel


      @Eriksenwill be happy to help you out!

  4. Kingston


  5. The boss views the video and gets his boys to reply with "CRINGE" to the posts before finding and killing these losers
  6. Would you like to taste my meatballs?
  7. How do I apply to get my spaghetti and meatballs all over those sweet beautiful babushkas
  8. Hey I saw an ad about this dude looking for gays and now I’m looking for straight Italian men who know a thing or two about how to make a mommas spaghetti and meatballs. hit me up below and maybe we can exchange recipes even though you know my mommas recipe is better. Deano
  9. Actually you know who else is gay? Those mechanics. All of em are flipping gay even those women too!
  10. I ain’t gay but recently I had a close friend try to hit on me while we were in the car and I was pretty uncomfortable. Id say he was probably gay so you could try him. Also a lot of those guys in the PD are gay, Try giving em a call on 911
  11. Honestly this robbery rule seems to ruin the idea of street gangs altogether.

    That group of people clearly robbed the guy in a place where he couldn’t be seen, The server had 500 players on it, The idea of “realistically being crowded” really seems dumb imo

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gekko


      Yeah what happens in IRL, you won't get out in an hour and go on another robbery spree.

      You get as much rp as you create it. Grind robberies ain't even RP in a first place.

    3. Vinny Loreti

      Vinny Loreti

      that's cringe gekko

    4. FruityJohn



  12. +1 to this idea, Not may people are doing actual RP in Prison and any sentence over an hour feels like a joke. Yes its an IC issue but couldn't you just roleplay your character being in prison for N amount of time while the limit is still somewhat capped? Its all about character development and roleplay, not players sitting AFK for hours after a days work etc. Either this or make it possible to reduce your sentence significantly that isn't decided by how nice some DOC Officer is feeling.
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