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  1. Sorry all. I haven't had access to my account for a few days. The house is sold!
  2. Noted. I am currently out of town on business so the price at the door will remain 180k for the time being, if no sale is made before i return in a few days ((8-9 hours-ish)) I will strongly consider your offer. Thank you! - Jonathan
  3. BabaYagaBruh


    Hello! I'm selling my 1G apartment as I do not use it much anymore. Good and safe location for an apartment. Renovated recently, selling fully furnished. Price is $180 000 at the door. Click here for images of the home and map location
  4. Hello there. I didn't see this report as I wasn't tagged in it, sorry for the late reply! Listen, I believed I would have a reasonable opportunity to leave unscathed due to the speed of the bike acceleration and the proximity to obstacles that would block the assailants view. However, in hindsight and looking at the attackers POV, I absolutely understand that it might not have been very realistic of me. My intention wasn't to be difficult, I simply found my odds in that very quick moment to be good enough. I knew I would be able to get around the corner without harm if done fast enough, which I did. That being said, I shouldn't have. I should've just gotten off the bike. Especially considering, as the reporter mentions, that I was chopping the bike. I'm sorry about that. Just for clarification if I run into something similar myself; Would it be considered NRP if the person has the engine on during chopping and speeds off in a car? I apologies to Miss Raven. It wasn't my intention to do anything unrealistic, it was a heat of the moment decision I thought I had a fair shot at making. However seeing as I was on a bike, I shouldn't have done it. Thanks for taking the time Kris All the best
  5. I agree with a lot of this. Gangs are super powerful. Fair enough, but PD cannot or won't challenge it. If you have such powerful gangs in a city, the police should at least make it more difficult for them. There are some things I can't understand; Known criminal gangs and leaders own businesses? Would never fly in a realistic setting. When houses was released, people camped the furniture shop but PD wouldn't station a unit there, probably because it wasn't fun enough. Same with known legal robbery sites like the foundry or butcher. Seldom units stationed there, but you'll see 8 cops in a car chase for an expired speeding ticket. I'll say this, it isn't all cops of course. I've encountered cops who would stay and wait to make sure legal workers can be safe, but not often enough imo. I respect it's almost impossible to balance robbery rates with legal jobs, but it would be so nice if it would be a viable rp route for people who doesn't want to just do GTA online gameplay with gangs. But you can't really legislate for petty criminals who try to rob low value targets. I think a lot would be done if PD prioritized a bit different. Most proper gangs don't fuck with legal workers, and the only way I can imagine stopping the small timers is better PD presence around the job sites, as it makes sense RP that cops would react to those crime levels. Anyway, I appreciate the staff team's efforts and realize it isn't easy to balance it all.
  7. So my character lives in a high rise apartment complex close to LSC. All the apartments are situated in the inner courtyard, not facing any streets. The building has a resident parking garage situated under it and the entrance to this is on the left side of the property (See image under. Garage entrance marked as the red square, apartments are within the circle). However, none of the apartments are able to use this as a parking area due to it just being out of range of the apartments parking vicinity. I'm guessing the apartments to the far right would be able to park in the far right alley leading down to the neighbors, but the only way I (and those who live in the middle) can park cars, is to either try to drive down a set of stairs and park on the lawn (pretty NRP and only works with small cars), or get tight to the wall in the alleyway underneath and hope it is in range (The apartment complex is way higher up than the building below, since its built on a hill). Neither is very ideal. Is this something admins could fix or would the devs have to do it? I'm assuming that parking range is a fixed value, not something assigned to every building and easily updated. So I do understand if it isn't something very doable. It would make much more RPly sense for residents of the building to be able to park in the building's garage, rather than having to drive down stairs and park on the lawn, or gamble on hitting the sweet spot in the back alley of your neighbor. Thank you!
  8. Aight. I'm putting it up for 72000$ Someone buy this thing - Jon
  9. It is now off the high end. Selling it for $79.999 If you are interested pop a reply in with your phone number or email, and I'll get in touch. - Jon A
  10. Hello Selling my maxed brawler at highend for $84 999. 1/2 turbo. Does up to 230 in city. 190 on the highway. White with purple pearlescent. A beaut in the snow. Custom plate that says "FUCKME" PS. Watch out for officer Grace. She is not a fan. All the best Jonathan Anderson
  11. Hello there. I am selling a beautifully located 1G in a upscale apartment complex close to the bank. It is located in a safe, quiet and convenient location with low crime. The apartment has more external privacy than most other 1Gs. https://imgur.com/a/HGyZylt - For images of internal, external and location. (The woman in the one photo is not included in purchase). Bids from $150 000 will be considered. All the best Jonathan Anderson.
  12. This bug has been around for so long. Would be nice to have it fixed +1
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