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  1. it's not even that... robbing on sight was appropriate for few years... problem is with people mentality
  2. Hold up... You said "on my way there two nice guys in black car stole everything i have..." that's a shitty RP man... This community is really cancerous they will steal everything and then complain if they get cought that jail time is too long...
  3. It is oocly, I got thrown out of PD just cuz of rewarding random people with good rp by not puting all charges, lets say people actually handing themselves while robbing a store. I was not even caught of doing it, I was just saying in the forums that I did and that was it bye bye PD. PD has really loads of rules that you need to obey, but I know how messy it is, lets say pursuits, shootouts, cops not valuating hostage life and so on. But I know the other side of criminals as well, trying to abuse everything and balancing on the line of crossing the rules. The problem on this server that people wants actually to win rather than have fun, money is ultimate goal in here not the experience of rp.
  4. People are treating this just that simple nerf to PD will fix this... no... This is 2 communities PD and Crims that are willing to tear each others throat while in fact they should be working hand in hand to have fun... Just cuz you will nerf PD nothing will change in fact i think PD should have stronger and more clearer rules how to handle situations, ramming cars driving on 200km/h is not a good choice, shooting people just cuz they run also. IA is another topic that should have trusted members in it from outside PD, not related to PD nor Crims and be objective with it since not IA belongs to PD and PD is a family, keeping in mind only low tier cops will get punished for some stuff that higher ups wont.... Chases causes more havoc in the city than criminals. I mean police standarts should be way higher in all fields. Tho crims most of the time pushes boundries or plays dirty, abuses bugs and so on... Believe me I have seen it many times, not saying all people does that but I understand would i take my risk to abuse something for 6 hours jail time and be salty? I think everyone would do that. Main problem is that... everyone on this server has a responsibility to create fun RP for other party and have fun in RP situations, but most of the times if you want to have fun in it you will just get abused by PD/Crims.
  5. I agree on that but what lootable weapons would lead to if caught? massive jail time? their house raid? There should be a punishment for taking a cop gun in the first place cuz people would make PD officers walking drops. Because if someone would find a PD riffle on guy shooting at cops, oh boy oh boy to be in fact loads of gangs got raided by SWAT just cuz they killed one or two police officers. I actually think the main problem is that criminals can't function without shadow currency, everything is related to your bank, cash is not important as if, there's no way to go indebt while actually have millions in your possesion. Believe me there's loads of even billionairs working in such way that has nothing in their "possesion" apart shadow money.
  6. This is not PD nor Criminals fault to be honest, the server been working from a beginning not to have fun but to grind and win situations and I have seen it from both sides. PD truthfully does not want to have fun rather to win situations and you can hear that in TAC situations where when you lose someone there will be remarks like "ughh" and so on. I know there is a lack of training in the PD as well, officers rushing criminals for no reason while they have AK47 in their hands, pursuits are sometimes just a shit show and the most importantly to punish people as hard as you can, that is their mentality. Do I blame them for this? No, that's how server/admins and people in high positions let it go for ages. Although this is not one sided thing as well, Criminals does the same things, they tend even to break the rules because lets be real you're rp'ing a gang member, YOU ARE EXPECTED to run away from police, not to snitch and so and so on but tht will result in loads shit of fines + jail time therefore lets be serious there won't be fun interactions where the border line is that you will be jailed for 6 hours. Criminals tend to as well overpower their caracters while they're cuffed on the ground they "roll away" in a second and jump in friends car, people trying to help their friends while irl noone drives up to you just to say "get in". My point is that this is not PD nor Criminals problem, this is EVERYONES problem, everyone is at fault, server been operating like that for ages where you had to win, not to have fun, noone is trying to create fun RP for the other side and so on. But I still have some hope that one day people will actually want to Roleplay and you will hear laughter from broken characters as well as dropping "I must win" situation.
  7. So you're saying I should investigate even further when the video shows just a shoot out and doesn't give a hint about the backstory? I never said there shouldn't be shootouts I said in the most of the videos there was no story behind it which seems basicly as a random shootout just like CS. And yeah I know 90% shootouts has no backstory behind it. And yeah true role player should ask first not shoot first and then ask. And you're trying to validate such RP as a good RP? Check the people who actually makes money out of RP and has fun on those servers you will never see a random shootout with no back story to it, they never shoot and most of all they will never make video compilation of how you can manage to put out 2 people versus one, because roleplay is not about that...
  8. Said many times and will repeat again. Imagine playing Roleplay server where the best moments of your roleplay capabilities are shootouts, it's like there's no shooter games
  9. It's not even that, I've been driving in the city and gang wearing blue (we all know who) pulled me over and started asking do I have a mask, I said no i'm not in a gang. Then he proceeded to push that I have one and said "let me frisk you", I asked if he's joking we're in the middle of the road and I'm just minding my bussiness. Then he threatened me and I asked if it's smart to threaten offduty police officer, he got out and tried to pull his ak-47 on me. Obviously I drove off and for the next 30 minutes i had 8 blue cars chasing me around the city lol. And i know what you thinking, maybe I looked like a gang member? No I was driving my black diamon while wearing a suit.
  10. Sheriff: Sir you're on the highway, please leave or you will be arrested. Idiot: I WoNt LeAVe. I waNt TO sTAy HeRE. ArRESt mE. Sheriff: Then you're under arrest. Idiot: Ooh
  11. Mhm, you're right, I've been thinking about what you said and yes, people do some stupid stuff. We need to give people another chance +1 for this although i think this should take some time to prove that people are not going back to crime lets say 5 months ((IRL)) and they could get their license back.
  12. I've spent a lot of time being legal, being shot at, talked shit to where I could've lost control, saw many people who were easy targets to rob or so on. This was your choice last year they gave people a chance and some people took that chance and some people just didn't care. Having a gun license is a privilege for people who works hard to help Los Santos community. As I said gun license is a privilege not a must for everyone.
  13. I think it was like that, but criminals do crimes like kids eats their candies. It doesn't matter how much you've done.
  14. Goverment should never allow people to retake their license you did crimes for a reason, therefore pay your due. (( OOCLY talking people don't consider their story and don't understand the path they take as a criminal, people who just join server "lets kill someone" ))
  15. My name is Kenzo Gekko, and sir, do you know the law? Do you know if police has sirens/lights you gotta move out of their way and stop at the side of the road even without using megaphone? ((OOCLY you won't be able to type while driving, need voip for that))
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