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  1. i heard this establishment uses rat poo as its core ingredient... im not saying it is, just saying what i heard... i wouldnt eat here if i was you........... just saying.........
  2. yeah, lemme get uhhhhhhhh..... korean bbq ribs er..... some bulgogi.. uhhh... some ramen on the side... thanks
  3. ooohhh nooo!! im shidding and peeing rn!!
  4. i've seen this property in person, there was dirt and rats everywhere. kinda cringe, i wouldnt buy this
  5. 429,000 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 428,000 and I'll give you a pair of my wife's socks
  7. I'll offer 425,000 United States Dollars
  8. still cringe, sorry, i will not be making an offer
  9. pretty cool, but wearing yellow is cringe
  10. FruityJohn


    This property and its owner do seem to indeed be cringe but I am willing to give an offer.
  11. Meet me at the denny's behind the bank, ya wise guy...........................................
  12. I heard people who stand around outside the bank blasting music through their speakers are also of the homosexual variety. You're welcome.
  13. I ain't gay, but I'm a big fan of the gays.
  14. What? It was at dusk, no one else was there, it was away from the road and we had waited around, stalking the farmer and planned the robbery well. We were in and out in like 2 minutes, how is that a high risk situation? It's silly. No other player was there, so it isn't high risk. Nothing we did was non RP or broke the rules in my opinion. The argument of "oh people would be there" shouldn't hold any merit. Nobody else was there! No player, nobody. We shouldn't get punished for that. If you don't want people robbing at the farm, make it a NCZ. Cheers.
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