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  1. +1 i'll come back if something will happend in the future, would be great if someone of the founder once said we hear you but it always quiet.
  2. Yes +1 Also DM rights rule has to be reformed cause everyone hides behind it and think they are untouchable. I don't have any punishments so i don't say this to benefit myself. but people ruleplay that rule so hard.
  3. +1 I Nothing has happend since i came back again i've been away for a couple of months. 1 All the criminals either hide since joint freq is gone so people can't team up against others. 2 People just stay afk at their hq's. 3 People that goes to lab always get banned. Afk making drugs sure it's good money but it's just a waste of time. 4 I wanna see something that unite criminals i heard back in the days about drug labs that people had control over the public labs sounds so funny to have a place where criminals goes to if you control a drug lab you can't just be afk. In this state a druglab is worthless people that has experince only goes there to rob people because we all have tables we get nothing to go into a lab unless we want plants, I really like eclipse i've played here for a long time.
  4. I was part of the start up for lost and it was one of the best experience i've ever had on the server and you guys teached me lots of stuff. And iknow this will be sucessful. Wish you all the best Ash.
  5. I haven't been in that many wars, but from what i've seen wars just turns into forum wars. I've been killed unfairly so many times but i rather talk about it then make a report, that's why i haven't ever made a report because i rather talk about. I don't really care about losing stuff i'm not here for the gear.
  6. I agree with lower the gang cap. Back when i played arma when a rule clearly was broken the players always have to speak first about the situation if it was possible, the player that broke the rule had a chance to pay for the item that was lost. Cause it's mainly why people report is to get their stuff back or try to get someone in trouble so they don't have to see them again it's not for education purpose. I think something that should be a thing. It would be also less reports and people get to talk to each other and educate each other. It worked on arma don't know if it works here maybe stupid thing to say.
  7. Damn Adam_Fox Varriors los aztecas blood foxx bandidos Good times haha
  8. Great people to rp with!
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