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  1. The Rusty Spear! - Drinks and food Menu
  2. Hi all! Many of you may know me IG as Danny Spears, I just wanted to bring something to the attention of the server and to the community in general. My character has been around the criminal world in a non-violent capacity for a good 4/5 months and have seen a number of server wide wars. I have also been paying close attention to the player reports as of late and wanted to flag something for us to discuss as a community, and that is mainly the toxic nature of the past couple of large scale conflicts. Whilst it is clear that there has always been some level of OOC malice in previous
  3. This is actually some great commentary and there has definitely been some amazing roleplayers start to step-up with more Immersive RP. The issue really comes down to how we want to see this server moving forward. Do we push ourselves into a "heavier" RP style, where there is more talking and less shooting, where we develop characters and move to "storylines" and "arcs" for our characters and factions, or do we want to be a "clap" server, where we fight for points of control in the city and stick to that. If people have met me IG, then they're probably quite aware that i'm far more
  4. Who is this mysterious, intelligent and fetching man you set this deal up with? He seems like a REALLY big deal Great post! Love the writing
  5. A most unusual business meeting The end of the barrel felt cold against Daniel’s forehead, his knees ached from kneeling on the expensive wooden floor. The three figures in front of him stood tall against the glass window panel, the half built high rise howled and creaked from the swirling winds. The middle of the three figures chuckled and pulled back the hammer on the revolver. He was well dressed, in a finely tailored suit and nicely cobbled oxford shoes, Daniel looked the man up and down for the second time, he hadn’t taken the man in the first time; after all, his eyes were st
  6. Board members and employees of the White Rose Brokerage Directors of the Board Danny Spears Jack Perkins Operations Manager Nick Butler Senior Brokers Blagi Stan Gonzalo Alvarez Johnny Vella Broker Hans Klein Hubertus Dahlmoeller Contractors Josh Lingwood Amy Fitch Adrian Rage Maxi Velaris JJ Tokes Georg Schloesser Johnny Bling
  7. White Rose Board meeting – 11/01/21. With a sigh, Daniel Spears poured coffee into a large white mug. The converted office space he stood in was only lit by dim white lamps and the opaque light of a whirring projector. He looked to the other members of the meeting, his fellow Director of the Board; Jack Perkins, sat at the other end of the slim long rectangular table, on the sides sat a number of figures; the most important of those were Nick Butler; the Operations Manager, Blagi Stan; a prominent acquisitions Broker and Hans Klein, Head of Contracting. The figures cast shadows against th
  8. TO: TASK-FORCE MEMBERS - OPERATION GARDENER CC: D.S.A.I.C KIERA O'CHARTHY FROM: S.A.I.C MATTHEW RODDNEY TITLE: CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVATE -FIB SENIOR AGENT CLEARANCE REQUIRED Dear all, Welcome to Operation Gardener, I would first congratulate you on your exemplary record and service in the FIB, upon special recommendation from your Agents in Charge, you have been accepted into the task-force leading Operation Gardener. You will find below all current information on our target for this operation: The White Rose Brokerage. This has been passed on from the Los Santos P
  10. Founded by Daniel “Danny” Spears and Jack “Cook” Perkins; The White Rose Brokerage is built on a simple premise, to provide discrete services and products to the Los Santos underworld. Educated at Eton and Cambridge, Daniel Spears started his professional career within the legal industry of London, practicing in the world of acquisitions and procurement, his employers “Partridge & Underwood” were a top legal firm centered in the heart of the financial district, holding many important and influential clients. As a solicitor, Danny Spears would negotiate and manage the acquisitions and
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