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  1. One of the groups that i really enjoyed seeing around even though i was never really affiliated with it. Glad to see you guys back. A shame i can't see you guys in action but i bet you will do great! Good luck and let's go Sherlock!
  2. Damn, i remember wanting to join you guys in the beginning - glad you made it to official status! Good luck from now on and i hope u guys get bigger and bigger!
  3. It's been a blast Dima, no matter if it was fighting against or with you, i'm glad i got to spent my last weeks with the Russian Mob! Long live Dimitri Mandojev!!
  4. I know i wanted to refrain from answering but i'd like to ask you a question. I stole your BF400 and you were chasing me. Was your intention not to get the BF400 back even if you had to use force? LSD and Russians have a rather negative relationship towards eachother, so what did you plan to do after you and your guys would've caught up to me? Ask me nicely to return the BF400 back, and if i said no leave me be? I'm sorry but that just doesn't sound plausible. Like Parosh already stated, you came to get your BF400 back and if i'd have to guess, you guys would've taken it by force if it wasn't for the fact that we were outnumbering you. EDIT: At 2:20 of his extended footage you can hear ID 80 say ''They're probably just gonna set me up and shoot me''. Why would he follow us if he knew what would be coming to him? Thank you and have a nice day!!!
  5. Hey, Salman Shiesty here. First off, thank you to the admin whos gonna be handling this report Everything has been said by my fellow Russian Mob allies, but i would still like to explain my side of the story. I was told by my High Command to look for some cars to chop to maintain our Mechanic turfs. I went by checking a lot of places and came across a BF which was sitting alone near Integrity Parking Complex. I failed to steal it twice, but go it the third time. As soon as i exit out of the parking area of Integrity Apartments, i see ID 80 on his motorcycle. He was not the only one, as an orange car was to follow me aswell. To make sure that they're following me, i drove slow and took multiple illegal turns. While doing that, i noticed that they kept chasing me and that ID 80 was talking on the radio+phone. As i was getting outnumbered i let my fellow Russian Mob allies know on the radio, which Parosh (ID 138) immediately responds to and tries to set me up so i can get out safely (i didn't have my gun on me for half of the chase) and so we can chop the BF. So we turned the tables around, chasing the Bati, as we were outnumbering them now because more Russian Mob members turned up to the scene. The Bati then decided to go to LS Bank even though multiple Russian Mob members are obviously chasing him. We did not give demands but it was obvious that we just waited for a good time and place to get the thing sorted out. After telling him that we're actively chasing him, he decides to go to City Parking as he knew he had no chance as we were outnumbering+he had no fuel, which he also states in his POV. Something along the lines of ''Not having enough fuel, so i'm just gonna park my bike''. Me going into /b was to just show my confusion, i thought i may have missed something so this was not directly meant for ID 80 but also for my Russian Mob Allies, as i thought i may have missed something, that made ID 80 park his bike legitemately. You can see ID 80 breaking a lot of rules, but we did not petty report him, as we knew it would just be too much work and just in general a time waste for something we didn't really care about too much. I'm gonna refrain from replying until asked to. Thank you and have a nice day!
  6. Looks great!! Good luck boys!
  7. Unfortunate, great faction that brought a lot of life to the city. Beasy!!!
  8. The Caïd is the primary face and voice of The French Mafia. Has the ultimate say on any decisions that are made which will affect the future of The French Mafia. The Parrain is the vice leader and assistant to the Caïd. Has a large influence on the decision making process and represents the Mafia should the Caïd not be present. The Haut Conseiller is the first High Command position and acts as an advisor to the Godfather & Underboss, keeping them informed and weighing in on decisions being made which will affect the future of The French Mafia. The second low command position is the Conseiller. They are to be respected by all lower ranks and are responsible for the day to day running of Operations to allow the High Command to focus on the future of The French Mafia. The Capitaine is reliable, loyal & trustworthy and are developing into good leaders. They are the first low command position within the Mafia. Has the responsibility of making small decisions during day to day running of The French Mafia and points Specialists in the right direction. The Spécialiste. Loyal through thick and thin, have proven themselves to perform efficiently and showing glimpses of leadership. They will keep Soldiers and associates in line with what The French Mafia expects. Soldates are reliable and can be trusted to be officially part of The French Mafia. They will carry out more advanced and sensitive tasks than an associate would. Associès are proven to be somewhat trusted but their loyalty is yet to be spoken for. They will be asked to carry out menial tasks by the higher ranks to assist The French Mafia. They are not yet officially part of the Mafia but carry out tasks on their behalf. Somebody who is looking to join The French Mafia and are yet to show their worth and prove they can be trusted. They will be asked to perform certain tasks to prove they are worthy. Spreading the influence of The French Mafia throughout Los Santos will not be easy. If you are to be taken seriously and be respected within Los Santos, your image must be one which commands it. Taking influence from his old French ancestors in Le Milieu it was decided that all members are to wear navy blue/dark blue suits. The higher-ranking members will wear their suit with a navy-blue fedora, the lower-ranking members will wear their suit with a black fedora that has a blue accent. After days of aimless searching throughout Los Santos for a headquarters to allow The French Mafia to operate out of it was mutually concluded between Salman and his soon to be High Command that they needed to fulfil certain criteria to narrow their searches. After a short discussion, it was decided that it would need to be close to Los Santos Terminal and Los Santos Airport to allow easier access to illicit shipments to keep the organisation alive. After a few hours, they had found the perfect location. An abandoned military warehouse. It was discrete enough to ensure their secrecy was conserved and had enough space store as many weapons or vehicles as they needed. With this strong foothold in the port of Los Santos, they can begin to expand their French influence throughout the city. The French Mafia are already ambitious with their new beginnings and have set numerous goals they wish to achieve within Los Santos. Short Term Goals: - Recruit trusted and experienced members to create the backbone of The French Mafia and Solidify our position in the city. - Open communication with other gangs in the city to create relationships to aid our growth. - Raise finances to obtain a small warehouse to operate within. Long Term Goals: - Create a legal arm of The French Mafia to obtain a foothold within the political core of Los Santos. - Hold consistent French themed events to bring life into the city. - Create a permanent French presence within Los Santos. - To obtain complete control over Los Santos Terminal and Naval Port with the target of monopolising the city's weapons and drugs trade - Avoid any unnecessary police attention. - Gain connections with the cartel in Los Santos to assist our drugs and weapons trade operations. In Character Rules: - Good communication is a minimum requirement. - Be an example of our core values: Liberté, égalité & fraternité. - Respect our relations with other organisations. - Everybody within the organisation must be treated with respect. - Be loyal to the Mafia. Out of Character Rules: - OOC toxicity is strictly forbidden and will result in removal from the organisation. - Must respect and abide by all Eclipse RP rules. - No serious punishments in the last 30 days. - All punishments or reports must be explained to a member of the faction command. - Must have a minimum of 35k XP for recruitment (exceptions can be made).
  9. Interested to see where this will go, Good luck boys!!
  10. Player(s) being reported: ID 156, ID 94 Date of interaction reported: 14/AUG/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1628968683 Your characters name: Salman_Shiesty Other player(s) involved: Deandre_Boreland, Carter_Atikison, Artjom_Alovski. Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk. Desert or forest areas are considered secluded but witnesses should still be considered. 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was chilling at Grove with my friends, when ID 94 and ID 156 showed up on a bike asking for guns. After telling them that we don't sell any, they called us ''Pussys'' and left. After being left confused, we just continued our talk. After a short amount of time, these guys pulled up again and pointed guns at us. They only told me to unlock the Contender, took it and just drove away. This Robbery took place in broad daylight and in the middle of our HQ, which is Grove Street. This was clearly a minor robbery which still had quite a high risk, as police come to Grove Street frequently. They didn't take anything else, just the Contender which just seems very weird to me. Also their demands were quite questionable aswell, just saying ''Hands''. Their answer for the robbery was that we talked about illegal stuff before, even after we said that we don't have any right now. Evidence of rule breach: My POV: Deandre's POV: https://streamable.com/4vczo9 Deandre asking for their POV + their responses: https://imgur.com/a/Kmy8qvE
  11. Finally, remember hearing about this club a long time ago from you. Can't wait to see what you have planned!!
  12. Hey, Salman Shiesty here. I was the guy in PINK that got robbed with the Ballas and who was talking with Deandre in the beginning. I do not wanna go into the other stuff that you talked about, because im not a Balla and the Rooks and Ballas beef is not really my concern I would just like to say that Deandre did not say ''IC Voice, IC Voice''. As me and Deandre are good friends and im just an affiliate of the Ballas, i was talking about what me and my boys (who Deandre knows very well) did the last couple of days. He did not respond with ''IC Voice, IC Voice'' but with ''I see, I see you boys.''. Thats all i wanted to add. Best Regards, Salman Shiesty
  13. Absolutely pumped for this, RP'ing with other street gangs like the Ballas is gonna be sick!!
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