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  1. We can make something happen bro, i have a good supply overhere from Gulag, so we can ship this shit cheap to the mainland
  2. Best of luck on the sale
  3. Yes. But its not a lot of space to build.
  4. Warehouses are for storing, its same as furniture store, you come, put stuff inside and leave the good thing about this warehouse is its far away from busy areas so less chance to get someone knocking on the door
  5. The one i resold. The only reason i bought it was because i knew i can flip it and make mad profit, and the highest bid on this is just barely above the price i bought the paleto one
  6. Warehouse in paleto was sold well above the current bid on this one, and it is secluded standing in the middle of some random farm.
  7. Since we are better friends than you and Jonas 3.1M out of gulag ey?
  8. @Luke Raven For how much just out of interest, if its not a secret ofc
  9. Forgot the word "very"
  10. Alpha


    Love how far this vato group went especially after all stuff that happened, all respect and real nice RP stories
  11. @DerekHale Im the current owner of this property.
  12. Received an offer of 1.95mil from the same person via phone message
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