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    SeaWeed Smoke Weed

    Oh I'm sorry you must not have read correctly. Just stated we keep in touch with people we've known, not new players. It's all within the RP goals currently at hand. Thanks again for the reply new friend, look forward to seeing you around
  2. DGanja

    SeaWeed Smoke Weed

    We only keep close with people we've known, not new players. Adios
  3. DGanja

    SeaWeed Smoke Weed

    SeaWeed Presenting a teaser of their new upcoming album titled: Still Trappin PlanB - Thommy
  4. At the end of the day, its about feelings and friendships made. People don't want to war their friends, and definitely don't want to lose all the loot stored in their homes so they do in fact pick on the smaller groups. Wars lead to personal tensions, OOC drama, and much butthurt from all parties. What's a way around that? "Allies" No leader wants to lose members, but inevitably will lose members VS a group the size of the Zetiads as it becomes impossible to log in and attempt any sort of activity without having a swarm of 20-30 on one guy. That is Non-RP, no gang will roll around 30 deep in north america weapons blazing without the ATF or national guard being involved.
  5. +1 I think it should have certain criteria to be a perm (obviously I'm a nobody in the eyes of staff) but having someone receive a DM for firing a few bullets and not killing them seems too rough. I get the whole "this server enforces strict rules to keep the quality of RP" but seeing people who've been around for a long time getting permad is crappy to see. Especially with some of their playtimes
  6. DGanja

    SeaWeed Smoke Weed

    We are the OG rebels at heart
  7. DGanja

    SeaWeed Smoke Weed

    The second part is highly accurate, thanks friend.
  8. DGanja

    SeaWeed Smoke Weed

    Its been a long, quiet period in the city. Dusty received a phone call detailing some issues some of the other gangs were having. This brought some ideas together and a meeting was set in place at an undisclosed location. Among presence in the meeting was a few people who would go on to tell SeaWeed the approaching dilemmas. As such, all was aired out to eachother. It was deemed that no money would be forfeited to other organizations and that a stand would be made if it were to reach that. As such, Dusty received another call detailing the time and place of the meeting being brought forward. Many issues were brought forward, all of which were remedied on the spot out of respect for the triple entendre. The final issue was the demand for money as it is known SeaWeed has been on the grind making moves. As such, the offer was declined by SeaWeed which lead to a declaration of war. Thankfully, made aware of the intentions and able to prepare, plans were set in place over the previous week to handle such an offering. The conversation turned sour as the leaders from the 2 factions in charge of holding the meeting felt disrespected, as such a quick robbery happened. Knowing the intentions of the meeting, calculated moves were in affect leading to no loss of life and no real loss of possessions. Thus began the war that the city has been heartedly craving. SeaWeed was asked to vote on the spot to see who would pay the extortion money, however with only 1 vote requesting to pay the vote was shut down quickly. SeaWeed was established on pure hate and drugs. Mixing these two leads to an unruly crowd, destined to go wherever the war takes them. This was also time to get back into the studio, and calls were placed to the Producers of SeaWeed to come up with a new album. It had been awhile since SeaWeed got together in a booth, having many of the talent ready to hit the mic. With nothing to lose and plenty to gain and the opposition being worried about reputations with law enforcement agencies, SeaWeed is ready to follow through with the plans. SeaWeed Smoke Weed Presents: The Come Up Coming soon to a hood near you
  9. Scamming happens on a regular basis IRL however it would still be classed as illegal, and as such I think it should be against rules OOCly to scam in an NCZ.
  10. Looking to speak with the owner of the Gas station located in mirror park. My email is [email protected] (D Ganja#2039) Phone is 407 6959
  11. I got 150k cash if noones bought it yet
  12. Adapt, improvise, overcome
  13. Most definitely, but personally I feel as the Heavy is the best competitor as its cheaper, has a faster rate of fire and holds more ammo in a clip. But then again, really it comes down to preference.
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