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  1. I like Nikola's idea, vote UP!
  2. Regarding this, I have killed them before they were running away from my gang at the time, the gang is called CWeed and as it's true that they were robbed, they were not told that they can leave, rather then obeying orders as per FEARRP they ran away, and I was the one to hunt them down which gave me the right to kill them for not obeying what they were told to do. Sadly I do not think I have any proof other than my word but I am sure you can pull the logs and see for yourself that they did indeed run away. I can also call in the gang to respond on the forums if you don't believe me. If they were recording they should have posted the whole recording prior to the kill. I ask to be unjailed and that my record is kept clean.
  3. Thanks buddy, the roster is growing so fast that I can barely take care of my people Hahah
  4. Of course, they will be updated today!
  5. Looks so good, I hope you make it big!
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Plague was founded by Charles de L’Orme in 1620 in Naples, it rose to power and later spread throughout Europe, and as of recently in 1988 it also spread to America. The group found heavy resistance in the conquest for power and was almost extinguished by the FBI in the early 2000s, but luckly bounced back In 2019. Their current objective remains the same, conquest. With the new leader that rose to power, the Plague will become unstoppable, a new dawn has come down upon us, and it is up to him to embrace it and fullfil his destiny. The new leader had just recently discovered his bloodline through an envelope, that was left to him by his ancestor. Upon opening the envelope he discovered a family tree that leads back to the 1600s, a note containing the location of where he can find his ancestral family ring and insignia, with it he also discovered where his allegiance lies The Plague. This where it all starts…. Ranking System Doctore (Leader) Consigliere (Counselor) Maestro (Master of Weaponry/Drugs/Thefts/Assassinations) Assassino (Assassin) Soldato (Soldier) Associato (Associate) Dresscode The dresscode applies to using an ankle length dark blue overcoat and a bird-like beak mask, along a black tie, boots, a wide-brimmed hat, an outer over-clothing garment and dark pants. Vehicle Choice and Color Currently we have to rules in place about the vehicle choice, so until further notice you may use any vehicle you desire. The we currently use is Black, until further notice. (( I haven't uploaded any family screenshots yet since they only show 5 of us on the group photo, even though there are many more of us. Also I will keep updating the post with information, We have yet to go over the Recruitment Location and Requirments among other things, stay tuned! ))
  7. Hi guys, I'm installing GTA 5 right now and this is gonna be the first server for me, hopefully the only. I come from GTA San Andreas, a server called Next Generation Gaming
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