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Found 1 result

  1. Lifeinvader website and phone application - suggestion. Now, before I start, I know this was already started but the project stopped due to some issues in regards to keeping it in character and some other things. I have contacted staff (higher up) for permission as I don't want to spend days programming the website to be told no. So without further time wasting, please read below: I would like to suggest (and I could personally make the website for this) a strict IN CHARACTER only website for Lifeinvader. The social network for Eclipse Roleplay. This would replace most of the IC sections on the forums and provide a social network "feel" to the community. The website would have the following features: Listings (for vehicle sales, house sales, auctions) A classifieds section A business section An organisation section Adding friends, messaging friends, statuses etc. User registration and easy deletion etc. Latest activities Groups (for factions, groups, rebellions (joke) etc.) Possible WEAZEL NEWS integration for regular news? (this is down to Weazel News) It would ideally be great to get the Lifeinvader website on the in game phone as an app, once clicked it would then load the responsive website. This is relatively speaking, easy to do, but would need testing to see it's reliability etc. However, the website could be made within the next couple of weeks 100% if this was approved. Now I've stopped rambling, let me try to explain each of the features above in more detail: Listings - this would replace the forums listings for house and vehicle sales including auctions. This would ideally require a user to be logged in as their character (not OOC name) to post a listing. This would appear around the "social network" and would be seen by a lot of people. Featured messages from "VIP" members or "featured adverts" to provide that in-character role-play is possible as this could become a faction that would/could hire individuals to work at Lifeinvader HQ. Classifieds, Organisation and Business section - this is similar to the above. It would all remain in character and would leave the forums to stay as the only OOC medium to be used whereas the social network would strictly be IN CHARACTER ONLY. Adding friends, messaging and statuses - just like a real social network, you can accept/deny friend requests and live your "Eclipse RP" IN CHARACTER social life! This would allow you to talk to people whilst not necessarily being in game (from home etc.). Obviously I can see this being a little issue, but there are a lot of ways that this can advance role-play especially with friendships etc. User registration and easy deletion - all registered users are IN CHARACTER only with the option to delete each user very easily. Provides compliance with GDPR etc. but also we know character kills happen in game so it would be easy to delete these from the "world" or an option to set them as "inactive" or DEAD. Latest activities - A front page to show ALL latest activities from ALL users. This would be laid out neatly in the form of statuses/activities for all to see, comment, react and interact with one another. Again, allowing us to interact IN CHARACTER on another format. Groups - A groups function where factions can set up groups. Not just factions but other things too; such as a street racing group, poker group etc. This would allow notifications inside of it for the groups members; they could also be private or public dependant on the needs. This would further more role-play and would be used IN CHARACTER. For example, a street racing group has a private event and announces 5 minutes before a race; this could be used. Weazel News? - I would be VERY happy to have a section for NEWS and for Weazel News to post their news, for it to appear on the website. I hope this all makes sense. I would be very much looking forward to make it happen. The website would be fully responsive etc. to fit on a phone, website etc. To finish off, It could be really good to have this as a faction too!? The possibilities are endless. The Lifeinvader HQ in Los Santos could be a PERFECT fit for this; with different jobs available as the faction could also make money by advertising on the website, featured listings, VIP members etc. All done in an IN CHARACTER medium. No OOC on the website at all. If you feel I might have missed something or forgotten any features, please just leave a comment below. Do you like this idea? Hate it? Not sure? Please give me your thoughts!
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