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  1. If I wernt feared for my life I wouldn't of give you everything I had would I, so I complied and give you everything for a reason, but talking while we was already in a convo is crazy, you could of at least RPed me a warning or 1 more chance you didnt have to end me there and then, but you decided to.
  2. Yeah ok and that's fair enough, I haven't said anything about you killing me though? I haven't had a problem with it, so why have you?
  3. Are you guys serious, love how you didnt show the whole RP, I complied with everything you asked, I give you my 2 guns my radio Bobby pins 6k cash and give you bike to chop, I say one word that I was already in mid convo with you and you shoot me dead, I didn't even have a problem so why do you? We was in mid convo you can't just say say somthing again and you shoot me. If you posted the Full RP the admins could see I complied with everything, I didn't try stopping the RP or anything, I didntcprovent you from getting anything you wanted. I done 1 thing wrong in your eyes by saying a word and you trying to get me banned, that's shocking guys...
  4. When you leave your bike untended its going to get chopped the fuck up.
  5. That's BS, cos the person who pulled theyer gun in self defense didn't even shoot the attackers, video proves that. so your saying you can just roll up on anyone know and just fucking shoot the hell out of them an loot them? Awesome fair play
  6. Is there a Auto recovery faction? Aka inpound with pick up trucks and flat bed lorry's, If so I'm interested to work there but cant see any factions about it?
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