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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jason Hawkins Character to Transfer To: Logan Hawk Requested Transfer: Asset # Night Blade motorbike Reason for Transfer: Jason had just got word that his best friend for many years has finely made enough money to get himself over to Los Santos so he could start to make a name for himself in a better city with better opportunities. When him and Logan was younger all they talked about was to get an old school motorcycle and grow old on the open road, Jason got himself into a good job at the Los Santos Sheriff department and got himself a night blade with his first paycheck. But the demand of sheriff life left him not much time to enjoy the ride, As its been sitting in his garage collecting dust for many years now, he thought to himself no better welcome present to his old pal Logan than a Night Blade, It would help Logan get off his feet in this hectic city and it would also put a smile on Jason's face seeing his bike being used the way it was meant to be. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? High-end car marketplace.
  2. I think a quick fix to this would be give LSPD and LSSD some sort of impound release bonus like the MD do for taking somone to the hospital, that way it's a win win, people will be happy to get their car back fast, and police will get a small bonus for doing it. Will make cops respond straight away in my opinion lol
  3. +1 I'm assuming the idea would be like the drug labs for cops? they not to interact with them unless a call has been made or just driving past and see people robbing someone else or w.e
  4. +1 it costs to much to pay to park your car, fair enough going to the bank your only in and out 5 mins if your parking out front. But if your going to play some poker then your going to be there for maybe an hour or more. Shouldn't cost that much, lower the price and people will pay.
  5. This was posted before the fishing update that allowes you to fish in any water, so I assume that part of the post is not needed now
  6. Magz

    ID 15 DM

    Player(s) being reported: ID 15 Date of interaction reported: 05/10/19 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1570285471 Your characters name: Jason Hawkins Other player(s) involved: Non Specific rule(s) broken: "7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban." How did the player break the rule(s)? I responded to a 911 call at the mine, about someone trying to steal a mans truck, I turned up to see a man with his gun out, before I could even do anything he shot at my cruiser from long distance, stalling it, Causing the shootout we had, No demands was given as seen in the evidence Evidence of rule breach:
  7. Bump, would like to see this happen as everyone seems to agree its needed.
  8. -1 there is plenty oh houses for sale on the market place If your looking to buy one, dont see the need for what your suggesting
  9. -1 you if you was talking about push it just to move it out of the middle of the road I would agree, but that's about it. No one IRL would be pushing a car halfway down the highway or w.e to a gas station.
  10. Magz

    The Rooks

    Jack Hawk Born on 30/11/92 in Wales, UK. Jack lived a good and full life as a kid until the age of 12, when he returned home after being out with friends to find both his parents had been murdered in their own home, after that he had to move to London with his old grandfather. From that point on Jack's life just fell into a spiral of drug abuse and crime as he just couldn't get his head around what had happened back home, he found himself meeting people in his life of crime and ended up joining a gang in London at the young age of 14. three years on his grandfather fell ill and passed away of cancer within the year, with Jack still being to young to live alone he had to still live with relatives, but there was no close family left in the UK, the only person that could be traced back to him was his father's first son who was given away as a baby. The first born son was only 21 years old himself, but nevertheless classed as an adult, when asked to have his baby brother that he never met he took up the challenge and was excited, that's when Jack moved to Los Santos as that is where his brother Jesse lived. Los Santos When Jack arrived to Los Santos he thought he would have to clean up his act and get back on track with the life he once lived for his brother to keep him, he didn’t want to have to move again enough was enough. But it turned out that was not the case, little did he know his brother Jesse was also in a life of crime and also in a gang called The Wanted, They were a street racing gang who repped the color orange, Both clothes and cars. Jack was welcomed to The Wanted with open arms and given his orange bandanna and keys to a new car his brother won in one of his many street races. Jack Hawk was now in The Wanted. War Broke Out The Wanted had a good relationship with all other gangs in the city, their best relationship was with the Irish Mob and when they came calling for help as the city was about to go to war, The Wanted decided to help. . The war went on for some weeks with a lot of blood shed from both sides. As the war was ongoing Jack found himself rolling with the Irish boys more than his own, hunting down Zetas and Clowns came as a daily job, but as the weeks went on The Wanted realized it might have been a bad idea backing the Irish Mob as they still had friends in the Zetas on the other side. They soon decided to pull out of the war that then left it very lopsided, as Jack had made many good friends through the war with the Irish Mob he felt he couldn't step out of the war leaving his new friends in dangers all alone, he had to make a decision and make it fast. As The Wanted and the Irish was on very good terms he knew there would be no problem and told his brother and the higher ups in The Wanted he would be removing his orange and putting green on to keep fighting the war he thought that needed to be fought. From that day on Jack Hawk was now in the Irish Mob. End Of The War Jack and the Irish still kept fighting the war as long as they could with help from Los Calaveras and The Marcello Family, but it was still not enough and the war slowly came to an end with Los Calaveras losing high ranking members through death and being deported, Marcello Family went into hiding and the Irish Mob had themselves a betrayal within the gang with one of the higher ups turning his back on the boss Dwayne Donavan. The betrayal left the Irish scattered with Dawayne and the other leaders disappeared off the grid for a while, for what remained of the Irish they were still being hunted by Zetas and Clowns, And had no choice but to drop the colors and tell people the Irish was dead. The leftover Irish met up with the highest member left, Neil Fergus and he told them that he had heard Dwayne and the others had started up a small crew and would only take loyal and trustworthy Irish members with them, but after the betrayal they did not know who to trust or not, Neil told them to stay low and he will get in touch with them if he gets hold of Dwayne. The Rooks After keeping low for some time, Jack and the other Loyal Irish got a text to meet at what would end up being the new HQ of the Rooks, Jack got there and got put into his new uniform and stood there with the other new recruits, Jack looked up and down this new line of recruits and realized even though there were a few old Irish boys there, There was a lot that was missing, Dwayne told everyone that the people who got the text was trustworthy and everyone else who didn’t they were no longer with us, as this was not the Irish anymore, It was The Rooks. The Rooks grew big in numbers over just a few days, with new recruits, old Irish, and a few Los Calaveras that escaped death during the war. Jack never felt so at home so quickly, but even though the Rooks was growing so well and getting noticed in the city bad news would strike just a few weeks in, as boss Dwayne and the other founders of the Rooks decided it just was not the same anymore and decided to disband the Rooks just like that. Jack and other members of the Rooks met up at the HQ so confused as what had just been told to them. New Leadership And New Role Jack Hawk and many of the Rooks said they would not leave, And wanted to continue doing what they were doing, Dwayne came to reason and decided to pass down the role of boss to someone else and let the Rooks live on. The new leadership was passed on to Dmitri Leroy, Jack had only heard the name of Dmitri before and not met him in person as yet, Jack had a lot of thoughts going through his head, would it still be the same, would he still feel safe in this family if it was run by someone other than Dwayne. Before Dwayne left he give a little information on everyone to Dmitri so he knew everyone he was now in charge of. Jack met with his new boss and a few other members and was told he was wanted in the Rooks and that he was thought highly of through what Dwayne had told him. Jack was given the role of Pit Boss by Dmitri and given his black Jacket, Jack then knew he still had a place here and a big role to play. After getting his new role as Pit Boss Jack Hawk knew he had to step up now and show other Rooks how things were done correctly and with respect. Current Situation Jack has now been in the Rooks from the start, and the Rooks have now grown so much since then. New members, new ranks within the crew, and strong relationships with other big gangs within the city. Keeping them themselves in the know of any upcoming gangs is also a big part of life in the Rooks making sure the smaller gangs know who is on top. Jack and the rest of the Rooks meet up with a new upcoming gang and demand they pay taxes to them to keep the peace, as new smaller gangs will be taking up drug labs or robbing shops making it a bit harder for the Rooks to operate so the Rooks make it clear it's taxes or war. . Along with getting taxes from the smaller gangs, the Rooks still have to make tax payments to the bigger gangs in the city themselves, so Jack and a few more of the Rooks keep making money any way possible if its setting up their own drug lab or controlling chop shops to make the money.
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