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  1. -1 the discord is more than enough to ask OOC questions, questions get answerd all day on there with no issue. Having this chat in game will cause even more OOC chat IG. And we don't need that tbh.
  2. Should have Pain killers as an item to buy in shops.
  3. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jason Hawkins Character to Transfer To: Logan Hawk Requested Transfer: Asset # Bobcat XL Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: Jason and Logan go back from years ago and Jason has already give Logan a nightblade as a welcome to the city, But Logan had a bike accident and his bike is now in the shop getting fixed up and it is said it will be in for some time now, Jason has offerd to lend Logan his Bobcat as he does not use it, it would help Logan out a lot to be able to still get around while his bike is in the garage. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? High End Market
  4. People saying adding more clothes is more important, Getting the undershirt fixed is like having more clothes, You would be able to wear more things then.
  5. There are so many Jackets/suits and Coats in the clothing shops that people can't use unless they want to be topless underneath it, It looks shocking that way and stops a lot of the clothing ever being used in game. The undershirt only seems to work with like 3 or 4 different jackets or suits, if they don't have the color you want in them few options that allow you to put undershirts on as well, then you got to just put something completely different on. My Suggestion is that all Jackets/suits or coats should allow the use of an undershirt.
  6. +1 I like the idea of this, makes each shop diffrent and makes it more realistic. Rather than going to the closest shop to get what ever you like.
  7. Something should be done but I dont think there needs to be rule for it, healing over time after you get dropped off should fix the problem of people just running straight back into an active scene.
  8. -1 I know from a farmer stand point you feel your getting robbed all the time, but there must be risks in everything on this server you shouldn't be able to guarantee easy money. If this was a NCZ then everyone would turn to farming to make money, would kill all other jobs RP.
  9. -1 I just dont see the need of it, if you want to save for something then just save? I dont think people need a diffrent bank account or saving account to do so.
  10. -1. Everyone in there server would have a place to despawn thier car and avoid it being stolen or impounded takes away a huge amount of Rp, if you want to make your car safe from being robbed or going to impound you park it at your house or the current two parking places within the city. having the ability to park a car in a safe location out of site would make it to easy for crims to have stash cars and literally take away the need of anyone needing a house what so ever. In my opinion anyway.
  11. +1 good ideas all round. The most important one is for it to only count the best 5 cards though, as that's how its ment to work. I also think they should remove the AFKmath in poker, it comes up even though your betting and checking hands constantly, if your betting your obviously not afk.
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