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  1. Current offer 8m. Buyer just need some time to collect the money and we will accept the offer if no ones gonna go higher.
  2. Sorry but no, we are not taking any notes.
  3. Selling or trading gun store at Chumash plaza. Already good established business, a lot of invested in ads. Post your offer and telephone number bellow. Serious offers only!
  4. Updates A lot of changes since last update. Vory was back-stabbed by a few members who decided to leave and join rival gang. And few more left because they started to think that vory is weak and were afraid of their lifes. But for same reason vory now is strong like it was never before. We managed to get rid of our weakest points without doing any hard work. Recently we recruited few more members and held a meeting with our friends from WCA We decided that is time to remind to everyone that we are alive and strong as we were never before. At the same time we got information that all Mexicans are at Paleto church and decided to hit them and remind about ourselves. Unfortunately we couldn't found many of them at church but still managed to sent our message. After hitting Mexicans we contacted them and offer a meeting with council's present. Our offer was a peace for a small fee to pay . NLA accept the offer and we finally agree that that it's enough of fighting and both sides accomplishing nothing from this war and most important we have the same enemy. After that we held meeting with all Mexicans to know each other better. Small peek behind our new project Recently Vory mafia bought brand new property for their headquarters. Here a small peek what we doing inside. Still a lot of work to do but it should be open for public very soon. Our new rising star Paul Debose While building our property we try have some fun and forget about everything. And Paul's help all the time cheer everyone up. Its just one of his moments. Few moments from our life
  5. Now it's impossible to block number and sometimes its very annoying, Because person can call as much time or write you sms as he want. Only way to stop him to turn off the phone, but you not gonna get any other calls and sms you still gonna see after you turn you phone back. Other option to destroy your phone and change number but this option is way to drastic if you just want to get rid of one annoying person. It should be simple option on phone to add number on blacklist.
  6. It used to be really fun in old days to have real drug dealers. This was one of most popular job for new recruiters to test their loyal. But the thing is by removing npc you would remove for majority of criminals income. . Already criminals dont have much choices how to make money and introduced SD its now more than ever hard to make drugs and make it profitable. So its pretty difficult topic and not so easy to fix just by removing NPC and not doing nothing else.
  7. I got two great news for you! Price now just only $5000000 !!!! Property now has fully functional gates. You can safely park your cars in front. Don't miss the great opportunity!
  8. Looking best place for your business? Now its your chance! Selling biggest property in town. It has huge space inside to build whatever you want. There is so much that you can be a first owner of hotel in Los Santos!!! Don't miss your chance! Inside it has massive space to build it whatever you like. Outside it has very big pool and designated 5 floors parking garage. You can build something for your self outside as well. Very good location near Taco and Bahama Mamas. Feel free to come and look inside, doors are always open. For new owner i can recommend best interior designer in town for a very good price. Price: $6000000. I'm willing to negotiate also accept trades. If you have any question contact me at #3157524 or krillinas#[email protected]
  9. -1 There is already plenty jobs in town to farm money without any proper rp. As i was saying in my thread: it's better to limit amount of drivers and get better deals with business owners
  10. I love the latest patch. It adds so much to rp when you have to deliver real stuff to real shops. But i still can see a lot of space to improve. Imagine if we would have truckers company. Now the main problem the prices are not fair, for a very big fuel delivery you can get only 1000$. And new people still taking those orders because they don't understand that will takes a lot of time to load and unload the cargo for not reasonable payout. If we would have officials factions, truckers could have managers who would deal with store owners and would have negotiate the delivery price. We could have real dispatcher who can give orders to drivers(if no dispatcher online the system can work too) Truckers who has own trucks would get more money for delivery than for those who's renting the truck. Additional for that i can suggest that others official factions also should have to use delivery system for supply. PD for ammo and gun supply, mechanics for parts supply and maybe md for medical supply(?) I don't know about criminal factions but maybe we could think something too.
  11. Broadcasts are automatically deleted after around 2-weeks Yes because i was dumb enough to said in your chat that im making report at the moment about your stream. And as i said void get deleted after two weeks, not two minutes. I don't have nothing to add, good luck rp'ing and streaming with such altitude. edit* and again, if i ever threat you please post any evidence. Thank you
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