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Found 17 results

  1. What is the worst thing thing that ever happend to you? Could that have been fixed by haveing decoy, bodyguard or just a vehicle? Yes! Are you tired of being roobed, harassed or always have to look over your shoulder? Yes! Then WORRY no more. Because we at Back Hawk are ready to deal with all situations, and we wont stop for nothing. So give us a call or shoot a txt at 35 73 932 If you are interested in a solution. Black Hawk could easily offer you the deal of a LIFE TIME. "Especially if your life is in danger"
  2. $$ Sanctus "El Diablo" $$ A piece of ART | Max Upgrades for Performance | Fun guaranteed $ DISCOUNTED PRICE $ $110,000 $87,000 Send Message #2762383 or PM
  3. Taking Offers ----------------------------------------- (4/5/1/4/1 At High End) ----------------------------------------- (Stock $130k At High End) ----------------------------------------- Sabre Turbo (stock price is 32k) ----------------------------------------- Fully Maxed (looking for 250k)
  4. Hello, you'll have to be gentle with me as I'm new to the community so I apologise if this has been suggested before but.. My suggestion in a nutshell is to have some way of test driving a vehicle before purchasing it. Why? Ultimately, I feel that the look of a vehicle will important is only superficial. The most important parts about buying a vehicle is knowing how it handles, what the top speed is, what the acceleration is like etc.. because ultimately, you are usually buying a vehicle to use it and especially early on, every $ you make is very precious. You can list these things in a spreadsheet or on the forum, but they really have to be experienced so you know how the vehicle will suit your driving capabilities and needs. How? I'm not familiar with the scripting on Rage MP so I don't know exactly what is possible and what is not but the way I see it, there are two main ways you could achieve this. You could implement an option at the dealerships to test drive that vehicle and the vehicle (or it's equivilent) would be spawned inside the testing area and you'd have say 180 seconds (3 minutes) with the vehicle to drive around and try it out. You'd be able to cancel it at any time and it would respawn you back at the dealership. At the end of the three minutes it teleports you back to the dealership. You could simply just go to the testing area and it would give you a list of vehicles that you could try out for yourself. Possibly you could spawn a vehicle to test by providing its name as an alternative. But the same thing applies as #1. Hell if you wanted to make it in-character, you could even make the test driving a business and put an additional cost there if you wanted to. Try before you buy is pretty critical when you are spending $$$ on a vehicle. I'll be honest, it's been that long since I played GTA V normally, that I don't know hardly anything about any of these vehicles and I imagine there are quite a number of people like me that want to buy a vehicle but simply don't know enough about them to bite the bullet.
  5. Looking to buy a Bravado Bison, please post offers. Or contact 2057127 (Stock is 58k)
  6. Just wanted to know how long cops look for a car. Specifically just a certain plate. I have heard only 24 hours IRL time. Is this confirmed?
  7. i used to own a house way back then at this location and a vehicle which are both gone now lol
  8. Yputi

    [Selling] Brawler

    I am selling my Brawler for under stockprice =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Harvey Spencer Phone: 5942791 Email: ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com Please contact for testdrives or questions. =================================== Vehicle info: =================================== Model: Brawler Color: Black and red Reason for selling it: I bought this car for off-roading and for it's speed, but I could use some space for other vehicles now. Modifications: The car is only visually modded. No performance upgrades. =================================== Selling info: =================================== Asking price: 43,000$ (Send text for offers) Stock price: 46,000$ - 48,600$ The car is already located on the high-end market. =================================== Vehicle images: =================================== Harvey Spencer #5942791 ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com
  9. FOR SALE; Trophy Truck - Fully upgraded/modded. Full interior and exterior valet shall be done prior to sale. These days, when any soccer-mom SUV gets to call itself a 4x4, Vapid have decided to remind us what the phrase "off-road" really means. 40 inches of suspension, a tough but lightweight frame, and more horsepower than a cruise missile, all working together to crush any landscape known to man: mountains, valleys, deserts, warzones, schools. Nowhere is safe! Open to sensible cash and or trade offers. Try me!
  10. Semi modded Warrener is being sold at the Low end get it before its gone
  11. Denni

    [SOLD] Zentorno

    Selling: Zentorno for $595,000 All performance is at maximum - please come and view it at the high end market.
  12. Date and time (provide timezone): January 17, 2018 - 12:15pm Eastern Character name: Novak Kaine Issue/bug you are reporting: Twice I have parked my car in my buddy's house after he gave me access and after I pull my car back out I find that it is smoking from under the hood and then I get in and it has 0HP even though I put it in with 1000HP. After an admin fixed my car for me the second time I was driving along the highway traveling north when I crash to desktop. I log back in and run to my car and it's at 0HP again just sitting on the road with no physical damage. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I've made a couple in-game reports. To replicate I would suggest: 1) Park car near residence and lock it. 2) Access residence screen and click park on car in proximity. 3) Close residence screen and lock house. 4) Return to residence screen and take car from garage. (It's at this point I found my car to have 0HP on the second occurance. On the first occurance I didn't pay attention to the steps.)
  13. Your player name: Kevin_Green Player you are reporting: Stranger 3126_4633 Rule broken: 6.1.7 Vehicle Deathmatch Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I went to Donkey Punch Farm to farm, two strangers repeatedly hit my tractor while farming (but the video only shows one so I'm only reporting one), and when I get out of my tractor the stranger shown in the video runs over me with his tractor, and punches me to death. There was no interaction whatsoever other than the "Can y'all stop tho." in the chat, which was me asking them to stop hitting my tractor. Everything after the first 30 seconds of the video is irrelevant, I just kept it on just to not hide anything that ReLive recorded. I almost remembered to hit it too late though, that's why it only shows me getting injured and him punching me to death. Time and date: August 20, 2017, around 7:20 PM EST Evidence:
  14. Your player name: Vincent Benelli (Stranger 2550 5353) 10 Player you are reporting: (Stranger 5323 9555) 53 Rule broken: Fail RP / VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was unloading my harvest at the farm closest to LS, when he jumped in my Van. He did not RP in any way. I then shot at him after he didn't stop, and then he ran me over, all the time not saying a word or RPing in any way. He then finished me off with his pistol. Time and date: 8:55 PM EST 8/22/2017 Evidence: He killed me so fast I couldn't even get a screenshot unfortunately.
  15. After looking some interior of my vehicle this happened... [media] [/media]
  16. Hey folks, So yeah. You know that you rent a car signed with your own name ? Well in Los Santos things work a bit different. [media] [/media]
  17. mew


    Inventory should by default be around 2-5 slots. Then you could buy backpacks in stores to expand how much items you can carry. Also Fish and other foods should spoil if not stored in some kind of portable mini fridge that you can place in your vehicle.
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