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Found 11 results

  1. Taking Offers Bifta (stock price is 50k) ----------------------------------------- Sabre Turbo (stock price is 32k) ----------------------------------------- Phantom (stock is 80k) ----------------------------------------- Bati 801 (stock is 50k)
  2. Xoza

    [Buying] Bravado Bison

    Looking to buy a Bravado Bison, please post offers. Or contact 2057127 (Stock is 58k)
  3. Just wanted to know how long cops look for a car. Specifically just a certain plate. I have heard only 24 hours IRL time. Is this confirmed?
  4. Sieto_Bronx

    House, Vehicle

    i used to own a house way back then at this location and a vehicle which are both gone now lol
  5. Yputi

    [Selling] Brawler

    I am selling my Brawler for under stockprice =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Harvey Spencer Phone: 5942791 Email: ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com Please contact for testdrives or questions. =================================== Vehicle info: =================================== Model: Brawler Color: Black and red Reason for selling it: I bought this car for off-roading and for it's speed, but I could use some space for other vehicles now. Modifications: The car is only visually modded. No performance upgrades. =================================== Selling info: =================================== Asking price: 43,000$ (Send text for offers) Stock price: 46,000$ - 48,600$ The car is already located on the high-end market. =================================== Vehicle images: =================================== Harvey Spencer #5942791 ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com
  6. SteScotland

    [FOR SALE] Fully Modded Trophy Truck

    FOR SALE; Trophy Truck - Fully upgraded/modded. Full interior and exterior valet shall be done prior to sale. These days, when any soccer-mom SUV gets to call itself a 4x4, Vapid have decided to remind us what the phrase "off-road" really means. 40 inches of suspension, a tough but lightweight frame, and more horsepower than a cruise missile, all working together to crush any landscape known to man: mountains, valleys, deserts, warzones, schools. Nowhere is safe! Open to sensible cash and or trade offers. Try me!
  7. Defective.Child

    Selling Warrener 8K

    Semi modded Warrener is being sold at the Low end get it before its gone
  8. Denni

    [SOLD] Zentorno

    Selling: Zentorno for $595,000 All performance is at maximum - please come and view it at the high end market.
  9. After looking some interior of my vehicle this happened... [media] [/media]
  10. Hey folks, So yeah. You know that you rent a car signed with your own name ? Well in Los Santos things work a bit different. [media] [/media]
  11. mew


    Inventory should by default be around 2-5 slots. Then you could buy backpacks in stores to expand how much items you can carry. Also Fish and other foods should spoil if not stored in some kind of portable mini fridge that you can place in your vehicle.