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  1. No sorry, just looking for cash.
  2. Nice 2G house with extra parking, right next to the beach. Location: Leave offers below or contact me via email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  3. Selling maxed elegy retro with custom ‘TRYHARD’ plate, leave offers below or phone: 5583831
  4. 525k maxed 2/2 turbo, custom ‘CHEATIN’ plate. At high end.
  5. Selling maxed cheetah classic, completely maxed with 2/2 turbo with custom 'CHEATIN' plate, leave offers below or phone: #5583831
  6. 1G near city hall and a few blocks away from bank. Leave offers here or contact me via phone - #5583831
  7. Looking good, keep up the good work.
  8. For sale is my beautiful 2 garage beach house which right next to sea, has a great view and is also next to one of the cheapest shops. You can leave offers below or contact me at [email protected] ((Forum PM)), 5583831. Pictures: GPS Location:
  9. 2G beach house with beautiful view and very close to the sea, has a set of stairs right next to it leading straight to the beach. Price: 25k per month ((week)) price will reduce each week you rent it out down to 21k. Contact info: #5583831 or email me at Evo9fq360#[email protected] Pictures:
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