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  1. Player(s) Being Reported: Mask 3206_5644 and Mask 7883_9088 Date: 16-4-2018 Time: 14:30 Your Characters Name: Sylvester Groot Other players: Sam Miller Specific Rule Broken: 6.1/6.2 How Did The Player Break The Rule: they had no reason to kill me. i did everything they say and i didn't do anything to put them in danger. so they break rule 6.2.5 Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/5ad495ad5ce2782e04/fail-rp-no-reason-to-kill-me
  2. VDM and Fail RP: Stranger 9060_1929

    oke done. if you ask me he don't have to be kicked or banned. But at least read the rules about it. my opinion is a warning. but it's up to the staff leaders. Greetings, Gouden Jaapie
  3. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 9060_1929 Date of rule breach:28-1-2018 Time of rule breach:around 22:00 Your characters name:Gouden jaapie Other players involved: no Specific rule broken: VDM and Fail RP How did the player break the rule?: Well i think the video says enough. smashed me while i had green light and after that stole my vehicle without saying anything Evidence of rule breach: http://plays.tv/video/5a6e3d454094c7bea4/robber
  4. Massive rule break.

    sooo any reaction or this report gonna stay open for a while?
  5. Massive rule break.

    Hello all, I am the guy who lost the AR and the .50 because i got killed by a tractor. The guy run me at least 5 times over. when i whas on the ground he try to kill me with the tractor but that doesn't work. My question is how do i get my AR and .50 back? the rest the video shows what the guys did. and i will let the admin do his job. Greetings, Goudenjaapie
  6. Bring back Weapon scroll wheel

    Totally agreed with that.
  7. *The Lost Motorcycle Club*

    Hey Dale, Goudenjaapie here, looks stunning man the jackets and your motor. it was really nice to meet you by the farm. i talk to you soon, i will pm you when i got my license. Greetings, Goudenjaapie