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  1. Pookie

    Jamie Bloch, Powergaming

    I was not concentrating on the chat since he was speaking as soon as he did it so I didn't he think he did it. Sorry about that. I would have done /me swipes out the way resisting and still jumped into the convertible which the head admin "Ballin" said was allowed
  2. Pookie

    Jamie Bloch, Powergaming

    The head admin said this was allowed as the car did not have a roof and you had the weapons down. The proof is here https://gyazo.com/6a546b17dad13b36bffc371508e7989c
  3. Pookie

    Punishment appeal

    @Toony Lewis has replied
  4. Pookie

    Punishment appeal

    Account name: pookster Character name(s): Jamie Bloch Admin who issued punishment: Charlie Mangione aka Chuck Date of punishment: Yesterday Reason given for punishment: "VDM" Your explanation of what happened: I apparently hit someone twice with my vehicle and received a 1 day ban which IMO was too harsh regarding what had happened and especially since it was my first rulebreak in nearly 1 year ever on the server Why should your appeal be accepted?: Here is the video https://youtu.be/2bvdnc3JU6w . On his screen I rammed ever so slightly. But on my screen I did not him at all (if you know how car desync works since I barely touched him). The rule states you can only knock someone down once but on my screen I did not hit him so I did not think he got knocked. I then saw in my wing mirror that he stopped shooting so I turned around and killed him. I also think a 1 day ban for this is harsh and unnecessary but I dont really mind about the length since I was rather busy that day anyway Post any evidence or further details: Above^. P.S I am making this mainly because I do not want this on my record
  5. Pookie

    Cant log in

    If your password has any capitals, type it somewhere else and copy it, then paste it in-game. That is the problem for some people
  6. Pookie


    Damm man, sad to see you removed from the staff. OsamaBigLag, you were a great staff member - committed to helping others and being friendly in the process. It will be sad to see you leaving the staff team.
  7. Pookie

    Backpacks to hide guns

    Well, what if people don't want it in their trunk and what to keep it on them instead of it being in their car without people seeing the gun? That's why I suggested backpack
  8. Pookie

    Backpacks to hide guns

    That's a bug? I thought guns were meant to be on the back since you can't fit assault rifle or shotgun in your pocket?
  9. Pookie

    Bring back Weapon scroll wheel

    Same for me. Are you getting your gun sometimes pulled randomly when you get outside of a vehicle?
  10. Pookie

    Cruise Control

    +1 Would be very useful
  11. Pookie

    Backpacks to hide guns

    I think Backpacks should be added to put on your back to hide guns e.g. AK's, carbines and shotgun etc. You could also hide other things if you wanted to.
  12. Pookie

    Bring back Weapon scroll wheel

    I think we should bring back Weapon scroll wheel as it is much more convenient imo + sometimes my guns are being pulled out randomly, which with the old Weapon scroll wheel there were no problems so I didn't see any need for change.
  13. Pookie

    I need help with my mic

  14. Pookie


    Your player name: Jamie BLoch Player you are reporting: Stranger 6901_5197 (43) Rule broken: RDMx2 random stun gun x3 Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Random stungunned the medic then knocked a guy out. then hit me twice and killed me Time and date: Today Evidence: https://sendvid.com/42q5m2au
  15. Pookie

    Server down?

    There is an update. Please be patient