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Found 3 results

  1. What’s up guys, I’m really excited to get into the server and develop my character over time, I really want to be story driven so if you come across Damien deuce say what up
  2. I recently applied for the server and have been waiting for admin approval, is there anyway to see how long it will take an admin to approve me, or is there anyone i can speak to for technical help?
  3. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.1.0 Additions: Added arrest calculator to police MDC that allows officers to pick charges/tickets from a list and automatically add them to a player's criminal record Added /dice command that rolls a dice and gives a number back (make your own gambling games) Added penal code laws to database for searching in-game Added automatic payment of tickets when being jailed for criminal charges (not regular tickets only misdemeanor/felony ones) Added contact/phone number when receiving a call Added house sharing Added house management UI Added ability to buy cars from vehicle shops with hand money Added two-factor authentication Added ATM near DMV Added prison Added more animations Added poker won/loss counter (leaderboards) Added moving mouth when talking Added car rent to DMV Added poker (thanks to Guad for UI) Added masks (/masktoggle) Added radio VOIP (hold M) Added limit to how many houses you can own Added a bollard to the top of Downtown Mechanic stairs Added tyre walls to Downtown Mechanic entrance Added AK47's to warehouses Added MicroSMG to warehouses Added weapon attachments: Flashlight, Extended Mag, Grip, Scope to warehouses Added boats Changes: Changed criminal record charges entirely, now it will include time and fine amount for automatic jail time and prison time calculation (faster arrests! hooray! also clean criminal records for all) Charges will now be by name and not player data, so if you name change you will have a clean record Changed the way talking on the phone looks as it makes more sense to not include mask id or alias, now it will show contact name or phone number Changed phone /messages command with an extra parameter for contact name or number so players can filter out messages from numbers/contacts Health loss when downed is now not random Changed vehicle shop/general store marker types Engine must be turned off in order to refuel Reworked mors insurance UI Renamed Donator messages to Sponsored Bleet and VIP announcements to Bleet Changed authentication UI Changed character creation UI Changed plastic surgery UI Changed clothing store UI Changed tattoo store UI Changed ATM UI Some changes to account security Optimized speed limit performance (cruise control) Updated pricing on pistols to be cheaper Removals: Removed the old active MDC window, it will open the main MDC once numpad 5/0 is pressed Removed /park /unpark /sellhouse /unsellhouse /buyhouse commands Disabled vehicle controls when vehicle is upside down. Removed /skipmedic or /die Fixes: Fixed bug that didn't remove player's chargers when plugging it into a car/house Fixed bug that allowed players to /vehrevive far from Mors Fixed bug with houses where house owners couldn't park their vehicles Fixed bug with custom number plates Fixed tutorial music Fixed help menu exit button Fixed the client side error issue Fixed the vehicle customization price calculations Fixed stuck animation on downed people Fixed garbage collection Fixed A's not counting as straight in poker Fixed a bug with farming, where players could plant wheat without ploughing the soil Fixed pistols in warehouses (you will need to order again to acquire them) And more....
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