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  1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Im buying a 2 garage house anywhere in Los Santos, I'll buy if i get the right price. Contact me on my email goldenrecker#[email protected] ((discord Goldenrecker#8666)) or contact me on my phone #2399713 Name: Tyrone Dover _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. thanks for your understanding, i really respect that you actually believe me and what i told you. This is pretty rare here so +rep from me
  3. As i said i know this is my fault, but as i also mentioned the rules are farely new and i haven't played since the new rules were released. "You also mention that all MODS/ADMINS said ignore shooting or robbing behind bank as NCZ is considered as a whole block" this is not something that i have experienced on the server or the discord server. You also say that your bike moved less than a meter, which is true. The fact is though that if i hadn't shot your bike would have hit me. And as i have said i know that i am in the wrong here. But im begging for a lighter punishment as i am well aware of the rules and i know what a NCZ is, but the rules were very recently updated so i cant remember all the new additions to the rules because im used to the old rules.
  4. I am aware that i broke the rules and that is completely my fault. I haven't played much on the server since the new rules came. The NCZ didn't cover the parking lot of this incident last time i played so in the heat of the moment i shot you because you were trying to ram me (that is what it looked like anyway) and right after i shot you my friend told me it was a NCZ and you also said it. I said i didn't know and you reported me, which i would have done myself and I'm glad that you treated me with respect even though i broke the rules and you actually took your time to tell me on discord you were reporting me and stuff like that. This is pretty rare so I'm glad that you are the guy reporting me and not some russian dude that can only say "fuck you". So I am aware that i didn't follow the rules, but in my defence the rules are bascially brand new and i have played on this server for about a year now, so I'm trying to get used to the new rules. I have read the new rules multiple times, and I have also reported people for breaking the new rules (these were rules from the old rulebook though) and i know how annoying it is when people break the rules. I beg the admins to let this slip or just give me a warning since i know what i did and i was not breaking the rules with the intention of using it to my advantage, after shooting him i didn't rob him and take his belongings because i realized that i was in the bad and the guy was just trying to RP with me. After i found out i had broken the rules i of course PM'ed the guy reporting me saying im sorry and that i know i broke the rules.
  5. https://plays.tv/video/5c811873c67cfd02ef/evidence-id-59 this is a video of us shooting him and escaping. None of what he said happened. We shot at someone and then we split up. I ran in the sewers and i dont know where my friend went. I ran to his house to get a new gun with more bullets. We waited for the heat to go down. We decided to go out to shoot the remaining people, and when he came on his bike we opened fire (this is the start of the video) then we shot him, when he was all by himself and while we were both right beside him he called on his radio quote "mart come now" while my friend was still looting him, therfore his life was still in direct danger when the ones who just shot him were standing in front of him. He also says that his friend was right around the corner which doesn't change the fact that he used his radio to call for aid. He also says that noone was pointing a gun directly at him, and yes this is true. You dont usually aim at someone laying on the ground dying, that is just how RP works i mean, would you do that in real life? aim at someone on the ground dying to make sure they didn't do anything. If this was real life and you followed to rule "you must show reasonable value for your life" you wouldn't have dared to call your friend.
  6. Me neither @Anton Hou, i have all the footage of what went down, we shot you, and then 20 seconds later he ran to his house to place the stuff he got. We were not in a shootout at the time and i have footage of everything, so i hope your punishment will be harsher when you lie in an admin case you scumbag.
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 59 Date of interaction reported: 5th March 2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1551813586 Your characters name: Tyrone_Dover Other player(s) involved: Per_Daksen Specific rule(s) broken: 13. FearRP ● As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. How did the player break the rule(s)? As you can see in the video, the player ID 59 was shot by me and my friend after several episodes of shootouts and robberies that hat occured about 15 minutes before this happened. We decided to shoot him, with valid KOS reason, and my friend (Per_Daksen) finally got him. I ran over to his body on the ground, and while we are both standing by his body he decides to call his friends while we are standing right next to him which is a breach of FearRP as the rule states ● As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker and you cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. Which he did, and while in direct danger becuase we were standing right next to him and we could have killed him for doing it. My friend ran to his house to secure all of the stuff he had obtained, and then his friends come and finds out where he lives (my friend), an rp situation caused by him breaking the rules. I tried to inform him what he was doing wrong, and i just got a very rude "go report it and learn the rules". I gave him a chance to redeem himself, because maybe he didn't know the rules since i have seen this happen a lot with all the major gangs like fx. Vice Lords and Los Zetas. I just informed him so he would be aware next time, but after his rude reply i told him exactly what rule he broke and he urged me to report him, so i did. As mentioned this isn't the first time i have seen this happening, especially with Vice Lords i have experienced this a lot, so i think that in the future there should be more focus on stopping this type of RP. Evidence of rule breach: Video evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5c7ed53ddcc0007e6f/fearrp-breach Conversation screenshots:
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID 55 Date of interaction reported: 19th February 2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1550587135 Your characters name: Tyrone_Dover Other player(s) involved: Per_Daksen Specific rule(s) broken: 7.1.4 and 7.1.2 How did the player break the rule(s)? As seen in the clip the guy (ID 55) was being robbed by me and my friend. He is under gunpoint when he suddenly gets up and says OOC that it was a bug, and at the time i believed him. After about 5 seconds he pulls out his gun and starts shooting at me even though it is a breach of rule 7.1 FearRP. The rule 7.1.2 states "Examples, where your character's life considered to be in direct danger: When you are on foot and a weapon is aimed at you at close range;" and rule 7.1.4 "As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker;" He was obviously not breaking any rules until he decided to shoot at me, but he broke both of the rules listed above when he was on foot and a weapon was aimed directly at him at close range, also he did not show any value for his life when he suddenly decides to pull out a gun while under gunpoint. Evidence of rule breach: Video evidence: https://plays.tv/s/M5kpPsCcVnPZ
  9. Meeting Here you can see some pictures from our recent meeting
  10. Im not quite sure who Nolan is, but im guessing it is @Edwards. The fact is “Nolan” did not pm me 10-20 minutes later, and if he did, i did not recieve them. I got pm’ed over an hour after it happened, i even wrote told my friend on discord you were trying to resume RP, and at the time he didn’t know what i was talking about because of how much time had passed. You say that “what you believe is your own world buddy.” When i say “i believe” it means i know for a fact. What are the odds that your mom comes in and yells at you right when you get shot, after starting RP and stealing a car. They are very very small. On top of that you sound like you are 16-20, and frankly i dont believe you are still getting yelled at at that age and that you suddenly have to turn your pc off. But then you say that you guys reconnected 10-20 minutes after (not the case) so it is a pretty weird argument that lasts 10 minutes and then you just leave and turns on your pc again. What i am trying to say is that you tried to RP/combat-log and your friend did it. Even if your mom came in and yelled at you, it still doesn’t give you the right to leave an RP situation, when you left we could’ve checked for pocket money and radio frequenies. And of course we “dipped” since it would be very stupid to hang around at a murder scene. The fact is that no after we left there would’ve been no RP situation to occur, but before you left there would. Maybe you were in another gang and you left so we couldn’t get your freqs, i dont know, but whatever happened you cant leave until the RP situation is over, which at the time it wasnt. The rules state that you can reconnect if you crashed, but i have been directly told that your mom yelled at you, so and you can see in the screenshots you left yourself. Even if you reconnected in 5-10 minutes i would’ve been happy to resume RP. But you didn’t rejoin immediatly, you waited and hour, and at that point you dont have the right to resume RP.
  11. I took your stuff, it doesn’t change the fact that you left immedeatly after which leads me to believe you tried to leave before i did. And even if you rejoined you have to PM or something because rp’ly it would be stupid hanging around at a crimescene.
  12. Goldenr3ck3r


    History Helvetica was formed and founded by Tyrone Dover. Tyrone had previously been in several gangs including Mercia and The Gates. He had been planning to start his own gang ever since The Gates got disbanded, but he never really did it. After he left Mercia he decided to start something. The name Helvetica is also the name of a font. Tyrone thought this font looked sleak, stylish, discreet and professional, all of which are attributes he wishes to bring into his gang. The name reminded him of ancient greece, so he decided to make a logo with the greek godess Athena, a godess of wisdom and warfare. Current Situation At the time Helvetica is just getting started, we currently have no allies and we only have 9 members. We have friends who has a lot of connections in the criminal underworld, which is going to help us getting started. Almost all of the members have previous experience in gangs and we all know we can rely on eachother for pretty much anything. We are also in a pretty good place when it comes to funds, also something that will be really helpful in the beginning. Future Plans In the future we obviously plan to expand, get new members and get our name out there. We are also planning to get an ally of some sorts, and we have friends that can set up connections with other gang leaders for us. We are planning to import guns that we can sell and use, we are also planning on other illegal activities that will give the gang more funds for more expansion. Recruitment We currently don't have a minimum XP limit, instead we scout for people that could benefit the gang. Currently the only way of joining us is asking us if you meet us on the street. We will then research about you, ask you some questions to ensure that we only get the best people in our gang. We will also make sure that you know RP in various ways fx. using an OOC quiz to make sure that the person knows rp well, and that we can trust him/her won't hurt our gangs reputation with bad RP. Ranking System Rookie Rookie is the first rank in our hierarchy, and these are new members. They mostly follow the rest of the gang and observe how we do things. These are also tested in multiple ways before we promote them, to make sure they are engaged and active in our gang. Security Ranks The security ranks (solder, operative and captain) are the muscles of our gang. They make sure we are safe and if we go to war they are the force that is going to help us win. This is why they need to be trained and tested in shooting, strategics and other things alike. Management Ranks The management ranks (supervisor, hr and treasurer) all have different responsibilities. The supervisors main task is to lookout for snitches, make sure that the members live up to our standard, even though this is the second rank in the hierarchy, we only let extrodinary members which we think are made for the job take this branch in the gang. HR does pretty much the same with some added responsibilities. The treasurer manages our funds, make sure nobody is stealing and other things related to our economy. Board Members The board members are the main voices in the gang. They obviously have all the responsibilities of the management team and also making sure that none of our soldiers get any ideas like starting wars with other gangs without consulting the board members. The board members vote about certain things like gang colors, if someone high up in the gang should be removed and other important desicions. The board director is the leader and has the main vote. His job is to make sure that everyone is doing the job, making sure that the gang is going where he wants it and other things that are for the sake of the gang in general. Clothing As mentioned Tyrone wishes to bring the attributes of the font helvetica into the gang. Therefore all gang members must dress formally with a suit or a black coat. This is to make sure that all gang members look professional and discreet. All clothing must be in greyscale which includes black, white, grey and other colors alike.
  13. @Flucifial I'm still trying to get @Edwards punished or banned, he is lying in an admin case, and he still broke the rule by not immediatly joining the server and resuming RP.
  14. Your pictures show you joining as quick as you could, but at the time almost 2 hours had passed, so yes i refused to resume rp because that is crap. I would not like to know the reason because you said your mom yelled you out which is frankly quite the timing, right when you die. Seems kinda weird to me.
  15. @Flucifial It is true that he returned to the server and tried to resume rp. The thing is he did this almost 2 hours after he combat-logged. I refused to resume RP since it was over 2 hours ago since "his mom yelled at him and his brother" and said i was reporting him because frankly, its complete bullshit. I dont think he still has the right 2 hours after leaving the rp situation. 1. i could've left the server at that point. 2. i could've been in a whole other rp situation (which i was) 3. It doesn't make sense that i would resume rp after 2 hours had passed, was i just going to say to my gang. Oh, i need to rob a guy i shot 2 hours ago. I dont think he has the right to resume rp after that long time.
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