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  1. FearRP,VDM, using advantage of OOC

    Hi Kes, and thank you for making the report. Please wait patiently for an admin to respond. IF anyone knows who stranger 6140_3544 is, please inform them of this report
  2. Stop the GTA Online events

    In the past two weeks, I've seen players organise a demo derby, a car meet and a drag race event. I know of a triathlon being organised at present too, those events are good social gatherings but especially for the SACC events, some of the restrictions placed on them make it difficult for them to be organised at times when the majority of people can attend. I think the server events that have been done recently with the convoys are a great idea, but I think they should be announced via discord a day or two before hand so that people know when they will be and can prepare for them. I'd like to see people have to work together and plan and prepare for them rather than everyone suddenly find out and have to just rush over and do the best with whose free at the time. I'd also like to see them involve more police rather than just admin presence. Whilst it can be considered cops V robbers esq, there is very little I'm the game for criminals other than selling guns/drugs and robbing people. Events like this give criminals something to work towards and something to do, and should really also give the police a challenge for a scenario that doesn't occur on their regular patrol. Yes most criminals have enough money to buy guns and fast cars, but I'd rather their outlet for those be organised events where actual planning and RP is required rather than just going round finding players to rob
  3. To an extent I do agree with you, There are large sections of people on the server who just do bad RP and a lot of it is due to lack of alternative, like the people who get bored and just want to get into cop chases. The main thing I wanted to comment on here though, is point 3, and in particular the video you reference. What happened in that video is completely unacceptable, and all of the people involved in the incident have already been punished for it on an IC/OOC level by myself as the leader of their faction, after the video was shown to me, and the other leaders, by another member of the faction who was disgusted at this level of RP. We do indeed need criminals to not let them sink themselves to the standards displayed in that video, which is the reason why I issued them punishments for it, because aside from the fact its breaking server rules, its just piss poor RP and not how anyone, let alone someone new to the server, should be treated. I also got in contact with the guy responsible, apologizing for it, and doing what i could to make it up to him, and made it clear to every member of my faction that we expect a lot more from them and wont tolerate that level of RP. It should also be noted that the guy came back to the server after cooling off, and is now having a great time on the server and appreciated the members of the community who stepped up to try and rectify what was undoubtedly a disgraceful thing to happen to him. Im not trying to defend or disagree with any of your points here, just wanted to clarify that there are people who are actively trying to prevent this kind of thing from happening and to try and elevate the level of RP displayed by criminals on the server. Though that is often made more difficult by frequent interactions with the sort of player who just wants to troll and grief people.
  4. I have no intention of arguing any further though, and will only respond when an admin asks me to
  5. There are no timestamps in the videos Phil, You can see in my video that when I did it, it was only Mike, Mike and Jessica, and even that was done before this situation. By the time this situation started, it was only Myself and Jessica still in game, there were 8 people in our discord, but only two in game. I cant show any evidence of before the situation when I actually did /fmembers, as the footage I saved was only a short section, but I do have footage of me immediately after I died doing /fmembers and you can see it was only myself and Rawler online.
  6. @InfamousFelix I used the radio, because I was planning to just continue the situation at that point. I was thinking of it as ive just dived to cover, i know i cant just swim away to safety, but that doesnt mean i cant still try and get help, it wouldnt be realistic to just die. I tried to go up the ladder, but it wouldnt let me go up it, i dont know why, but it didnt, so i tried to find another way to get back up. As for why I transmitted through 3rd party software 'hes proabably stolen my car, how do i get out of here' Im honestly not sure, It was most likely due to the fact I couldnt work out how to get out of there, and knowing that Phil would have probably stolen my car. Im honestly surprised that he didnt and instead tried to push it into the water, knowing that that wouldnt destroy it and it would be stuck there until I could get an admin to destroy it for me. The reason I said it through third party software, was that I was just talking to my friends, most of whom werent even in game at the time. The only one who was was Jessica Rawler, who didnt know where I was other than 'at the docks' as i had said before, which is a pretty large area, and it doesnt seem like information that could really be used in anyway to give an advantage. I didnt know if he was stealing my car, or if he already had, and even if Jessica had heard me say it, its purely speculation. I didnt know why i couldnt get up the first ladder, which is why I asked how do i get out of here, I wasnt really expecting an answer, it was mostly just talking to myself. If you listen in the video, you can hear me press the transmit button 5 or 6 times whilst im in the water without even saying anything, noone in call seemed to have even heard me or reacted to it in anyway. As for the second transmission 'At the Docks' I genuinely dont think i meant to say this through discord, but via in game radio and just pressed the wrong button. If I was going to try and metagame to tell people where I was to get help, why would i be RPing that i was injured and dying whilst I did so? that was the reason why i said it so quietly and groaning, because I was RPing that I was dying after being shot so many times. IF I was going to metagame and tell people where I was to get help, surely I would just say 'guys im down come quick, i need help' and tell them exactly where I am in a normal voice, rather than being so vague and quiet?
  7. Mask 9976_4974 (FearRP, FailRP, OOC Insults)

    @BallinByNature I believe that @iSeeYou was playing on Demetrious Sanchez when this occured
  8. Rudy, Valerio (OOC Insults)

    OK, enough has been said here now. Please wait for an admin to respond, and do not comment further unless requested to do so.
  9. Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    Fair, im only saying what I know, I had no idea he was ever in the faction. out of interest, who were your friends we didnt like?
  10. Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    When you ask what gang hes in, he says 'not in one' as far as i can tell. I could well be wrong, all I know is i dont think ive ever met the guy, and have no knowledge of him ever being in The Exiled, if he was for a time, he clearly wasnt particularly active. @ImSuspensee @junior_nyc @Ed Liebenburg are any of you able to confirm or deny?
  11. Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    also, I have no idea who Henry Grant is, or if he has ever been a member of the Exiled....Hes not currently in the faction, and in our recruitment section theres no record of him ever being recruited....so Im honestly not sure why they think he is
  12. Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    The Exiled are at war with the Gut Pushers, honestly im not 100% sure why, I woke up Friday morning and we were at war. I asked Leron and Deshawn, and Rudy on discord and was told the following.
  13. ID like to add, If I was gonna metagame and tell people in discord where I was...why would I be so vague and quiet and RP that im injured rather than just speaking normally and telling them exactly where I am?
  14. Yes, I did jump into the water, I had equipped my AK whilst in the car, but as you can see when i got out, I didnt have a gun out, and when i pressed the button expecting to shoot, I just threw a punch. So I panicked, and tried to run, but had no escape other than trying to jump up the rope and then onto the ship, which clearly didnt work. In reality I did what any sane person would do when someone they know wants to kill them gets out a vehicle and starts shooting and fled in the only way possible, which was jumping in the water. I radiod in where I was when I was in the water yes, but to my mind at that point, I was doing the same as jumping behind cover. Had the section below been a ledge, you wouldn't have had any issue with me jumping down. But it was water, so here we are. Water I might add isnt even particularly desynced on Rage, you can easily shoot people when they are in the water, but you went straight to trying to ram my car into the water, knowing it wouldnt be destroyed and I wouldnt be able to get it out. I didnt use the water to escape, I tried to find a ladder to come back up, You see me try to go up the first ladder, but it wouldn't let me up, so I came down and tried to find another way out. you can even hear me say 'how the fuck do I get out of here' whilst I search for another ladder. When I found a ladder I was able to get up, I came up and rather than taking my AK out and spraying you down immediately, which I would have considered poor RP, I took out a pistol, and you immediately tried to run me over twice so I ran to where I would be safe from getting run over. I would have tried to talk to you at this point, but you were already getting out the car trying to shoot me again. So yes, of course I fired back... was I supposed to just lay down and die? As for the metagaming, at all points before you can see me only communicate through the in game radio, the one point where we didnt, was when Jessica asked if I heard her on the radio, which I didnt even respond to. At 1:55 yes i guess I did press the Discord PTT button rather than my radio, but you cannot hear anyone even react to it, most likely because I thought I was using in game radio so I was croaking into the mic quietly as If i had just been shot several times and was bleeding out.... Im sorry I pressed the wrong button, but I did not intentionally metagame anything, and with the exception of Jessica, who you can already see me radio where I was, using the same words 'at the docks' when I was in the water, no one else on discord was even in game at the time....we are just friends who like to talk to each other. As for telling you in game that I had tried to run and did the dive animation in, as I said to you in discord, I dont know why I thought that was what happened, but In my head, until I watched it back, that was what happened. I sent you the video of exactly what happened, unedited, I wasnt trying to hide anything, I was just mistaken about what had happened in a relatively intense moment of IG combat, I am sorry for that.
  15. http://plays.tv/video/5ace20ac5d89d5cf05/check-out-my-video- here is also the whole scene from my perspective where you can see the entire conversation