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  1. GaiusTavi

    LSEMS Suggestions

    big -1 for this, there simply arent enough medics. As it is, even when there is medics online, there are far too many calls for them to cope, why would you take away the ability for cops to help the dying and injured when there are no medics online? Once you triple the number of medics working for MD, then perhaps, but right now its a bad idea. Again, a bit -1 for this from me, there arent enough medics, so to have one turn up on a scene, on a motorbike, where they wont be able to transport patients, does not make any sense. Again perhaps once there are a lot more medics. I dont see the need for this really.... You have to travel 2 blocks to get to PD to run a background check
  2. GaiusTavi

    Tavi Patronus (several guns)

    Character to be refunded: Tavi Patronus Date and time of incident: 19/06/18 13:25 GMT ish Requested refund (what and how much): Radio, Micro SMG with 120 ammo, Combat pistol with 100 ammo, 2x pistol .50 with 100/96 ammo, regular SMG with 122 ammo Description of incident resulting in loss: WAs driving down the western highway near Fort Zancudo and I crashed into something I couldnt see in the middle of the road. Afaik there was nothing there, assuming it was a bugged phone/cuffs or something similar, but it launched me out the car and off the bridge where i died. Evidence of loss: http://plays.tv/video/5b28f728274d786669/lost-so-much-stuff-after-crashing-into-nothing Comments: Unfortunately dont have footage of the actual crash due to plays.TV being set to manual and not Automatic, didnt start recording until I was down. I made a /report straight away, but no one responded, until Osborn and Eriksen both did just after I died
  3. unaware of what exactly? that Lost family took Downtime turf today? or that we told Lewis Smith that you could keep the Luxury turf as long as you dont do any more hostilities?
  4. But you took the Downtime one earlier today??? and before we did anything we spoke to Admins, Triple seven said he spoke to you but you wouldnt be reasoned with so we would have to go to forums. I told Lewis I was happy to let you guys keep the turf and ignore the war until admins found a better way for wars to be done, as we discussed with the Gut Pushers last night, but he said that you didnt like the idea and then you took another turf today, so we had to do something whislt we wait for the report to be resolved
  5. we had planned to leave it and wait for the report, but considering Lost took another turf today with no Gutpushers online, what are we supposed to do? just keep ignoring whilst you take more of our turfs?
  6. GaiusTavi

    RDM 5.3.1. Deathmatch Mask 3725_460 @GaiusTavi

    Personally I wouldn't consider this as Deathmatching, As I had an in character reason to shoot at Phil. This is the third time in the space of about an hour that Phil had shown up at one of our shipments. The first time, he showed up at Bennys, and then fled and called the cops on us. I didnt see him call the cops, but he went and two minutes later the cops showed up....doesn't take a genius to work out who tipped them off. Next he showed up at the airport, and then not long after the cops storm the airport and then leave chasing one of our 4 Trucks. The other 3 trucks hide around the airport, then come back to find Phil Mcgee once again at our shipment. As soon as we got close he drove away and we assumed he was radioing to tell his associates or the cops where we were. Which judging from the video is exactly what happened.... To my mind, we have this person we are at war with, regularly interfering with our operations. When we are low on people at the scene, with 100k+ of shipment, and we already believe he called the cops on us twice before, this gives me fair reason to shoot at him. I didnt try to kill him, nor did I chase after him. I took some shots in his direction hoping he would show fear for his life and flee the scene so that we could load up our very expensive shipment and take it to our warehouse. We are criminals in the process of committing a highly illegal act, does it really seem unrealistic that we would shoot at someone who interfering and trying to get us caught by the cops? This is the sort of RP that Phil and his friends are well known for, Its the main reason i dont play much on my criminal anymore, because whenever we try to do any RP they have to do their best to ruin it. In his video he pretends to have no idea who we are, claiming we must be terrorists. If he truly thought we were terrorists, or even just knowing we are hostile men with big guns, why would he continue to interfere? why would he drive right up to us and then withdraw far enough away that we couldn't initiate any RP with him, other than the fact I believe he was hoping something like this would happen so he would have another reason to report me. Even after I shot at him, the most fear Phil showed was to flee to the corner of a building where he kept poking out despite having someone taking shots at him....clearly wasn't too scared for his life!
  7. GaiusTavi

    Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    I think the others have done a good job explaining why this is ridiculous so I do not have much to add other than in the entire situation, i dont think I was shot once, At no point did I feel like I was in any real danger, as there was just one cadet shooting at tires, and I was in a massive truck and armed with an AK....... I was also not the person in the Phantom that was chased for 30 mins btw, I was one of the people who came in a different Phantom to help Marco Gambino get away. To me this just seems like a salty cop who is upset he lost a situation he should never have involved himself in. Standard Patrol cars can do nothing more than follow a truck unless they have a unit on who can deploy a brickade. Following the original Phantom that long was fine, but its just plain stupid to not retreat when 3 other phantoms show up clearly intending to help their friend. The second they rammed a cruiser, they had shown they were willing to use lethal force, at which point the Officers should have fled the scene considering they had no way of dealing with the situation.
  8. GaiusTavi


    -1 cops are supposed to respond in kind. Most Cops will only have Pistol and Shotgun in their loadout, only SWAT get access to more weapons, but this is supposed to be RPly taken from the cruiser if its used on standard patrol, which can be done when passively deploying SWAT. Even so, if all the criminal is using is a pistol, and the officer isnt outnumbered, then the Officer should only be using a pistol. This is RPly an American state, and anyone can get access to Pistols and heavier Weaponry....If LS was set in England, you may have a point...but its not.
  9. GaiusTavi

    Phil Mcgee - Fail/Fear RP

    Just wanted to add, the reason why I waited so long before reporting, is that immediately after the event, Phil PM'd me asking me and others to save off our footage, and so I assumed he was going to report us, so was waiting for that to happen. As no report has appeared, I decided to make one myself
  10. GaiusTavi

    Phil Mcgee - Fail/Fear RP

    Player(s) being reported: Phil Mcgee Date of rule breach: 7/06/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 00:10-00:30 Your characters name: Tavi Patronus Other players involved: Vicktor Cross, Marco Gambino, Miguel Razza, Mike Jensen, Steve Ranchmen, John Robert, Gregory Nelson, Demetrius Sanchez Specific rule broken: '6.1.2. Fear roleplay is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger most importantly but not limited to when an attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will.' '5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay.' How did the player break the rule?: This is the type of unrealistic Harassment we have come to expect from Phil Mcgee and the Gut Pushers. Exiled and Gut Pushers have been at war for quite a while now, a war I neither initiated nor wanted, as i knew all it would lead to is this type of Troll-RP and harassment, ruining the RP experience of members of my faction. Despite us being at war, and outnumbering him at least 9-1, with us in large heavy vehicles and him on a Motorbike, Phil displays absolutely zero fear for his life by riding around in between us and trolling us once again. He plays stupid, but Phil really isnt that stupid, he knew exactly what was going on and was just wanting to troll us. We gave him fair warning to leave, but he refuses to do so, driving in between our vehicles. Once he gets knocked off his bike, and held at gunpoint, he continues to play stupid, not complying with simple commands like 'get on your knees' and 'put your hands up'. He takes his playing dumb act so far as to crouch rather than getting on his knees with his hands up like we asked. Phil knows the commands well enough, this was a simple attempt to not comply with our RP. In the end we kill him for failing to comply, and somehow.... Leron magically knows whats gone on despite the fact he was all the way in Mirror Park and Phil doesnt use his radio or his phone. Im tired of this war for the exact reason that every interaction with them is like this. Normally its a case of The Exiled are trying to do something, and they do their best to troll, harrass and annoy us whilst we do it until a shootout ensues, knowing that we outnumber them hugely, but the worst that can happen to them is that they die, then just have to wait 30 mins before they can try again. This war isnt an RP war, its just an excuse for them to target us with their trolling. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5b19c4f80676b1807c/phil-annoying-us-again
  11. GaiusTavi

    John Robert (Bullets gone)

    can confirm i sold him 100 Micro SMG ammo, dont have the footage of it sadly
  12. GaiusTavi

    Mask 2775_1135 [Powergaming/NonRP]

    Thank you @VinnieS for making the report and to @Josh Hemer for replying. Now that we have heard both sides, please refrain from any more arguing until an admin asks you to speak.
  13. GaiusTavi

    Crouch tweaks

  14. GaiusTavi

    Criminal Warehouse's