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  1. Hello, I was the driver at this scene. When we turned up @BULLDOZER shouted at the man to get out of his car and he attempted to flee. @BULLDOZER then shot at the engine of the vehicle to attempt to disable the vehicle which he is allowed to do. The man was fleeing from a drug Laboratory and Felony Evading. I did not fire my gun at any point during the scene, so i dont think i can be considered to have done anything wrong.
  2. GaiusTavi

    LSEMS Suggestions

    big -1 for this, there simply arent enough medics. As it is, even when there is medics online, there are far too many calls for them to cope, why would you take away the ability for cops to help the dying and injured when there are no medics online? Once you triple the number of medics working for MD, then perhaps, but right now its a bad idea. Again, a bit -1 for this from me, there arent enough medics, so to have one turn up on a scene, on a motorbike, where they wont be able to transport patients, does not make any sense. Again perhaps once there are a lot more medics. I dont see the need for this really.... You have to travel 2 blocks to get to PD to run a background check
  3. GaiusTavi

    Tavi Patronus (several guns)

    Character to be refunded: Tavi Patronus Date and time of incident: 19/06/18 13:25 GMT ish Requested refund (what and how much): Radio, Micro SMG with 120 ammo, Combat pistol with 100 ammo, 2x pistol .50 with 100/96 ammo, regular SMG with 122 ammo Description of incident resulting in loss: WAs driving down the western highway near Fort Zancudo and I crashed into something I couldnt see in the middle of the road. Afaik there was nothing there, assuming it was a bugged phone/cuffs or something similar, but it launched me out the car and off the bridge where i died. Evidence of loss: http://plays.tv/video/5b28f728274d786669/lost-so-much-stuff-after-crashing-into-nothing Comments: Unfortunately dont have footage of the actual crash due to plays.TV being set to manual and not Automatic, didnt start recording until I was down. I made a /report straight away, but no one responded, until Osborn and Eriksen both did just after I died
  4. GaiusTavi


    -1 cops are supposed to respond in kind. Most Cops will only have Pistol and Shotgun in their loadout, only SWAT get access to more weapons, but this is supposed to be RPly taken from the cruiser if its used on standard patrol, which can be done when passively deploying SWAT. Even so, if all the criminal is using is a pistol, and the officer isnt outnumbered, then the Officer should only be using a pistol. This is RPly an American state, and anyone can get access to Pistols and heavier Weaponry....If LS was set in England, you may have a point...but its not.
  5. GaiusTavi

    Crouch tweaks

  6. GaiusTavi

    Criminal Warehouse's

  7. GaiusTavi

    Admin approval or OOC agreement to Faction Wars

    +1 I know eventually that the whole criminal faction system will change, but in the mean time something like this would be good to prevent the pointless wars which have recently been happening, and would ensure that the faction actually knows about the war without having to be online when its declared or checking the diplomacy tab regularly, which has been happening to us a lot lately. In my opinion, if the leaders of a faction dont know why the war is happening, then there's not really a valid reason for war. War should be a last resort, not the first port of call just because what you actually want is to take a turf. War should also include some actual RP interaction rather than just trying to take turf.
  8. GaiusTavi

    Faction Management Team

    Great idea, but it is something the server and administration staff have been working on already. The delay with this being implemented, is due to us having a very small development team and the priority has been on the switch to RAGE and then fixing the bugs present in RAGE. this is the post where it was previously announced. I dont know if they are still planning to do it in exactly the same way as described in that post or not, just wanted to let you know that this is something already in the works
  9. GaiusTavi

    Tie hands

  10. GaiusTavi

    Reduce officer kevlar health advantage to 75%-50%

    @nateX is right, this isnt an example of why cops need reduced armour, simply an example of one cop breaking protocol and acting foolish in a way which gets him killed....
  11. To an extent I do agree with you, There are large sections of people on the server who just do bad RP and a lot of it is due to lack of alternative, like the people who get bored and just want to get into cop chases. The main thing I wanted to comment on here though, is point 3, and in particular the video you reference. What happened in that video is completely unacceptable, and all of the people involved in the incident have already been punished for it on an IC/OOC level by myself as the leader of their faction, after the video was shown to me, and the other leaders, by another member of the faction who was disgusted at this level of RP. We do indeed need criminals to not let them sink themselves to the standards displayed in that video, which is the reason why I issued them punishments for it, because aside from the fact its breaking server rules, its just piss poor RP and not how anyone, let alone someone new to the server, should be treated. I also got in contact with the guy responsible, apologizing for it, and doing what i could to make it up to him, and made it clear to every member of my faction that we expect a lot more from them and wont tolerate that level of RP. It should also be noted that the guy came back to the server after cooling off, and is now having a great time on the server and appreciated the members of the community who stepped up to try and rectify what was undoubtedly a disgraceful thing to happen to him. Im not trying to defend or disagree with any of your points here, just wanted to clarify that there are people who are actively trying to prevent this kind of thing from happening and to try and elevate the level of RP displayed by criminals on the server. Though that is often made more difficult by frequent interactions with the sort of player who just wants to troll and grief people.
  12. I think it would be useful to be able to set a message of the day for Faction Members to see when they login. This could be used for many things, such as notifying people of important faction info, like dates of events, rule changes, reminders of something they are supposed to be doing, or even just to inform them of a new policy or to check a certain discord/forum for a piece of info. For example, Weazel could make use of it to remind members they are getting close to article deadlines, MD could use it to inform people of who is looking for training, Police could use it for any number of useful aids like informing people of rule change, or protocol change, or simply to remind people to check active Bolos. I know we have the forums, but its easy to miss info on there, same with Discord servers, especially for people like myself who are part of far too many discord servers and dont check all of them frequently enough. I know i have members in some of the servers im part of who rarely look and so wouldn't notice announcements made there, but if the announcement is actually in game when you login, people are more likely to see and remember This is potentially also useful for the server to have one set by admins, so they can remind/inform people about things as they login. I know admins can send Server Wide announcements already, and people can Bleet if they have VIP or use Weazel, but it would be useful for admins to be able to remind people of things on login occasionally.
  13. GaiusTavi

    Problem about PD with chases

    -1 as well, you start going down this route, then you also need every criminal to stop crashing into things which would total a car IRL and then keep on driving, which lets be honest, just isnt going to happen. As much as we are trying to RP real life, this is still a game, and some things aren't going to be 100% realistic. The damage a vehicle can take, the damage a person can take, the amount of shots it takes to actually hit half the time, are all things which are part of the game mechanic, and so arent going to be RP'd by everyone to the same degree. If you start insisting police RP it to a much higher standard than 90% of the criminals they chase (which tbf a lot of them already do) then their chances of ever catching someone gets pretty slim.
  14. GaiusTavi

    Housing Upkeep

    +1 the numbers need some careful consideration to ensure it’s not ridiculous amounts as others have said, but I think the idea is great!