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  1. Ed Liebenburg

    Reclaim Buses, Money Trucks, Postal Vans

    This was the most photogenic parking area at the farms.
  2. Ed Liebenburg

    Reclaim Buses, Money Trucks, Postal Vans

    For those interested, this is what was towed from a single intersection: Edit: full disclosure, the several buses there had to be left behind.
  3. Make it so that after some duration (say, 30 minutes) of being unattended, these occupational vehicles will de-spawn. Currently they litter every main road and highway, with buses entirely impossible to move via conventional methods. Also, I'm concerned that buses and other occupational vehicles are not despawning after players quit the given job (?), as I see several buses parked at the farm. Edit: Also, garbage truck and drug delivery cars. Best, Ed
  4. Ed Liebenburg

    The Sicilian Syndicate

    10/10, already witnessed some of this. Their RP is legit so far! Very cool.
  5. Ed Liebenburg

    Free Radio for Government Factions

    +1, but ooh, what if they were built into the faction vehicle. That'd make even more sense and be less exploitable.
  6. Ed Liebenburg


    I have two concerns: accuracy of information, and incentive to actually hold the stock. These boil down into two main questions: 1) Where are you sourcing your metrics for "increase/decrease in business"? 2) Are there dividends paid out to stockholders, and by whom?
  7. Ed Liebenburg

    Carry - New and improved pick up service

    $30 a ride? If you use more than 7% of your fuel tank driving to pick them up and take the person to their destination, then you've lost money. Even if your claims about "highway robbery" rates were true, DCC drivers make almost all of their money on salary. It seems less convenient for customers to use this service, and funny enough, at least they don't have to worry about their DCC driver literally robbing them. ((If you're doing this just for the RP, then +1, but if you're looking to use this as your career as well, I'd say go back to the drawing board)). I'm sure there's no shortage of creative services that LS could benefit from, but the "driving people places" market seems saturated, since even DCC drivers spend much of the day without enough calls to service. ((Edited, thank you @Andor, you the man))
  8. Ed Liebenburg

    Job Promotions

    You seem to be entirely talking about the mini-jobs and how people don't have a reason to stick with them. I told you why it's good that people quit them.
  9. Ed Liebenburg

    Job Promotions

    Non-faction jobs are deliberately less desirable than faction jobs, because they involve virtually zero interactive RP. If you want promotions, do a faction job, and do it well. Your salary progress in those doesn't reset just from logging off for the night, so you can resume later.
  10. Ed Liebenburg

    Just Introducing myself while I download.

    Glad you're here, Brendan! You'll enjoy Eclipse, I'm sure of it. Hope to see you around!
  11. Ed Liebenburg

    WORLD FAMOUS INDIAN MAFIA CARS FOR SALE (Cognoscenti 55 and Warrener)

    I'll give you 15k and an unsettlingly firm handshake for the 55.
  12. Ed Liebenburg

    COPS like show

    It is a shame (and weird) that LSPD is more opaque to the news than criminal organizations are. I'd love for us to do this.
  13. Ed Liebenburg

    Housing Upkeep

    In reply to @ItzKnight, as I said above, the price could be scaled many different ways. For example, upkeep could be $250 + .5%, or something like that, since the problem is mostly the lower-end houses being bought up. And @juniornyc, I think you just didn't understand what I was saying. Most of the cheap houses are taken up by inactives who grind for half a day and bought a cheap house; the problem is that houses are so easy to get, and keep indefinitely. @Triple Seven, that's good to know- I still think that, evidently, it's not short enough. And an upkeep cost seems like a more RP-friendly process that also allows players to trade intense spurts of activity (money in the bank) for time away (upkeep ticking away). Also, the eventual resale of the house should pay the selling price to the previous owner (the other part of my suggestion). And to be clear, I didn't expect the suggestion of people paying more money to be a popular move. But something's gotta be done to keep the housing market alive.
  14. Ed Liebenburg

    Housing Upkeep

    3% of $20,000 is $600, yep. That "3 percent" figure could be higher or lower for balance's sake, or a hybrid of flat and scaling components. I just think the idea of an upkeep is the important part.
  15. Ed Liebenburg

    Housing Upkeep

    Many players earn just enough to buy an entry-level home and then quit for long periods of time. As a result, housing is somewhat less-than-abundant nowadays, especially in cheaper areas. A solution would be to charge a Real-Life-daily upkeep for houses equal to 3% of the house's default value; this upkeep could be taken directly from a character's bank account. In that way, a player who bought a $20,000 home would need to pay $600 per day to secure the house's ownership, guaranteeing that the person is either: A) continuously active, or B) works enough to secure funds to tide them over during an absence. Any lapse of payment would make the home once more available for sale to any buyer, but the money from that sale would be given to the previous owner. In that way, there are no real hard feelings leaving anyone in abject poverty. Furthermore, this aids RP quite a bit, by making sure welfare queens are unlikely to buy top-level houses, because it would dent their net income too greatly. Thanks for your consideration!