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  1. Was only in lfm for a few weeks but enjoyed my little time spent in the faction thanks for everything
  3. Issue Being Reported: Forum Name change Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 1/28/2021 11:00pm GMT-5 Your characters name: Javier Stokes Other player(s) involved: NA Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: I would like to change my forum name to “Javier stokes”
  4. First of all I would like to thanks @MarcoD and @Skiperz for taking this report, I died in the shootout yes, Than I saw other lost mc at PALETO MD I was told by one lost mc member that pulled up that I should carry the other LMC member into PALETO MD because he was injured. No, I didn't see that I shouldn't in /b I wasn't paying attention. Also I played it out as I didn't know what happened as SEEN in the clip. https://streamable.com/sc0n58 -Javier Stokes
  5. Replying to a post from 2017 hmm
  6. Barely had any ic interactions but when I did it was a blast, sad to see you guys go.
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