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    [CLOSED] 4 Car Garage House in Richman

    I'm afraid not, as I bought this house with my partner. Sorry! - V
  2. ElisabethC

    Jax Nightwood Ban Appeal

    Pending @NobodyLTU or @Osvaldon to help with this issue. Please be patient as they review this.
  3. ElisabethC

    steve1991 - Steve Waltson (Ban Appeal)

    Hello again Steve, and thank you for appealing this ban again. I appreciate that you apologised to me and that you see the errors of your ways. For the record, this is his previous ban appeal that got rejected on the 26th of January. I don't have anything new to say tho. I stand by my last judgement that you broke VDM intentionally. I'm sorry to hear that you can't get into any faction jobs, but that should not be a reason to void this ban as I still believe it to be valid. I suggest that this punishment stays in place. Pending a senior administrator or above.
  4. ElisabethC

    Chris Bluestone Ban Appeal

    Hello again, We do take both sides into consideration. We discussed a whole lot of thought processes. At the end though, we didn't appreciate the way you brought up this VOIP issue, stating "A server bug isn't our issue", amongst other things. This lead us to the conclusion that you probably don't take precautions in general for VOIP lacking. As we brought up before, there's three of you on the scene, at least one of you could have had the realisation "maybe he doesn't hear us" and shouted something. I'm sorry if you feel that this view is one sided. I had a lengthy discussion with the leader of your gang as well on Discord, as I'm your faction handler. At the times of issuing punishment, I didn't even know you guys were under me. I told your leader as well that, if this person had stopped running and typed in /o, the chances would have been incredibly slim that the situation would have been reset clearly. We don't have anything left to say, we've displayed our case extensively. We still recommend the punishment to stay in place, as we do feel DM has been breached. Pending senior administrator or above.
  5. ElisabethC

    [TRANSPORT COMPANY] Government Faction

    There is little stopping you from building this out yourself, honestly. Nice write up, but I doubt it needs any script support right now. You can always apply for official and we can see what we can do then (F4 menu wise, and such).
  6. ElisabethC

    Body Behind

    Nothing worse than rolling up on a 911 call made by a third person and thinking "Were they not injured, or did they die already?" Would also create more RP for our students and help them ease into the MD life. The only thing I'd like to see changed, tho, is that these "objects" probably should be moveable, unlike current downed people. I can imagine people dying on the highway and then people crashing into those bodies, potentially also getting injured. Big +1!
  7. ElisabethC

    Whats business like?

    Most people do illegal activities for money making: robbing stores, making drugs, upselling weapons. Others make their money with extortion and protection or just simply poker.
  8. ElisabethC

    hey guys new too server. quick question

    Hello there! You can find all this info here. Best of luck! - Boxxy
  9. ElisabethC

    Grove Street Families

    Sad to see you guys go. It was fun while it lasted. Thread archived upon request.
  10. ElisabethC

    I got sent back to quiz for no valid reason

    Please make a new post and follow the correct format, which is provided here.
  11. ElisabethC

    Chris Bluestone Ban Appeal

    Hello there and thank you for appealing. First of all, Andy wasn't included in this, I just asked him to issue the punishments for me as he was in game when I was not. I concluded this forum report with the help of senior support @Dqniel. First and foremost, we would like to address the issue of the Deathmatch (7.2) punishment. As you can see in the first clip of the initial report, the demands of all three players through the use of voice commands had not been heard by the reporting party. We firmly stand by the fact that it is the responsibility of each and every person who is holding someone at gunpoint, to make sure that communication is clear and that their demands are heard. We are all aware of how faulty VOIP can be at times, and it was stated by multiple people, one of which was a server developer, that one should not solely rely on the use of voice commands to make sure the demands are heard, especially given the large distance between you and Harry. Additionally, we're not even sure how you guys expected for the demands to be heard over that large of a distance through VOIP? As we mentioned in the report, you guys should instead have utilised the shouting command through the chat. There is also the possibility of Harry being in compliance with your demands, had he heard them in the first place. There is no way of telling at this point. You mentioned in the appeal that the entire situation was accidental, and although that may be true it is still up to you as the aggressor in this situation, to make sure the demands are heard in the first place, thus making us come to the personal conclusion that 7.2.2 would not be in effect in this situation. Secondly, addressing the issue of the Kill on Sight (7.4). You seem to be confused as to why this was brought up in the final conclusion, and you make it seem like an additional punishment aside from the Deathmatch (7.2) one in this appeal. In the first post of the initial report, you stated that regardless of whether or not the demands were heard, you were allowed to shoot at Harry with no demands needed to be given, as you had KoS due to a prior incident in which Harry supposedly robbed one of your friends. In response, we mentioned in the final conclusion that as you were not present at the time of the robbery and that solely taking the word of your friend does not grant you KoS as per the Kill on Sight rules. We suggest the punishment remains in place to serve as a reminder and a teaching experience for future reference. Utilising voice commands considering the large distance between the three players and Harry, making sure that their demands are heard in this situation (or any other situation for that matter) and knowing that taking the word of another player does not grant you KoS are all things you should know, especially given your large amount of experience and time on the server. Pending a senior administrator or above.
  12. ElisabethC

    Chris Crawford - David Garcia (Cheating)

    Pending @NobodyLTU. Please be patient as he review this.
  13. ElisabethC

    Sam Clifford ($7,000)

    Hello there, Like Mickey said, we don't accept refund requests under 25k. Please read over the requirements carefully for new time. - Boxxy
  14. ElisabethC

    Exodical - Lucas Daniels - Non-RP

    Hello and thank you for appealing, I got a report in-game about a group of people destroying the interior of the LSES and stealing property. This report was made by the chief, Maria Kalic, who was inside the interior at the time doing paperwork in her office. This office is on the top floor in the employee area. When I teleported to her, she informed me that your group was breaking all the windows and RPly stealing monitors and other MD property. Seeing as the inside of the MD interior is a NCZ, I took this serious and found you guys outside near your trucks. We had a lengthy discussion between all the members present. There were a few arguments made, such as: There was no breach of NCZ, as you didn't rob any players. I would like to counter this argument with the fact that the chief was present at the time and saw the property of the faction she oversees be destroyed. I'd also like to point out that destroying property and vandalism is not a victim-less crime, as you are impacting all the people of said faction. There were no people in the hospital (that you knew of). In 6.8.4, it's stated that the NCZs simulate a heavily guarded and secure area. In real life, there'd be nurses and doctors stopping you before you even got through the first door. You guys took advantage of the fact that 99% of MD's roleplay is done outside the hospital. I asked you if you would pull this heist in PD too. I got the following response: "no, as the PD has lockable doors and people with guns, as well as people RPing inside the interior". Don't you agree that this is highly hypocritical? Using MD's lack of developmental support against us is not the way to go. We asked for certain doors to be sealed off like PDs months ago. You did make the argument that you didn't know these doors are supposed to be employee only, which is a fair counter argument, and I agreed with this. I feel like you guys violated NCZ, and this is a non-RP punishment. I informed you that if you had done this roleplay in a locations that is not a NCZ, I'd have encouraged it. I also told you that you could have made a question report prior to doing this to check if you were allowed to do this, as you were all very much aware the interior of the MD is a NCZ. I issued the non-rp punishments as I feel you guys should have known better, seeing as you all had prior offences, you even having two before. I don't choose what these punishments are, this is an automated system. As stated before in other punishment appeals, non-rp's are served as a reminder you should have RP'd better and don't impact you negatively. All you lost in this scenario was 10k, which is a few hours of welfare or a good drug run. I don't think this is an issue for a criminal such as yourself. I hope this cleared up any questions you still have, the chat was very hectic with 7 persons talking through each other. I suggest that this punishment stay in place, as it serves as a reminder and for the breach of NCZ. Pending a senior administrator or above.
  15. ElisabethC

    6, 125, 185 (7.2, 6.3)

    Hello, and thank you to everyone for responding with their side of the story and giving their reasoning for the actions provided in the footage above. Me and @Dqniel have come to a conclusion regarding this report. Player Chris_Bluestone will receive a punishment for Deathmatch I Offense #1 (Normal). Player Alberto_Blackwood will receive a punishment for Deathmatch I Offense #1 (Normal). Player Nick Lopez will not receive a punishment, as we cannot see him shoot, even after slowing down the footage. First and foremost, i would like to start addressing the issue of communication that can be seen in this clip. As stated above, one should not solely rely on voice commands to make sure their demands are heard. We are all aware of how funky and faulty VOIP can be at times and it is the responsibility of each and every aggressor in this situation, to make sure that the communication is clear and that the demands are heard. Brushing it off and blaming it as a server issue is not in the spirit of how we run things, and instead you guys should have utilised the shouting command through chat, especially given the distance between you three and Harry. Secondly, it was stated that you three had KoS on Harry, however there have been no sufficient evidence provided to back this up. Additionally, you would have had to be present during the time of the robbery that Harry supposedly conducted on your friend as per the Kill on Sight (7.4) rules, as taking the word of another player and or friend does not grant you KoS. Last but not least, addressing the issue of the sudden backup. As can be seen in the beginning of the clip, the sultan driver is putting up a large distance between him and Harry. The possibility of the sultan driver calling for backup at that moment is viable. There is no way of proving that any type of metagaming took place in this situation, thus ruling out the violation of it. For future reference, please take the above statements into consideration for future reference. Do not solely rely on VOIP and make sure the communication is clear and heard. Additionally, make sure you indeed have a reason for KoS that are in accordance with the Kill on Sight (7.4) rules. These are all things that you should be aware of, given your large amount of experience and time on the server. Thank you for reporting @Harry Dumbling. - Boxxy & Dqniel Report accepted and archived.
  16. ElisabethC


    Hello there! This server is a roleplay server. This means that we have about 200 players daily log in and simulate real life in GTA 5. People are able to be a cop, mechanic, criminal, taxi driver,... and have their own character they can develop. You can buy houses and cars with the money you earn and talk to other people online and befriend them. We have a few video's up on youtube about the server which should hopefully give you a better view on how we run things! We have the odd streamers too, such as Halo. You can check out his VODs to get an idea of how roleplay works. If you wish to apply for our server, simply download RAGE MP and connect to our IP. We have a lot of guides on the forums on getting started! Best of luck and see you soon, hopefully. - Boxxy
  17. ElisabethC

    Ban bug

    Hello there, I'm afraid that this isn't a bug. If your brother got banned and you guys play on the same IP, you won't be able to log in for the duration of his ban. This is also outlined in our server rules: 1.1.2 Players are responsible that their account or IP address is not used to break the server rules. I'm afraid you're going to have to wait it out. - Boxxy
  18. ElisabethC

    White Tie Wealth Management

    Promising for sure! Curious to see where this leads.
  19. ElisabethC

    DM 7.2 ID44/ID155/ID162/ID24

    Thank you for everyone who replied for giving feedback. Me and @Chrisy have came to a conclusion regarding this report. The following punishments will be issued today; Jason_Bryce (ID 162) - Will receive a warning on his record. Please re-read the deathmatching rules for the future.. Paul_Thompson (ID 44) - Will receive a ban for his second offence of deathmatching. Dominic_Thompson (ID 155) - Will receive a ban for his second offence of deathmatching. Roman_Groves (ID 24) - Will receive a warning on his record. Please re-read the deathmatching and fear-RP rules for the future. Thank you for reporting @Cjeet and have a lovely day. - Boxxy & Chrisy. Report accepted and archived.
  20. ElisabethC

    Alison Quinn (Fully maxed Schafter V12)

    Glad you got it fixed. Solved and archived!
  21. ElisabethC

    Uzi, bag, knife etc

    Player has been permanently banned.
  22. ElisabethC

    Floyd Moretti $200'000

    Hello there, This player is not (perma) banned. I suggest you do your best to get into contact with him. I'll keep this request open, tho. - Boxxy
  23. ElisabethC

    BooHulk12 - Jonah Carter (Punishment Appeal)

    Pending review from the higher ups. Please be patient as they review this.
  24. ElisabethC

    Sasuke - Tony Balkana (Ban Appeal)

    Pending @Serthon. Please be patient as they review this.
  25. ElisabethC

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Give donators the ability to change their name with in-game currency, not only credits after their first time. Give donators and VIPs reduced prices in the plastic surgery (from 35k to 20 or 15k).