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    Forever my OG boss. Love you. ♥
  2. I would highly recommend hiring this company. All you need to know about them in one word: Chaz.
  3. I don't have anything to add. I stand by my original judgement and will refrain from commenting further to stop a back and forth before it occurs. It is clear we have very different views on the situation, as we did back then.
  4. Hello there and thank you for making this appeal. I'm going to keep this short as at the time, I spent more than enough time trying to explain the situation to you. It saddens me to see that my argumentation didn't stick with you. Yes, the first officer hit his panic alarm and you executed him for it. At the time, it was unclear if a panic button provides KOS (and if I'm not mistaken it doesn't) so I let this slide. The reason I deemed this as KOS was because of the following reasons: You are using "talking" level VOIP. There is no way he could have decently heard you with the distance script-wise, and RP-wise as he was in a car and you're standing in the middle of a (probably windy) highway, being blocked by two cars. The sound was probably muffled at best. The officer couldn't comply with your demands because he possibly didn't hear you. I'm fairly certain he couldn't hear your VOIP at the time, but I'm not certain of that aspect. You should have typed out your demands in chat as well, to ensure that the officer had received your demands. You did not even attempt to do so, just took out your gun and shot him. He sort of complied by driving backwards and leaving you guys alone. He could have been accelerating to do a 180, but you take this as an opening to shoot. I deemed this to be a breach of KOS. You were not at all receptive to this explanation, though I feel it is more than sufficient to argue that KOS was broken on this occasion. If memory serves me correct, you (or one of your friends) had just earlier jumped out of an ambulance in an injured state whilst cuffed and attempted to run away. This proved to me that you were not interested in playing by the rules, because for this whole scenario and the ambulance one you all seemed to joke around and make snide comments towards me and the other members of staff present. I would lastly like to point out there is massive metagaming going on in this clip, almost no usage the IC VOIP. You haven't brought that up at all in your appeal, which again saddens me. I understand that you're not appealing the metagaming but it was a massive contributor for me to issue this punishment as I'm fairly sure it wasn't your first one, either. Living up to your mistakes also means facing that you were metagaming hard with your friends here. I do hope to see an explanation on that as well. In conclusion, because I feel the officer had possibly not heard the banned individual and hadn't had sufficient time to comply with the demands, I'd like to recommend that the punishment gets cut down but the person gets put on a close watch. Any further rule breaks should warrant a long ban again, as I fear this individual is not interested in quality roleplay based on the numerous reasons stated above. Pending a senior administrator or above. Thank you! - Boxxy
  5. Hello there, I'd certainly be interested in this... But I'm a bit sceptical, of course. You have a limited portfolio and I don't know if I have enough time managing my household and taking care of my daughter. I would happily welcome you into my home to discuss further any details. I would ask you to bring more to the table than just one past reference. With love, Elisabeth Cooper.
  6. Hey and thank you for appealing, We released the new rulebook on Friday I believe it was and made them go effect on Monday. This gave you the entire weekend to read over the rules and familiarise with them. Saying that you didn't know that this was changed is flawed, as you had plenty of time since the new rulebook went into effect to learn them. As such, I believe that fear rp is broken and that the punishment should stay in place. You were expected to know the new rules. Pending senior administrator or above. EDIT: I also mistyped the punishment when I issued it, he has 2 prior non RP offences and 3 prior fear RP offences. I should have put in offence #6, instead of #3. I'm sure he has more offences that now fall under non-RP, but seeing as I no longer have access to the logs I can't verify this for you.
  7. Hello, and thank you for making this report! @Cjeet After extensively reviewing the footage provided with the help of multiple members of the staff team, as well as taking the points stated in this player report into consideration, myself and @Dqniel have come to a final conclusion. Player King_Oni will receive a punishment for Non-Roleplay I Offense #3 | Fear RP #4. First and foremost, In the provided footage, it can be seen that King_Oni is approached by Cjeet_Noorr and is shortly after held at gunpoint within close range, as well as demands being made upon him. In an attempt to escape the situation, King_Oni drives away. These actions are not in compliance with our Fear Roleplay rules. As stated in the report that Aldari handled, by being on a bike it would mean that you are entirely vulnerable to any type of damage and would lack any legitimate protection from the gunshots and flying bullets, and as such you should instead have complied with the demands being made, especially when a weapon is pointed at you in close range. Additionally, the possibility of you not seeing Cjeet_Noorr or hearing him due to having a helmet and not looking into his direction is ruled out, as you basically acted on his actions and what he said by driving off. Please remember for future reference to show adequate and realistic fear for the life of your character in a vulnerable and life threatening position similar to this one, and following every demand given to you as one instinctively would do in real life. Kind regards, - Boxxy & Dqniel. Report is accepted and archived.
  8. Hello and thank you for appealing. The non-RP I issued for you was in relation to this scenario, and I don't have anything else I want to add to it. I still believe that NCZ was broken here and that there is no reason for this to be voided. Furthermore, your second non-RP being voided shouldn't be a reason to void all the later ones. They aren't a "system error", this was how we issued non-RP back in the day and I don't feel like they (or at the very least, the one I issued) should be voided as I still believe them to be valid and correct. Pending @Rodiz for a response from his side.
  9. Refund requests can only be done by a head administrator, a developer or a founder. That leaves 4 people able to do them at this point in time. It's frustrating to wait, but know that you're not the only ones waiting. There are over 50 other refund requests that I have logged down that are waiting as well. It's down to those four persons to refund you, nothing to be done but wait around. Bumping a thread won't help, nor will venting your frustration.
  10. I'm afraid this is way below the minimum 25k requirement for a refund request. Refund request denied and archived.
  11. Pending @Serthon for any evidence.
  12. Archived upon request.
  13. Archived as there is no post left.
  14. Glad it for sorted! Archived.
  15. I'd love to thank Andy, ABroHaam and MusketDeezNuts for their time on the faction management team. I'd also like the welcome the following new members to the faction management team: Brock Olly, BULLDOZER, Happy, Jimmy Pegorino, Mickey Tuwulin and Zemaitc!
  16. Post will be archived upon request. Best of luck in your future endeavours, guys.
  17. Great rp with traffic stops too! +1
  18. ElisabethC


    That song is an actual jam. Great work on that, rap isn't my thing but that was great. Hamada who?
  19. That firefighter ambulance is already in, they just prefer using their fire engines. Personally I'm not too keen on modding, especially on things like a BMW being added. GTA has wonderful vehicles, let's get those in first! -1 for me.
  20. Pending @NobodyLTU. Please be patient as he reviews this.
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    What commands are you missing then?
  22. Pending @Serthon. Please be patient as he reviews this.
  23. Hello, and thank you for appealing. To sketch the background: PD was transporting a bunch of prisoners with a prison bus and an escort. Just before Bolingbroke, they get ambushed by two sets of cars. The appealing party is in his trophy truck and drives back onto the scene three times, hitting people the first two times. He then also tried to drive into the driver of the prison bus, who had stepped out of his vehicle at this point. I managed to get his ID, and we had a long lengthy discussion out of which came clear that the person had misread/misunderstood the VDM rules. Seeing as he had injured about 4 people to a downed state, injured more and was a cadet on his alt, I chose to issue a permanent ban as he should have known better. I did advise him to appeal it after about a month, which I'm happy to see he did. I thank you very much for your apologies towards the involved parties. At the time, you were very understanding and co-operative. You understood what you did wrong, and why this was wrong. I also thank you for re-reading the VDM rules, as we agreed on before appealing. Seeing as this all stems from a bad understanding of the rule and a sincere apology, I'd like to recommend that his ban gets lifted but not voided. Pending a senior administrator or above.
  24. Thread will be locked to prevent further bumping until a senior administrator or above review this.
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