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  1. I would highly recommend hiring this company. All you need to know about them in one word: Chaz.
  2. Hello there, I'd certainly be interested in this... But I'm a bit sceptical, of course. You have a limited portfolio and I don't know if I have enough time managing my household and taking care of my daughter. I would happily welcome you into my home to discuss further any details. I would ask you to bring more to the table than just one past reference. With love, Elisabeth Cooper.
  3. Hello, and thank you for making this report! @Cjeet After extensively reviewing the footage provided with the help of multiple members of the staff team, as well as taking the points stated in this player report into consideration, myself and @Dqniel have come to a final conclusion. Player King_Oni will receive a punishment for Non-Roleplay I Offense #3 | Fear RP #4. First and foremost, In the provided footage, it can be seen that King_Oni is approached by Cjeet_Noorr and is shortly after held at gunpoint within close range, as well as demands being made upon him. In an attempt to escape the situation, King_Oni drives away. These actions are not in compliance with our Fear Roleplay rules. As stated in the report that Aldari handled, by being on a bike it would mean that you are entirely vulnerable to any type of damage and would lack any legitimate protection from the gunshots and flying bullets, and as such you should instead have complied with the demands being made, especially when a weapon is pointed at you in close range. Additionally, the possibility of you not seeing Cjeet_Noorr or hearing him due to having a helmet and not looking into his direction is ruled out, as you basically acted on his actions and what he said by driving off. Please remember for future reference to show adequate and realistic fear for the life of your character in a vulnerable and life threatening position similar to this one, and following every demand given to you as one instinctively would do in real life. Kind regards, - Boxxy & Dqniel. Report is accepted and archived.
  4. Refund requests can only be done by a head administrator, a developer or a founder. That leaves 4 people able to do them at this point in time. It's frustrating to wait, but know that you're not the only ones waiting. There are over 50 other refund requests that I have logged down that are waiting as well. It's down to those four persons to refund you, nothing to be done but wait around. Bumping a thread won't help, nor will venting your frustration.
  5. I'm afraid this is way below the minimum 25k requirement for a refund request. Refund request denied and archived.
  6. Pending @Serthon for any evidence.
  7. Archived upon request.
  8. Archived as there is no post left.
  9. Glad it for sorted! Archived.
  10. Post will be archived upon request. Best of luck in your future endeavours, guys.
  11. Great rp with traffic stops too! +1
  12. ElisabethC


    That song is an actual jam. Great work on that, rap isn't my thing but that was great. Hamada who?
  13. That firefighter ambulance is already in, they just prefer using their fire engines. Personally I'm not too keen on modding, especially on things like a BMW being added. GTA has wonderful vehicles, let's get those in first! -1 for me.
  14. ElisabethC


    What commands are you missing then?
  15. ElisabethC


    What a lovely thread with fantastic media. Outstanding opening post, as well. Keep up the great work!
  16. ElisabethC


    Archived upon request.
  17. I'm afraid not, as I bought this house with my partner. Sorry! - V
  18. There is little stopping you from building this out yourself, honestly. Nice write up, but I doubt it needs any script support right now. You can always apply for official and we can see what we can do then (F4 menu wise, and such).
  19. ElisabethC

    Body Behind

    Nothing worse than rolling up on a 911 call made by a third person and thinking "Were they not injured, or did they die already?" Would also create more RP for our students and help them ease into the MD life. The only thing I'd like to see changed, tho, is that these "objects" probably should be moveable, unlike current downed people. I can imagine people dying on the highway and then people crashing into those bodies, potentially also getting injured. Big +1!
  20. Most people do illegal activities for money making: robbing stores, making drugs, upselling weapons. Others make their money with extortion and protection or just simply poker.
  21. Hello there! You can find all this info here. Best of luck! - Boxxy
  22. Sad to see you guys go. It was fun while it lasted. Thread archived upon request.
  23. Hello there, Like Mickey said, we don't accept refund requests under 25k. Please read over the requirements carefully for new time. - Boxxy
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