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  1. You should definitely add a command where you interact with a player to give him your items instead of droping them.
  2. Hello im ID 152. you didnt even use the whole footage, you only took and used the clips that you needed to make that report looks good. Anyway I told you to leave like 10 times and you refused that, why would I even attack with no purpose and I didnt see you chat with anyone, so that makes my point. And like in the begining of the video, you litteraly rammed one of us right there.
  3. I got run up by these dudes, they showed absuletly 0 RP.
  4. As you have seen this couple of days, the server reached over 320 players and they can't manage to make some real cash, the labs are all occupied like all time and the other legal jobs aren't good enough to make a decent profit. So, what Im suggesting here, is to add some more few labs and make other jobs more profitable, like trucking its definitely a good job but you can't make a decent amount of cash doing that.
  5. You said that Jay didn't shoot any single round? If you have an evidence for that, provide it. Even from your perspective everyone were shooting.
  6. From what I saw in your video, I was the one next to the blue car and I puted my hands up apparently and still got died.
  7. I was there I had an empty gun, I stood still and puted my hands up and still got killed.
  8. While driving through the city, we met Ruther which is an old and trustworthy friend of Jesse. We grabbed couple of beers and pulled off in a quiet place far away from the streets to discuss about how our lifes been since our last encounter.
  9. After a long and busy week, both of our Road Knight Sun Lu and our Captain Mercer decided to take a day off out from the city. The best job Mercer had before joining the club was farming, so it was the perfect occasion for him to go back there and remember his old days. Sun Lu was an eccentric man who wanted to be in his own all time and didn't want anyone to bother him, so he went to the mountains to chill his mind and enjoy the view.
  10. Chilling around Yellow Jack and having couple of beers. Making sure that all the new members knows about the rest of the crew and that they're all on the same page.
  11. While driving around the hood, we met an old friend which apparently started a new gang called grove street. With that occasion, we set a metting in his house located in grove street. We had a long conversation discussing the future of our gangs, till the police showed up and held us.
  12. Yes, you can contact me at 3356929 @Igor_Morozov
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