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  1. 175k for the Elegy, I don't have a problem paying upfront
  2. The Heist Jessy got in touch with a new friend 'Alex Darnell' that recently joined WCA and told him that there might be a job on. Jessy said : "Do you wanna be involved in the biggest heist in Los Santos history" "Yeah I want to, remember brother I always got your back" he replied. We had a whole week to get all the kit ready, get hold of a couple of vehicles and have a good rest. A week after, Jessy sent a message to Alex informing him that the job will be executed later on after today and he told him to come overto the WCA motel to get prepared. Alex immediately showed up at the motel and started getting ready for there first heist ever. We eventually arrived at the jewelry store Took the equipments bags from the cars trunk Broke in through the main door We got a hold of the manager, tied him up and got him to turn off the alarm. We destroyed all the Surveillance Cameras and went directly towards the shelfs. Jessy asked Alex "Got what you want?" "Yes my friend" he says "Now time to get what you want" Jessy answers. We mainly got diamonds and a fair bit of jewellery too. After they finished loading their bags they left the store and rushed out towards their cars They met at a safe place afterwards, counted how much cash they made so far and they left the place immediately. This was the biggest score of Jessy and Alex's lifes and could have been bigger if they could carry more, You've got to know when to cut your losses and get out out when the going's good. Big thanks to Alex Darnell @tpmzeux for his contribution in this.
  3. It's a almost two weeks now since Jessy joined West Coast Assassins, he really enjoy his stay and build good relationship with all the gang members. He know consider himself a true and an active WCA member as he hangout and chill with them all the time when he's in town. As always all the WCA members regrouped at there motel, Jessy was abit short on cash, so he asked them if anyone wanna hit the lab and make some. Apperently Jessy, Marquis and Keeshawn were on the same page and they agreed to go together. They went to baradocks lab and shared tasks amogn them and started working. After couple of minutes a ballas member pulled up checking if the lab was empty, Jessy met the guy, exchanged names and it was a good interaction with ballas yet again.
  4. Contact me at #3356929 Or leave your car and asking prices.
  5. Helping an Old Friend Jessy is working on getting known as a WCA gang member in the city because that will help on shipping heavy weaponery from certain trusted sources and with good prices. He started hanging around the city checking if there's any good opportunities that he can take. He got a call from an old friend of asking him for help to take down a commun enemy, he went to refuel his bike and immediately went to the meeting spot, they discussed what they need to do and it appears that the Mexicans were making troubles again with him. Jessy reconsidered what he needed to do, they were outnumbering them, so they stood still at there meeting spot hanging low and after that he dropped him at bank. The Pursuit West Coast Assassins is a big thing now and all the new people around Los Santos are getting scared of. Jessy and his crew used that in there favor and began patrolling around the city and its sides to maintain that control and show them who's in charge in town. As Usual they choosed there favorite suvs and went out for some hunting. The crew decided to check labs first and hoping to find their enemy there. After couple minutes of searching, one of the crew reported an on going activity in sea lab, all the group members were in position and we rolled in. We got ourselfs a decent amount of drugs from couple of people that we robbed in the scene, But some of them was hiding in bushes and we didn't manage to get him only after he called the cops. The crew got rid of that snitch but it was a little too late, The cops rolled in, some of us got caught but the rest managed to flee untouched. The cops got one of our suv's plate and they were following our trail since then, at that time we went to Paleto Bay to lay low abit until cops found out about that and pulled the Kamacho that Jessy, Tyrese and Giovanni were in. One of us got a heavy weapon on him and there was no chance for us to get out, they asked us to step out of the vehicle, we didn't have any chance to fight them as they had too units after us, so we decided to flee instead knowing that we're never getting out of this sinec there was a chopper above our heads but we just wanted to give it a try. The pursuit wasn't that long as we crashed into trees and the vehicle's engine stopped working, we steped out and ran towards the mounains, eventaully the got a hold of us, detained and sent us to prison. The First Payment Like every thursday, all the gang members usually meet up at the motel to pay their taxes, Jessy wasn't used to, it was his first time doing that, he got informed with the right amount of cash to be paid, got some money out from his bank account and headed to the motel to pay his debt. Afterwards, the family members gathered around the motel's pool to chill abit, had some fun listening to music then we had a brief meeting to discuss the future plans within the gang and a little explanation of what happened earlier that day, there was a massive shootout, took place in the vory HQ, plenty of cops were at the scene and many of our members got arrested because of that. PayBack The crew got together once again and this time to focus on their enemy, it's starting to grow and there was a lot to go through to ensure they get rid of their enemy once and for all. We started the day cooking some goodies at Ocean lab, suddenly we recieved a backup call from one of the higher ups mentioning that one of the mexicans were spotted in Barradocks. We got all the guys together and were set in place. We managed to get a hold of one of them, striped him of all his belongings and got his radio frequency. We weren't so greedy as we left Barradocks as soon as we finished robbing the guy, they seemed to be abit angry about what hapened so they started pursuing on their vehicles. Jessy was the only one being chased by them, so he tried to inform the rest of the crew to set up an ambush to take them out easily. All the crew sat in place, prepared to engage. Couple of the enemy members were taking down and the rest managed to flee, we didn't even care about the rest of them, the purpose of the fight was to send a clear message that they can't beat who's bigger and strongher then them.
  6. New Beginning It's been quite a while since Jessy left the city after what he's old family suffered during the war. He thought that he's never coming back to town as he lost all his close friends during that event. After so many months of abscence, Jessy recieved a text from his old friend Pedro, known as Darius David, telling him that he survived the war and he made contact with the West Coast Assassins, Eventually joining them. He mentioned how good and how genuine they were, Jessy considered talking with them several times but he was intimidating a bit. Until he made his final decision, went to their Motel just like Darius told him and he met with Dave Sinclair. He briefly introduced himself, answered a few questions about his past jobs and groups that been part of. The converstaion was quite interesting, Jessy showed his interest in becoming a WCA member and how valuable he can be to them. After that, Jessy went to the closest clothes shop, put on some green on him and went back to the motel to meet the rest of the family. Jessy already knew about the war between his new family and the mexicans, he made sure he had his gun equiped all time in case anything happens. The day after that, Jessy was informed that his gang members spotted some mexicans cars just next to there hood, they didn't hesitate and started picklocking them right away. The cars got successfully chopped, it was a very orginazed operation as everyone knew he's task already.
  7. Im looking for a 3G or 950k +, sorry
  8. Shoot me a text my number is 3356929
  9. I want to traade with a house, or 1m
  10. No customizations, 65k, 89k stock price, leave offers or contact me at #3356929
  11. Leave your offers or contact me at #3356929
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