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  1. Feel free to offer... My number : 3356929
  2. Cliffhanger For Sale!!! This bike will be for 75k , Everything is maxed (2/2 Turbo) The bike is for 65k now. My digits: 3356929 My Email(discord): Jesse Brrayana#0759
  3. It's a pleasure to be a part of THE WANTED
  4. Fully maxed cliffhanger, price is 75k, contact me 3356929 or through my email ((Jesse Brrayana#0759))
  5. Best place for a lab so far. Big +1
  6. Suggestion 3, it will be better if you install an alarm system in your house and its being robbed, the PD should be notified.
  7. Yesterday, I witnessed a very weird situation. 4 blue cars(you know who im talking about) robbing 2 people who are kind of fresh players, they chased them for like 15min just to get a warner and a 1k in total. These gangs are promoting poor rp to the server ruining every opportunity to make it better for all the players, they litteraly ruin every rp situation they see, why s that ? Because they re huge and have heavy guns. Admins should make a limit for each gang, so it dosent pass a certain ammount of members.
  8. Lbb is disbanned lmao. Good luck searching.
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