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  1. ┏╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━╋┓ Jessy's Histories Chapter I ┗╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━╋┛ It's been quite a while since Jessy White joined the Russian Mafia, spending time with people that you like and cares about you made it seem like I joined it yesterday. The war is actually more tense now, Los Santos is considerably more dangerous than expected, as Jessy's been in a little trouble recently he's trying to keep a low profile and kept laying low when he was alone in town so none will figure out his identity. Jessy thought going to the farm is the best option for him to keep grinding and collecting some cash for the incoming future as he was short on equipments, The farm was always a good opportunity to meet decent people and a wonderful place to pass some time to refresh your memory. Jessy, didn't stop being an active part of his family as he was always picking the best opportunity to hit the enemy, he was presented in a scene where cops were arresting couple of people from Los Zetas. After it got all cleared up, he managed to get some bobby pins and started picklocking cars very carefully. Dimitri, a good friend's of Jessy contacted him and asked him for a quick drug run. They both got strapped up and went to the farthest lab to make sure they'll manage to getaway in case anything happened. It was a successful run as they made decent amount of drugs, on the way back to town they met an old friend scouting the area for the green dogs, a green bike was parked on the sidewalk so both of them started picklocking it and went to chop it afterwards. Jessy didn't stop there and kept trying to find ways to get easy cash, he met with two of his fellow family members and decided to rob stores located outside of town just in case if anyone showed up it will be more easier for them to take a fight or to flee. After that, they setted up a meeting spot to split the money and everyone gets his cut, It was the easiest money source as no one confronted them during that time. And the best way to end the day was to climb the beautiful Vinewood hills and spend the rest of the day admiring the amazing view of Los Santos.
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    Maxed 1 turbo, custom plate, 245k Contact me #3356929
  3. Contact me #3356929 (Chino Custom stock price is : 52k) I'm looking for 75k, if you have another offer let me know.
  4. After what Jessy did with his partner the last couple of days, he got in contact with an old friend of his that was a high rank in the mafia and recieved an invitation to a secret meeting with the whole squad. He was excited about it and he took that opportunity to be introduced to the rest of the family. It was more then a meeting for him as he knew so many good people there, after all, meeting new people was a good start for him to get known in the mafia and increase his chances to be an outstanding member within the family. Jessy knew about the going war and was well aware of how it works, he thought that the best thing to do is stripping the enemy of there equipments and meaning of transport. He snuck around the bank blocks and found a perfect chance to start working on his plans, so he took the risk, stole high valuable bikes and initiated chopping it.
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