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  1. +1! A lot of government employees have a felony that’s a bullshit reason too. Regardless, being at bayview, the most southern, and one of the least patrolled areas in the city for factions, it’s an easy target and without firearms there’s no way to protect ourselves. All government faction employees should have a fire arms license automatically given to the employee. There are other ways to go about protection, but would be deemed as “not valid roleplay” such as script weapons for all government factions. My reasoning behind this would be, if your employees are being robbed, you would buy firearms to add protection. Overall, all government employees should be given firearms.
  2. As many players were not around during the super car importing days, to fix the massive economical gap between older players, and those whom could not get cheaper supers back, numerous months back. The economy system rarely sees super cars go for sale, which leads to unhappiness throughout the server. I believe that re-adding boats, and allowing supers to be purchased from the f6 menu, plus the dealerships will be beneficial to balance out the economy. Though many older players may think this should not be the case, I find it should be the case. I’ve been playing ECRP for about 8ish months now, and all the economy has done us massively inflate. To restate my thesis, I believe super cars, and such vehicles should be added into the game to help balanced the economy out. Thank you for reading this, and I hope that action will be in operation shortly!
  3. or they can simply remove the impound lot. if PD does not always, 100% of the time have someone manning it, where I was waiting for 45 minutes to get a car that was stolen from me by a criminal out of the lot. i never got it out. it should be machined and if theirs a warrant for you etc, it’s an auto jail time. it’s simple.
  4. Agreed, it’s rediculous! if you have a legal job, you should be doing legal things, not a gang banger. imagine this, you work for a government agency, but you rob and shoot people up. doesn’t make sense. all cases like this should be non-rp.
  5. though it’s a slight advantage, the fact all the very wealthy just buy and resell everything is a very bad advantage, expecially to newer players. readding supers to the import list will destroy the development goal in general, as supers pricing will go down. cheaper weapons + store items may be a slight advantage, but it isn’t too much as anyone could get it buy opening their wallets.
  6. One of the big things that always interested me was, why isn’t there a spot where we can go to drag race? The airport isn’t being used what so ever at the moment, and planes are very unlikely to be released into the server. Why not make it a place to drag race? Good way for people to gamble against eachother, bet cars, money, earn bragging rights over a friend, and speed legally!
  7. Ever wanted a beautiful, fast, well handling ride? Come down to highend and buy my Red Massacro for only 325k! Over 25k under market value! Hurry before it sells!
  8. who cares about the driving? first off speeds aren’t ruining the city, when there’s literlalt crime at every corner. once the crime #’s literallt drop, speeding should be the last of the concerns for PD.
  9. there should be an exception for every vehicle. i don’t agree with this at all. just gives cadets, and the rest of the corrupt members of PD a chance to steal our money. plus it gives trolls a great chance to get most members of the city’s arrested for reckless driving.
  10. 500 is high I think, I’ve seen a maxed one go for 440 and 460
  11. agreed, but unless there isn’t traffic, speeding about be okay until PD does something more about shootings instead of speed, I’m more worried about all the crime than just people driving fast
  12. unless there’s NPC traffic, there’s virtually no obstructions to driving fast
  13. how much do you want for it?
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