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  1. It’sDoom

    Idea for new government faction

    Magnolia, there is a plenty of chances for RP in this idea. maybe you don’t see it? but there should be more or a banking feel and salary and they managed by real players.
  2. It’sDoom

    Idea for new government faction

    Wifye, as I previously stated that there is a bank of paleto to counteract when the bank does not have employees on duty and I have plans to keep people on duty. the system I had in mind would be more as a bank account where it is an individual tab, which states their salary, funds, etc. privacy isn’t too much of an issue. the ones who prefer it quiet again could choose paleto or could ask to be whispered it as there is a whisper option. money transport can be included but that wouldn’t be under my control. If it does become a part of the job, it could be the lowest rank in the company on a structure it is on already but with a small salary. The tax money isn’t being used in game so part of it could go into the bank. the operation hours would be regular hours as it is in game already. Many risks are included even as a NCZ. stolen cars in the employees lot, and there could be crime there but the vault itself can’t be robbed, nor the cash there. If you were to go to a bank in real life to collect a salary in a big city, you wouldn’t expect a half second wait when in reality it’s more like minutes to an hour. pretty much it would result in just lines, people waiting etc as it would bring s more realistic factor. And to the players who have limited time, they could ask to cut in front of someone, or come when it isn’t busy. the atm system could be changed where you only can take a maximum of about 10 grand out. Which would be more realistic than 50+. I appreciate your feedback, and took some of these ideas into count. Thank you.
  3. It’sDoom

    Idea for new government faction

    HarmonLord, one of my plans was to have people from most times zones in the company to keep the odds higher for salary collection and get rid of the bank hours. and either way the paleto bank would be the same if no one was in town or on duty. I also put (optional) by the guards mainly for the fact it’s not a huge biggy if there is any, and if there is, they’d be making sure the surrounding of the bank and employee lots are in check
  4. I was wandering around the LS Bank and thought to myself, “man wouldn’t it be great to run the bank and have a system more towards irl banking?” That is why I am proposing this idea. The idea of having bank tellers, security guards, members who run the money from the vault to the tellers, and having loans given at the bank could make the server more enjoyable of a RP. Imagine this towards real life, would you go to a bank to get a loan, or a man or woman in an office? I would choose the bank. It would give a more interesting experience in the bank, with real human interaction, and more choices on what you want to do with your salary and account. We could have different things such as only taking a specific amount out of a salary instead of collecting it all. We could withdrawal some of the money in cash, or have it deposited in our bank accounts. It would give a chsnce for more careers to be added within the city. I would personally be estatic to run this business. I have plenty of ideas to make the business as enjoyable to role play as it can be. I would love feedback on the idea. The idea of running a faction has been large on my dream in Eclispe, as I would love to improve the experience for all members of the community. The general idea of the bank would improve life in the server tremendously. As states prior it would bring more jobs into the economy, and allow for more widespread interaction between the community as I have stated. I feel like this would be great experience to improve my skills in the world of business, both in game and in real life. It would benifit not only me, but also many members of the community who would enjoy the chance to build some knowledge of the banking system. Thank you for taking your time to read my suggestion/request, and I would be estatic for a reply to my great idea. Thank you in advance for a reply if I do receive a reply. Below is the business plan I prepared to give developers something to go on https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IDJ91aPftBDW96vRDJVn1Tmr_gm4tLkMlot0HxKHUDk/edit?usp=sharing The business plan has some of my larger ideas for the business mapped out. I really would love to run this business, as I have spent hours into developing the idea and planning it out.
  5. It’sDoom

    Can't enter vehicle as passenger

    hey! try to use escape+ alt or escape+windows key and other combinations like that and it should minimize and then remaximize your game. you’re welcome!!