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  1. Prison is super lame and seem's like a form of OOC punishment. I don't even RP a criminal and the one time i was in there with my alt i literally fell asleep at the keyboard it was so boring. +1 to OP there needs to be activities in prison, also maybe a notoriety system for criminals that other people can see. This would also likely enhance law enforcement's RP with the way they would interact with these criminals and provide more things for DOC members.
  2. No, saying hands up to someone without pointing a weapon at them or threatening them doesn't mean it's a robbery. You made a bad judgement call with no information imo. If what you say is acceptable it would mean the following (Which sets a very dangerous precedent for the server) Anytime a couple of people came up to me i could put my hands in the air and my friends would have the right to kill all of them. That doesn't seem legit to me. Imo from your point of view you didn't have enough information or give enough time to get DM rights on us.. you just opened fire. The Ak has iron sights and it was night time, your vision wasn't any better than mine and i could barely see you up there in the video when i paused it. Are you claiming you could see us have no weapons drawn? My friend didn't get to type anything before you opened fire so it doesn't matter what he was going to type because he never got a chance to type it. Not that you would of heard anything from 150ft away on a rock anyways. Your friend wasn't surrounded. 2 of us never got out of the vehicle, 10 stayed by his truck a good 15-20ft away. 259 stayed at the rear of my patriot. The only one that was out of a vehicle standing near your friend was 225. You had no way to know we even told your friend to put his hands up, maybe he got scared when he seem people coming into the lab and decided to? And if you claim you can see so well on that hill then that's even worse because none of us had weapons drawn or aiming at him. Extended Footage Could you post your POV? I did inform you i was making the report ahead of time. Side Note:This is the first report on forums I've ever made against anyone on these forums being a member of this community since 2018 because i usually try to work out with the player what i feel was a rulebreak. When that didn't get me anywhere i decided to post this because i feel it went way too far. I will no longer be replying unless requested by an admin to do so, thanks to Staff for taking the time out of your day to view the report no matter the outcome.
  3. Player(s) being reported: ID 355 Date of interaction reported: 8/3/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1596495023 Your characters name: Marshal Jenkins Other player(s) involved: 244 , 225, 269, 10 ,155 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 244 was at the drug lab. We pulled up next to 244 and passenger of my vehicle asked calmly for the man to put his hands up. As seen in the video none of us had weapons out or aimed at 244 or even threatened nor did we begin to rob him or hurt him. Before anything else could be said by 225 to 244 player 355 on the hill with an Ak-47 opened on all of us down there (including his friend) from WAY too far away to see anything that was even going on especially at night time. We immediately got in our vehicles and attempted to leave while he continued to fire on us. I don't believe it's a valid reason to open fire on people just because you see your friend with his hands up. (Which it would be impossible to see that far at night) Evidence of rule breach: Longer evidence can be given if need be.
  4. You aren't wrong. I'm pretty sure they don't even make ccw holsters for this. Would be pointless lol
  5. I don't think the bulge thing is very realistic. I have had a CCW irl for years and you really cannot see my gun or a bulge. Belly band holsters make them virtually bulge free and invisible. Maybe a reasonable and realistic solution would be to make the command incompatible with .50 calibers?
  6. The ability to hide pistols by a command or CCW Holster purchasable at gun shops would be a great step towards realism. I know a thread exists in the Rules section but i wanted to be more specific as to a solution that i believe could work and is a great step towards realism. Player conceals weapon with /concealgun Then you could add a /revealweapon command or something along those lines to make the weapon be draw-able. Edit: Due to the unrealistic nature of hiding a .50 caliber handgun (Virtually impossible without special clothing) the command should NOT be used for these guns. Example of belly band holsters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE7atPABjZ8 Why the command/feature shouldn't be allowed for .50 caliber handguns
  7. LOL .. btw you nailed the character creation.
  8. It has been an honor to be part of such an amazing group of people. Victor is a wonderful man and has been a great friend OOC and IC as the Prophet. We're continuing to recruit daily and still maintaining the original goals set forth in this thread. If you're looking for a great group of roleplayers and a place where you can be treated like family please seek us out IC
  9. My apologies i thought it did, considering the amount of time you're jailed for them.
  10. Nevermind they just turned almost everyone on the server into a criminal instantly overnight with the gun license change.
  11. Let's face it.. I believe the only people that really want speed camera's are the cops and admins. We all know how incredibly unrealistic they are but i understand why they were implemented. The vast majority of everyone else finds them to be an annoyance and the new players find themselves utterly devastated by them. I also believe reckless driving causes more problems than it fixes, i believe that people getting charged and having criminal records because of these camera's sends people on path's they would of never otherwise went. Getting one of these charges also ruins your characters chances of ever joining certain factions correct? Here's my story. I was being chased by gang members through the city that demanded i pull over. They then began firing Ak's shooting my vehicle i sped through the city not caring about the speed and only wanting to preserve the life of my character , my items and my vehicle. I went to the police station and payed all of the tickets id racked up. When i went to explain what had happened i was asked for a recording of it, i unfortunately didn't have it because i logged in and shit hit the fan before i could even turn on Plays.tv. So i ended up with two reckless driving charges on my record. I believe that only police officers should be handing out reckless driving charges from witnessing the crime first hand. My suggestion is, is to remove the reckless driving charges from speed camera's and simply increase the fine. Maybe if you're short staffed and can't appropriate police time to traffic you should consider implementing a traffic enforcement division. I can't tell you how many people i know that have these charges on them from the speed camera's and have evolved into criminals on a scale they never would of been because they now have a criminal record so they just say fuck it why not.
  12. Personally growing on an 80 acre farm surrounded by half a dozen neighbor farmers i can tell you this. Nobody i ever knew got robbed at gunpoint, nobody robbed us for our dairy or our corn. BUT... We did have break-in's for a different reason (anhydrous ammonia) One of the ingredients that is often used to cook meth. If staff could figure out a way to tie that chemical into farming it would be much more realistic to rob a farmer. Instead of just coming out for our wheat and fishing poles.
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