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  1. Explain what words you plan on banning, also do you understand how having to ask ooc "can i talk shit to you" would just feel manufactured not to mention they could just not consent to it, personally the demographic that plays this game should be able to handle people who are using slurs and banning words is not the solution honestly in nearly a years worth of playing I am yet to run into someone who has actually offended me through the use of slurs.
  2. Ye so I have had this same experience spoke to some mods and support about this, apparently there is a very very small chance for your tables while cool to blow up but it can happen so its unfortunate but I dont believe anything can be changed as it is an in-game mechanic. Good luck
  3. -1 yes some slurs shouldnt be used but its an online game where your rp'ing a real life character and it wouldnt make sense to be censored, instead the rule is already put in place if your offended by something someone says go into /b and let them know
  4. I thought this thread was a joke... Afkmath is just meant to see if players are still playing not to test if they are a human calculator
  5. +1 This update needs to happen as soon as possible it is as Bala said very stale to be a criminal
  6. [Addition]/[Rework] So right now within ECRP there is kind of an imbalance between cop and crim. Criminals who are playing have a huge risk every time they leave their home with something illegal which is what it should be like but there is no risk for cops, in game cops can pretty much be a crim with no risk if a cop dies they lose nothing but maybe a gps and a radio they are losing nothing compared to if a criminal dies there goes car getting chopped losing guns and everything else. What i believe could be implemented is that if an officer was to die on duty he/she would have to pay for the equipment that 'vanished' maybe like 40% of the import price of the total items or even if an officer dies the hours he/she worked prior to his death would not count as it does not make sense for someone to die on the job and still get paid. This in my eyes makes being a cop much more realist and will hopefully be an incentive for officers to not go into hostile scenarios without thinking twice about the reprecussions. SD/PD please let me know what you think about this (this is all from perspective of a crim character)
  7. Huge +1 as someone who has been around for a year solely playing as a crim, I feel that nearly all these addition could be implemented but also another idea. [Addition] Adding a duoanim to take someone hostage where their gun is right to the hostages temple and you are very close to the hostage meaning that some officers who arrive later and cant catch the /me or /do's will see that the hostage is in direct threat meaning any shots that would be taken would be severe to both parties, the command would work like frisking someone doing the rp of it and then performing the action with the command. <------ What I believe it could look like
  8. +1 I am completely fine with it going back to the way it was or the vol getting changed
  9. Thanks Doan for looking at this firstly id like to state that this story has several holes in it, his pov starts 5 seconds after shots have been going off and he knows its an active shootout as his "leader" is getting shot yet he decided to try come up anyway inserting himself into an active shootout by the time you had already reached there your Leader was at the bottom of chilli you inserted yourself in that area for no viable reason as your leader was already gone it was just you putting yourself into a dangerous situation it was clear they were trying to push onto us but failed . Your car was seen leaving an active shootout and your getting out it and it looked as if you were trying to get out to start shooting at us so we retaliated back, I would like the staff handling this report to look into his pov as he is saying that his pov only got that certain part but thats not possible less than 30-40 seconds before there are several shots that are being fired
  10. Providing false info will not get you far the bifta had given demands to kyle and pointed there gun at him that hill where your pov starts of you going up the hill is where 3 aks were being shot which makes me question why you were driving straight to where the gunshots were your trying to say there was no demands but your gang initiated demands on us turning it into an active shootout as we were spraying that bifta up and as soon as we try to go down to find that bifta your right there seeing trying to enter an area which multiple heavies and .50s have been shot deeming it as an active shootout. I would like the staff handling to report to listen to the guy saying "im rolling down the hill" he is the bifta which we just shot up and I believe the reporting party is leaving out vital footage which would show the shooting.
  11. Thank you Kimeybear and Tenbe I would just like to add as someone that was apart of this situation is that the blue komoda that was there was a cop that got on duty for the reason to join the chase he decided to use a personal vehicle in a police encounter which i deem highly non rp as he had enough time to get on duty and get his guns ready it would have taken him a minute to get a cruiser (later on when you see the komoda leave instead of calling for backup he rolls down the road takes a carbine out and starts shooting). Also if you pay attention to officer Jim Daniels POV the shots started firing once he reached back out for his shotgun which is when the shots started firing, seeing an officer running with a shotgun out towards my ally shows enough IC motive to start firing at the rest of the officers. I really do love the rp SD provides but this is a situation which was pre planned and was executed perfectly with only one injured who was taken immediately and the rest of us all leaving the scene almost immediately the risk vs reward was greatly in our favour and I would really prefer next time if you were planning to report to inform any of us as we would have saved our povs to tell our side.
  12. I really dont believe anything should change with the speed cameras if you are going at over 150 passing a camera thats an IC problem its very easy to know where the Cameras are after experience and a little knowledge to summarise Don't get caught lacking by speed cameras and you wont have a problem
  13. Hey Krish Roshan (ID 36) my pov is already provided basically the (different bifta) had given demands to Kyle Vincent and shots were going off at the start of the pov is when the bifta had ran from where the shots had still been going off then as we were going down the trail to follow the bifta we see another green bifta which is the reporting player at this time i saw it as an active shootout as shots were still going off so it was my plan to try injure the green bifta or take out its tires. As jerry had mentioned before it really was an accident for the offroading and you can even hear that in his voip, in the end the off roading did not seem to help to find them the only way we found them was the bright green rebla parked in the open with 2 people running around it which caused them to be found and killed.
  14. Playing a crim solo is completely different to in a gang, I have been followed/questioned by officers just for being in colours (even had one that aliased my face for being part of a gang and questioned me) it really does stop me from going to places while being a criminal , i stopped going to the pier due to PD just checking my charges and searching my vehicle it really does get to a point where its boring, getting a .50 getting chased by PD/SD rinse repeat
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