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  1. Steam, you can buy the game there, download it, make sure you boot it up once because theyll ask you to make a rockstar account. Make your account. And than go download RAGE MP from the website, just google it, first link, when downloaded, make sure your signed into your steam account, and have ur gta installed and that youve made your rockstar accout - - - than you can launch RAGE MP, itll pop up like a web browser and you can browse the servers, find eclypse roleplay, and double click and youll load in, might take some time, especially first time since your going to have to download all of eclypes files. ;D Hope this helps!
  2. Oh, that makes a lot of sense for sure. @Copes
  3. And I do understand the need to focus primarily on player reports of course! Im just talking that, 2 - 3 weeks wait times is very very stagnant. Thanks for reading boys!
  4. Just wondering if theirs any structure what so ever for people appealing there bans. I've noticed some people waiting three weeks without any reply or anything - and others one or two days and there appeal is done. (Not fair at all, as other people have been waiting weeks. Is this because they know each other ingame / in the same gang or just because everyone is ignoring the other requests? Has to be one or the other.) Currently if you want your appeal to be looked at, you have to wait weeks, unless your lucky enough that you posted your appeal at a time where an S admin is looking threw them - better hope your at the top of the page - specifically talking about Senior Admins and higher. You basically need to bump your appeal or make it towards the top or else nobody will look at it for weeks. I understand that we are appealing and you'll take as long as you like - and thats your argument. But at least put somewhere that it might take literally weeks. And if someone has a decision appeal that's been sitting there for 3 weeks, check theres out instead of the guy who just posted a day ago or even just a few hours ago. lmao
  5. jefree

    Dqniel and Jasmine

    Forgot to link the appeal in the thread, here it is ; Also, was just wondering what / where are the "statements of all parties involved into this consideration". Like I dont think anyone has a 4 month long grudge against me or something? Like wtf is this? lmao What am I suppose to do also to put effort in, write a useless 400 word paragraph that'll explain the exact same thing in the report to show effort? Seems a little power trippy and condescending whats going on here. Like someone thinks there better. lmao
  6. Player(s) being reported: @Dqniel & @Jasmine Date of interaction reported: This last week, 09th to 16th Unix time stamp from HUD: N/A Your characters name: I forgot my character names. Why is that actually so hard to believe? It's been 4 months. My life doesn't resolve around this perma ban... sadly. Other player(s) involved: I dont believe so, If I had access to my appeals or reports from months ago maybe I could give more info but I dont! And I dont know where to go from here. Specific rule(s) broken: Not really any rules or report, just dont know where to go from here. How did the player break the rule(s)?: About 4 - 5 months ago I was perma banned for a vdm #2, I honestly dont recall what happened, I know thats hard to believe, but I dont - and when I made a appeal to be unbanned @Dqniel & @Jasmine came to the conclusion that ""Following an extensive investigation of this punishment appeal along with taking the statements of all parties involved into this consideration, i have come to the conclusion that this punishment was issued correctly. With that in mind, the low effort put into this appeal is not acceptable, especially considering the severe nature of which you got banned for and the rulebreach conducted by you which was detrimental to the roleplaying experience of multiple other players. I fail to understand how you would even refrain from doing the same actions which resulted in your permanent ban when you do not even recall the situation which resulted in your permanent ban. Taking into consideration that you do not fully acknowledge what you did wrong during this situation, it makes me doubtful that you have learnt from your past mistakes and would be able to provide a positive experience to other player(s) on the server if given the opportunity to return back. In short, you have provided me with no assurance whatsoever that you are able to continue to play on this server without breaking further rules, and as such i will be denying this appeal. The next time you appeal, please elaborate and go into further detail about what you did wrong, why it was wrong, if you have familiarized yourself with the server rules in general and what steps you have taken to prevent any future rulebreaker situations from ever occurring again. Please do not submit an appeal in no less than one (1) week from the date of this conclusion post. Best of luck on any future endeavours. "' Evidence of rule breach: Notes: I dont know what more you would want in my appeal, I did my best, made it as simple as possible because I dont have any more information to put. I just dont understand why my appeal would be denied. I understand what a vdm is, killing / running over someone with your vehicle...etc ...etc I dont understand how from my appeal you get the idea im trying to come back in and destroy or ruin peoples experience. I dont think im an asshole.
  7. jefree

    Economy boost

    i dont think u read lul
  8. jefree

    Economy boost

    Guess i'll just walk around everywhere and talk to people. Cause thats what RP is in this server. It's totally not a Cops n Robbers where your car, house, gun dont matter at all. You need money for everything and anything in this server. You DO need money to RP in this server, properly, especially if you want to get anywhere meaningful. Still view it as you dont need money to RP? Transfer me everything you got and lets see how much you enjoy the server. LMAO
  9. jefree

    Lockpicking Bug

    +1 Having this issue in game as well
  10. This just popped into my head and it'll show how much better the roleplay could be if people could actually contest the money / power that some gangs have. Whens the last time the Los Zeta's / Blue gang got overthrown? Never. Because theirs shit brewing in the server and it stinks. Nobody has the amount of money or numbers, and thats because noone has that much playtime. If you go to war with them your pretty much stuck at bank until you decide to surrender or quit the server. They dont even get NLR. If you boosted economy so people didn't have to grind so much maybe people could focus on actual roleplay. Doing something about it. Its been the same 4 gangs for how long? Change it up.
  11. jefree

    Economy boost

    Boosting economy would make it more fair for regular players who dont play 10hours a day to have a chance / make the game more ENJOYABLE because they dont have to grind 20 hours to get almost nothing in the game. They dont have 20 hours. 20hours would take normal people weeks. Giving an economy boost would make it so these normal people could focus more on ROLEPLAYING rather than GRINDING for a car and a house. Imagine if everyone actually had there own pocket money instead of bumming off each other all the time - because the economy got a boost and people dont have to spend as much time grinding. MORE TIME FOR ROLEPLAYING. I cant be more clear than this. Those russian servers you see with 5000 people playing, those servers dont have a heavy ass grind, why? Because that kills population, that KILLS roleplay. If you dont see how that works together than I dont know what to tell you. Server is gonna stay the same with the same people in control, whens the last time Zeta's lost power? never? LOL Like dont you actually want to see cool roleplay happening, lmao, the majority of players dont make it past the grinding faze because its to much. They end up leaving because THEY DONT HAVE THE TIMEEEEEEE. They rather play another game that doesn't take them a 20 hours grind to finally get a decent car you can drive around. - and finally be able to contest with other players.
  12. Breaking up the super large gangs that have way to much wealth and power in the city makes sense. Its retarded, nobody has a chance, they are light years ahead. And its gonna stay like that forever because most of the staff...etc Are part of those gangs and wealth and power, and dont want to lose any bit of it - OR CHANGE ANYTHING. Another thing about the big gangs, alot of the cops on other chars are part of the gangs and know the char icly/oocly, they will pick the sides of there friends icly everytime. Witnessed it so many fkn times its retarded. Actually ridiculious. And obviously you cant report because theres not enough evidence! It just seems like it all should take place icly in any of those scenarios. If you wanna lie and say that doesn't happen, than your just part of the problem and actually dont want to help the server grow and become more of an RP server. You want it to stay cop n robbers with your faction leading. Big gangs, alot of them dont even RP properly, for example, you get robbed, they make you tell them what gang your in, and than boom out of nowhere your in a war against the zetas or whoever for no reason except that they robbed you. LOL Half the time also, you can see them riding there motorsport bikes all over the mountains at drug labs, lmfao. These 'Official' factions really aint a good example for roleplay at all, lmao. So much metagaming - and non rp. Only see them ever doing anything at meetings or gun fights, everything else is everyone running around randomly in small groups robbing everyone they can because they can, and when the cops show up, they are scared, even though YOU, THE ROBBER, NO MATTER HOW MANY SHOULD BE SCARED. EVEN IF - ITS ONLY ONE COP. lmao Oh, another thing I noticed, when some official factions get into shit, and leave their vehicles behind cause they had to escape...etc The cops NEVER check who owns the car or for fingerprints. That would make it so there friend on another char gets arrested. Ofc they dont want that. BUT, when its a random new player that noone knows or cares about than they make sure to finger print and check car owner...etc, the double standard / metagaming / non - rp is appaling. Everyone just picks and chooses who they bully, and if your new, your the lowest of the low, noone wants anything to do with you, so out of ego they do everything to throw you in as long as possible - even if your trying to kiss ass to get a lowered sentence, that just makes them want to do it more. I read a comment ealier saying that some factions recruit new comers to town, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Your metagame'd friend on a new char you mean? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Boost economy and stop making being an offical faction so OverPowered. Boost economy so normal people can actually contest with the larger gangs, its WAYYYYYYYYYYYY OUT OF PROPORTION. Alot of these official factions have what I call Non - Lifers, people who can play 10 hrs a day for weeks on end. Thats what they are looking for. Boosting economy means that a guy who plays a couple hours a day...etc Can contend, because when he buys a 10k gun, he doesnt have to sweat if he loses it / spend an hour grinding just so he can roleplay properly again. Oh also, COPS SHOULD NOT PAY FOR THERE GUNS, THATS JUST ANOTHER WAY ALL THESE POWER HUNGRY NERDS WANT MORE. Notice how many are +supporting such a dumbass idea. They basically want cops to lose any wage they have to buying guns to fight the gangs that are always doing stupid shit and looking for a gunfight, LOL Gangs roll around in groups of like 20, cops already have to play fear rp. Now you want cops to always pretty much be on sidelines. Wondering though, do these posts even get checked? by devs?
  13. Think about it, your new, your focused on building your chars wealth up, because soon your gonna find out no faction or gang or anyone gives a shit about you unless you have 5k xp, and wealth to show.
  14. Imagine if more new players had the tools of wealth, to be able to give there new friends / 'new players', knifes, bats, warreners, you know help each other out, but also being able to roleplay with items. It would make the server more focused on actually roleplaying properly and creating cool events...etc Because the focus of majority of players is wealth. Which is part of the roleplay, but everything is about the grind its fkn annoying. You need money for everything. You need money for everything. You need money for everything. You need money for everything.
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