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  1. Omg +1 best suggestion I have ever seen on here
  2. +1 this also works with coke tables
  3. big +1 I am tired of waiting hours for no mechanic
  4. I agree that walking animations are too expensive
  5. +1 Great Idea I think this would add much more rp
  6. I think the new prison is fine but I agree it could be more bright
  7. I like this Idea a lot as I find it boring to just sit and fish for the same 200$ fish every hour and its more realistic to need more bait and thins to fish for more expensive things. Im not sure about catching sharks though, maybe you could get on a boat and have massive built in metal rods makes boats more useful.
  8. +1 However lots of people send out Weazel news ads when the table is good right now
  9. +1 I enjoy playing poker and I enjoy Chess IRL it would be a cool pastime and could add some rp
  10. +1/-1 I think the tax Idea is good and true because you cant really do much with the apartments to make money but that is because if you could it would make the server very Pay to win
  11. I like the idea on if someone falls of the pier it is totally true it has happened to me actually.
  12. This is cool I like the extra food stands makes it more like a theme park/pier
  13. I like the idea because it would be realistic for MD to notify PD or SD with suspicious activity or wounds
  14. Good Idea could make some High amounts of cash
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