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Gov Faction or Job (Towing/Mors/Impound/Salvage)

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So I've seen a lot of posts about roleplaying accidents and felt like a new business type would help go with this idea. Could also increase the mechanic, and law enforcement roleplay. 

Towing Company/Business

-Tow Cars from the scene of vehicle accidents.

-Tow illegally parked vehicles for local law enforcement.

-Tow broke down, damaged, stranded vehicles.

+1 Support -1 Against


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Another idea that just came to my mind. 
As there's tons of vehicles stranded all over Los Santos, vehicle's with unpayed tickets, crowded NCZ parkings, abandonned job vehicles etc 
Even the PD impound is at many times overbooked and scattered around the LSPD station and then stolen since theyre out of NCZ

Work details:

  • Impound illegal parked vehicles (Like Tequilala, MD, PD, Interstates, red-zones etc)
  • Impound parked vehilces with unpayed parking tickets
  • Impound cars parked at NCZ which has been standing for too long (Timer function, if player is disconnected?) Since i.e Bank parking is getting crowded.
  • Impound cars for LSPD, also at cimescenes (PD impound is at many times overpopulated)
  • Clear abandonned job vehicles
  • Act as repo for loan companies

Needs to be done:

  • Job vehicle with the ability to identify vehicles (Like LSPD MDC)
  • Flatbed needs to be fixed, since towtrucks are causing serious desync and might be dangerous for the public (exploding cars for example)

Theres an opening for helping Mechanics with towing.
* How many of you have ever been sitting stranded with a broken down vehicle and theres an X amount of mechanics online but noone are able/willing to help?

The impound itself could work similar to the Parking lot or towed to Mors.


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+1. Had some extra ideas

Bring those cars to Mors. The tower gets 5% of what the person pays to get it out of mors

^ only if the car is towed cause the timer went off.

Give them a fuel truck to give gas to stranded vehicles. Make a command like /mechaccept and they can ask labor cost. 

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I'm not really sure if this would be a good and practical suggestion but I'll still lay it out after having some thoughts. This is just based off the rising complaints I've seen lately and this could potentially help with that. I have no intention of doing it myself, I'm only pitching the idea.

The idea of this suggestion is mainly to alleviate some burden from mechanics and the police by setting up a faction that specifically deals with towing, running the impound, and also could handle Mors Mutual components as well. As for a name for it, I guess calling it Mor's Vehicle Retrieval Services(MVRS) might work?

The purpose of Mor's Vehicle Retrieval Services would be to act as a dedicated entity meant to directly deal with towing vehicles, managing the impound, and possibly use the current Mor's Mutual vehicle retrieval system as well, like mentioned above.

The current towing services provided by LSC/Bayview can be delayed due to lack of personnel or increased presence of customers at their locations. This is by no means a negative statement about LSC/Bayview, they're both typically already busy and could use extra help I think. This 3rd entity, Mor's Vehicle Retrieval Services, would be able to assist with this burden by being able to tow vehicles, but would not have the ability to repair vehicles. LSC/Bayview would both still have towing capabilities.

The current impound system could be seen as a burden to the police, having to respond to impound calls consistently which pulls them from dealing with potential criminal matters. MVRS would be able to place vehicles in the impound(if they're ticketed and reported by the police just like Bayview/LSC can) but would also be able to retrieve them out for customers as well. The police would still be able to retrieve the vehicles as well if no MVRS employees were available.

The last main component for MVRS would be the current Mors Mutual system addition. Part of the money spent on retrieving vehicles via insurance is what would fund the faction's treasury, possibly impound fees as well, which would pay the salary of employees.

All in all, this faction idea isn't meant to take anything away from currently established but rather just assist with things implemented already for the benefit of the players by hopefully increasing response times for towing and impound aspects.


As for fleshing the actual faction out further, I think that would be better done at a later date depending on feedback, especially by someone that could be running it. I'm only pitching the idea and have no intention of doing it myself.

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I think we all know the amount of civilian jobs are fairly lacking currently, and as it stands neither the LSPD nor various mechanics seem to like impounding vehicles.  I think this is mainly due to a lack of being paid for doing so, salary excluded.  It's not uncommon at all to see a vehicle blocking an intersection or road for 6 hours or longer, even until server restart in some cases.  Yet there's no real motivation for members of either group responsible for impounding to actually impound the vehicles.

What I'm proposing is two possible fixes for this.

1: We create an impound job open to the public where police officers are capable of marking vehicles for either secure or regular (fined) impound.  These vehicles would become either blips or utilize a call-system similar to 911 response calls with the vehicles model and license plate.  The calls would not expire until the vehicle is impounded or moved a certain distance from the location.  Payment would be either a flat-rate per vehicle or based on distance.  Since this option would have the tow trucks opened to the public, we would need either harsh rules or script limitations of some kind (unable to tow unless it's marked if that's possible?) to prevent abuse.  This could also help remedy the chopshop dilemma by giving criminals the opportunity to tow a parked car out of the NCZ that's been marked and then proceed to steal and chop it.  I'm unsure on the rule implications of that, however.

Or 2: We institute a payment system to both the LSPD and Bayview/LSC to encourage impounding vehicles.  As is, impounding vehicles is a great way to bore yourself into a coma if you're doing any more than a couple.  I feel that is the main reason we have things like 20+ illegally and sometimes straight up dreadfully parked cars at the Bank, Tequilala and all of the broken/illegally parked cars scattered across the map.  Players aren't rewarded anything beyond their salary for doing a boring task when just about anything else is more enjoyable.

Both options would utilize the marking system described in option 1, preferably with a ctrl+x prompt to reduce the possibility of placing a mark on the wrong vehicle in cases where they are stacked.

Any constructive feedback is welcomed, this was a spur of the moment idea so I may have overlooked something.

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