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  1. Huge +1 especially the fighter jet part since i can see how people may abuse their pilots license. So stopping them quickly is a must.
  2. ImRazer

    Postal code map

    +1 Great idea. Would make things alot easier for everyone.
  3. ImRazer

    Impound job OR paying for impound work

    +1, I love the idea of that since there is alot of cars usually just scattered around and such. And we are in need of more civilian jobs.
  4. ImRazer


    Right now it's just getting boring honestly and almost always too bright. I'd love if it where removed and i think the most would agree on that
  5. ImRazer

    [SOLD] Supercar NERO

    Im interested in the vehicle. Feel free to contact me on #2875746
  6. ImRazer

    SOLD remove post

    Im interisted if you would decrease the price. Text me on #2875746
  7. ImRazer

    [BUYING] Supercar

    Looking for a super car for between 2.5 - 3M. Prefer Tempesta or FMJ or GP1 Text me on #2875746
  8. ImRazer

    [BUYING] Looking for a Supercar

    Looking for any super car for between 2 - 2.5M. Text me on #2875746