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  1. Breakspear

    [Government Factions] Pay

    So you’re saying PD and MD also sit around watching Netflix then? I think you need to check your facts. Also, have you tried fishing? That’s pretty much tabbed out watching Netflix. Not exactly an effort job. And then you have the post vans, transporters, Bus and lorry drivers who haul ass everywhere min-maxing trying to cram as much in as possible. Plus, is driving a van about that hard?!? There’s no RP element tbf
  2. Breakspear

    [Government Factions] Pay

    But the taxi firms would be a private sector job, it’s just that in ECRP it has to be classed as a government job as that’s who funds the salaries. But, for a Bus driver to earn more than an EMT or a Police Officer is rediculous.
  3. Breakspear

    [Government Factions] Pay

    I got robbed twice the other night, and both times I was injured and subsequently died, which means that I had about 20-30 minutes of waiting for MD/dying so that I could finally walk again and get back on the job. And when you’re sitting in your cab on standby, and someone pulls a gun on you and robs you, you can’t do anything to defend yourself due to FearRP rules
  4. Breakspear

    [Government Factions] Pay

    +1 I think the other option is by holding the buses at each stop for 15 seconds. That way it’s going to be more like 6/7k per hour. But for bus drivers and farmers to earn almost as much as faction owners is crazy. Criminals should be able to earn more as there is more risk involved, but I think either government jobs need increasing or non-government jobs need reducing
  5. Breakspear

    More Parking Lots

    +1. The bank and Tequilala are becoming crazy
  6. Breakspear

    New Business/Company Type

    -1 Mechanics already do this
  7. Breakspear

    Taxi Cars with phone chargers automatically in them.

    I could not +1 this any more. Most Cabs that I get in to offer chargers for customers so it would be great!!
  8. Breakspear

    Damaged vehicle cost

    Since I started driving a taxi (about a week ago), I have suffered many times by people driving like morons in Postal Vans, Truckers, Money transporters etc, and they just drive off with no repurcussions and I’m left to limp back to the Cab office in a smashed up car. I think there needs to be a penalty for those people who drive recklessly, such as a a penalty that comes off their salary.
  9. Breakspear

    Move the Speedometer

    Is there any way of moving the speedometer in the bottom right to the bottom left as it obscures the area that you’re in. i think if you’re driving a company vehicle (taxi etc) and you feel like you’re being followed, or you want to warn others of some problems, you could radio in, but you can never see where you are when driving.
  10. Breakspear

    LSEMS Suggestions

    There’s fast response in the UK, and even normal Ambulances get up to 150kmh here. The fast responders would be like a station wagon with a decent engine.
  11. Breakspear


    Modded SlamVan for sale, top rated suspension, upgraded brakes and transmission. On HighEnd for $80k. Dealership price is $97k brand new. Absolute bargain. Go snatch it up!
  12. Breakspear

    [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

    I am pulling out as I’ve had an offer accepted another property