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  1. Breakspear

    Damaged vehicle cost

    Since I started driving a taxi (about a week ago), I have suffered many times by people driving like morons in Postal Vans, Truckers, Money transporters etc, and they just drive off with no repurcussions and I’m left to limp back to the Cab office in a smashed up car. I think there needs to be a penalty for those people who drive recklessly, such as a a penalty that comes off their salary.
  2. Breakspear

    Move the Speedometer

    Is there any way of moving the speedometer in the bottom right to the bottom left as it obscures the area that you’re in. i think if you’re driving a company vehicle (taxi etc) and you feel like you’re being followed, or you want to warn others of some problems, you could radio in, but you can never see where you are when driving.
  3. Breakspear

    LSEMS Suggestions

    There’s fast response in the UK, and even normal Ambulances get up to 150kmh here. The fast responders would be like a station wagon with a decent engine.
  4. Breakspear


    Modded SlamVan for sale, top rated suspension, upgraded brakes and transmission. On HighEnd for $80k. Dealership price is $97k brand new. Absolute bargain. Go snatch it up!
  5. Breakspear

    [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

    I am pulling out as I’ve had an offer accepted another property
  6. Breakspear

    [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

  7. Breakspear

    [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

  8. Breakspear

    [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

  9. Looking for an apartment or a small house for About 50k. I don’t mind location, but I need parking for 1 car.
  10. Breakspear


    Reduced to 80k. Call me or visit High End
  11. Breakspear


    I’m currently selling a Packer truck, with grade 1 brakes and transmission upgrade. Currently on High End market for 90k, willing to discuss offers though. Call or text me on 5816094 if interested
  12. Breakspear

    Improvements for trucking.

    I think there needs to be a discord CB channel as it’s annoying to be driving along and having to get the text box up and stop driving!
  13. Breakspear

    Jase Mendoza

    Name: Jase Mendoza Age: 31 Place of Birth: Shropshire, UK Height: 6ft 5 Occupation: Unemployed Previous Jobs: Self-Employed Courier/Truck Driver Former Names: Jason Edwards Back story: Born in a rural market town in Britain, Jase, or Jason as he was known, was brought up by working class parents. His dad did many jobs, and his mother was a housewife. Jason was an only child, and kept himself to himself. his parents separated when he was 14, and he and his mother moved to a house in a bigger town. His dad moved in with a woman who would later become Jason’s step-mother. Jason and his dad maintained a close relationship as they had a passion of rebuilding cars and tinkering in the garage. The rest of Jason’s life was straightforward up until a fateful night in March 2018. On the night of the 14th of March, he was awoken by a noise in his rented house. He grabbed a cricket bat and went to investigate the noise. As he got in to the living room he came face to face with an intruder who charged at him. In a moment of self-defence, Jason swung the bat and hit the intruder across his head knocking him unconscious. The next 24 hours were a blur to Jason, with investigations and questions by the police. The intruder was in a coma for 4 days, and when he came around, he had severe brain damage caused by the blunt force trauma. Jason was let off by the police as he acted in self defence, and he thought that’s where his troubles would end. But unfortunately, it wasn’t. The intruder, it turns out, was the son of a prominent Irish Travelling family who had established a small empire among the traveller families. Jason and his family received death threats, vandalism, and general harassment by the traveller community. After 5 weeks of stress and fear for his and his families safety, Jason decided enough was enough. He sold all of his stuff and bought a one way ticket to Los Santos, changed his name, and decided to start a new.