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  1. Well the Tequila is a nightclub which is guarded, the bank also has guards.
  2. Not questioning that, I'm speaking about the "advantage".
  3. IRL if your name is Mark and you change name and appereance people that knew you shouldn't recognize ya
  4. Yeah but let's say you wanna change name and appereance so that they don't recognize you, they will still have you aliased and they might be act biased towards you And also what about when you do a CK? Isn't that a change of character?
  5. As I said, it shouldn't be something easy to get, more like something very hard to get so only few get it. And maybe make it so that you can't use it forever, maybe only lasts for a couple of IRL days.
  6. The char knows that it's a guarded area, which is what NCZs are for.
  7. Well it actually depends on the situation, if I'm in a fight with someone (or they are chasing me without shooting) going to an NCZ isn't power gaming. Also putting some bouncers (players) as an addition would mitigate it, it'd be boring to work as a bouncer, maybe you can choose who goes in and who does not to make it less boring (obv only when at least ONE bouncer is available). It's not a full solution but it certainly would help reduce it.
  8. You're right, but just don't buy it. Even now they can pump it up, the fact that it was Trump's or Jay-Z's won't change most of the players' ideas. If I wanna buy a Stinger GT and one is 300K and the other one is 400K but it "wAs fRoM tHe HeAd oF tHe cIa" I'll just buy the first one [don't mind the pricings, don't know how much one costs ingame]
  9. Yeah maybe the record thing could be a super rare thing. Also yeah calls themselves should not be listened to, I didn't explain myself very well in the post, I meant something like: A calls the cops "Shootout at Rockford Hills" the dispatcher says on the radio "Shootout at Rockford Hills", you should be able to listen that, on top of that any convo made with the radio (although I'd be more inclined towards the idea of just hearing the dispatcher rather than the full radio)
  10. Well we can't influence that part, since anyone has free will and can choose to be a criminal or a normal civilian, but adding something that exists IRL surely isn't hurting RP.
  11. Well this is a Roleplay so it's supposed to simulate real life, and in real life people don't wanna get caught and they'd do everything they can in order for it not to happen which includes a police scanner, I bet how effective it would be to say "Just don't act the way that leaves you a criminal record if you don't want one" to any criminal.
  12. Mh, I'm not saying it should be an easy thing to get, maybe something can be added so that it's hard to get and you actually have to know stuff (like how recipes work for drugs, I don't see people in real life making Heroin from scratch but it's in the server, I saw the shipment more realistic, that's how it works IRL), and also it why would it be used for Cop baiting? Anyway it could be used for robberies and all kinds of illegal stuff...
  13. Yeah that idea would be pretty good
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