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[2.2.0] [2019-01-23] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.2.0


Major Updates:

  • Added furniture system
    •  You will now be able to modify/customize the properties you own (warehouses, houses, finance companies, regular properties)
  • Added properties system
    • You will now be able to buy properties (building).
    • Interiors of such properties will be completely empty. Empty box (size depends on the value of the property) will be provided to the player for him to customize it as they please. Players will be able to create interiors ranging from restaurants to gang hideouts and etc.
  • Added coma system.
    • As a punishment to dying players will now have to wait 15 minutes at the hospital. The time and implementation of this feature might change in the future.
  • Added animations that require two players
    • Such animations include kiss, hug, highfive, handshake. 
    • Usage: /duoanim [player] [anim]  ; /acceptanim [player]






(since the last forum patch notes)



  • /eid now only shows up from really close distances and if player is not in vehicle
  • Added spike strips
  • Added armor for criminals to import
  • Fixed vehicle entrance bug
  • Removed AFK exclusion in prison
  • Added tires status sync
  • Added /givekey [player] [permanent] (vehicle keys)
  • Added /removekey [player] (vehicle keys)
  • Added break option to beverages. Certain beverages will give broken bottle item
  • Added animations that require two players (kiss, hug, high five, handshake)
  • Inactive houses clean up now checks hours played instead of last seen
  • Inactive houses clean up automatically cleans house's stash pot and puts house on auction
  • Added furniture support to finance interiors, warehouses.
  • Players with SWAT uniforms will have masks on
  • Updated map editor to use numpad
  • Added ability to add persistent map objects on live server
  • Removed old warehouse script
  • Implemented interior shell generator
  • /goto prison will be more reliable
  • Enabled /pw for prison guards
  • Implemented new entity location saving system. Position and dimension saving should be more reliable
  • Moved furniture management to clientside
  • Player location saving will be done more frequently
  • Furniture store items will now be able to be updated live
  • Started implementing custom properties
  • Updated furniture store UI
  • Disabled /alias for people with masks
  • Setup furniture store location
  • Disabled turfs

Older patch notes:

  • Lowered radio item volume to 5
  • Fixed fish selling
  • Fixed inventory typo
  • New Player tag will only appear on players that do not own character over 5k xp
  • Added dance5
  • Added new player ids system / Removed Stranger/Mask
  • Added prisoners uniforms
  • Added prison guards uniforms
  • Added some features to SADOC
  • Fixed ammo's weight being 100x intended value
  • Fixed radio issue with frisk/sideinventory
  • Fixed mechanic service prices
  • Fixed unlimited food eating
  • Fixed visual carry bug when spamming P
  • Moved new player spawn point from airport to bus station (near the main hospital).
  • Snowy weather removed.
  • Selling inactive houses will fairly adjust house prices of inactive owners.
  • New players under 5000xp will have a (( New Player )) above them
  • Some items (bags, briefcases, crate) can be now carriable
  • Warehouses can be owned by anyone. (they currently act only as a storage thing, imports are made through the laptop)
  • Package orders can be made only through a laptop by a person that has criminal faction and has permissions to manage inventory
  • Inventory has scrollbar in order to support high slot counts of warehouses
  • Inventory now has volume system (similar to weight). Each item has X amount of volume. Each inventory has its max volume
  • Crates (from packages order) can be accessed with I to see the contents (they now have use inventory system)
  • Added keypad system (warehouses use them)
  • Added additional protections for new players
  • Added briefcase
  • Criminal packages now have global amount available to order.
  • Fixed bug with masks disappearing
  • Fixed bug with gun parts not appearing after /dropgun
  • Increased mechanic services prices
  • Fixed visual/engine repairs
  • CPR can't be performed on yourself
  • Removed radio frequency on HUD
  • Implemented laptops (used for criminal factions only at this moment)
  • Door lock notifications changed to overridable.
  • Fixed phone messages deletion bug.
  • Fixed hotkeys being active when using phone/mdc.
  • Fixed unloading bug, when more resources are unloaded, than contracted.
  • Health will not be restored to 50 HP on reconnect.
  • Added ability to strip components from weapons
  • Implemented speakers
  • /friskapprove and /friskcancel messages have more information
  • Added /bindradio for/and radio switching Shift + (1, 2 - 9)
  • Radio frequency and voice status (normal, shouting, whispering) is now displayed on hud
  • VOIP should be more stable
  • Current talking players are displayed on the right side
  • Fix fuelstation displaying wrong import price
  • Fix clothes duplication bug
  • Improved taxes calculation
  • Set fuel import price to 5$
  • Tweaked drive by disablement for trucks
  • Added tax to house/vehicle market ( 5% )
  • Wearing a uniform with a mask, will refresh the character nametag
  • Added player notifications for offline punishments (oawarn, oban, ojail, oaprison)
  • Removed maximum car price at high end market
  • Cityhall and additional PD interior
  • Disabled shooting from commericial vehicles (trucks mainly, to avoid bug abuse)
  • Added more in-depth economy logging (for future development purposes)
  • Removed 10% tax from gunstores and vehicle dealerships
  • Flying ability set to maximum for all players
  • Imported vehicles do not count towards higher tax brackets since they are not part of the economy
  • Removed salary limit
  • Added parking pay stations
  • Added police impound
  • You can only quit a job if you have returned a work vehicle with /returnvehicle
  • Increased citybee price
  • Added typing indicator
  • Removed nametag colors
  • Body armor clothing will be automatically added if player has armor over a specific amount
  • JerryCan only works if player is outside vehicle and engine is off
  • Added ability for PD to take and remove armor
  • Rebalanced police cruisers
  • Bug fixes
  • Like 10
  • monkaS 2
  • snowflake 1
  • hmmm 1
  • PogU 9

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