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    Completely agree with you there Denni. There's a good few people that put gains before RP. It's up to us to make sure we respect RP a little more as a community. The playerbase is quite hostile in that sense. Both police and criminals can be quite... shooty, as you say. Perhaps both sides aren't trusting of the other to properly roleplay, hence the hostility. Perhaps we can have a community meeting and 'cleanup' just to sort any bad feelings between parties so we can all enjoy our time a little more.
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    I have to agree on this one. Court systems though, they'd require a fair bit of resources and I don't see many people being willing to do that job on the server. I'd like at the very least some sort of interrogation if it does get hairy. As you said, often whenever the police decide on something, it's the word of god. There's no defending yourself. Although yeah, it'd be nice if this could be treated IC and the officer(s) involved could be reported for serious misconduct and be given a reprimand or perhaps even suspension or leave, but nobody believes anybody. Nothing bad the cops do ever gets noticed, because everybody automatically assumes "liar", or they seemingly can't be bothered. And then there's no notion for cops to improve their behaviour. They *know* they can get away with it. This is why it's no longer an internal, IC issue; it's OOC now. I hope we can all respect that and stop sweeping this under the rug (for instance with player reports), at least until the problem is fixed. We have to ask ourselves though, *why* is the current situation as it is? Why do the cops behave this way? For a predominantly RP-focused server, the cops seem to be treating it as a game of "cops 'n' robbers". Why? I've seen good players that are cops succumb to this attitude too. Great roleplayers being turned to, essentially, shooters. I think there's an internal problem that needs to be addressed. I refuse to believe that the officers are acting like an organised 'gang' of their own will.
  3. i can now erp with my fellow gangmembers better now +rep
  4. Everyone is in the same frame of mind as me it seems. Enjoy your time here, because I'm going to eat you soon enough.
  5. Welcome, Greecy person! This is definitely the best server I've been able to find on GTA so far, so I'm sticking to it. Enjoy your time!
  6. Hey! It's about time I came to the forums. I'm Parky. I'm from sunny Scotland, and I'm studying Aeronautical Engineering. I've been in and out of roleplay games for a good while now, beginning I'm sure with Half-Life 2 RP on Garry's mod. I loved the lore and wanted to live in the moment, and it just so happened that I could. I spent a lot of time playing that gamemode, and learned a great deal of what I know today playing it. Unfortunately for some, this makes me the type of person that talks for 2 hours straight to another character, instead of just shooting them or whatever else. Apologies to my arresting officer at the prison. I went on to become staff on about three of those types of servers, and created my own when I couldn't find just the right server. That lasted a nice little while, but unfortunately there was a huge decline in the gamemode's playerbase, which inevitably resulted in the gamemode going, as far as I'm aware, extinct. I had so many amazing times with that gamemode, and I'm still sad to see it gone. Although, it was beyond serious. A great learning time, if you had the time and patience, but not favoured by many. After that, I danced around with DarkRP. This was a much less serious type of roleplay. In a scale, Eclipse GTAVRP would fall directly in the middle of the two. It was a bit of a break from the serious stuff. One of my problems with it though is that, well, I saw a lot of issues - mainly with staff organisation and attitude. I'd join a server, intending to just piss around and annoy people, but then end up feeling sorry for the staff, give them tips I've found in my experience with them, end up talking to the owner(s) and then get hired as staff without much of any say or any choice. Three times this happened. On each I ended up becoming second to the owner in terms of rank. You might think I'm lucky, but no - this was a serious problem. I'd always turn a game into work. Yeah, I enjoyed staffing quite a lot, and I managed to change a lot of servers for the better in my time with them, but I'd turn my back on my friends and turn what was meant to be fun into a job. It's not my intention to become staff on Eclipse, but I'd hope to get more involved with time. I'm obviously fairly new to the community, but I'll tell you I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far. The first I heard of this server was actually in a video by General Sam. He'd coined that Eclipse was the most serious and most difficult to join servers he could find, and he wanted to see just how serious it was. Although initially it was most likely only out of curiosity, it seems that he took a fancy and played for a little while. Though, I'll either assume he lost interest or his actions finally caught up to him. I've played GTARP on FiveM before, which was great but very quiet and very tiring. I couldn't find the server again, so I thought hell, let's see what Eclipse really is like. A few hours later and hey, I could find out. I'm really enjoying my time so far. I invited along a friend to try it too, one that used to be less familiar with RP, and he's as hooked as I. We're having a great time. Later, I found that a friend I got to know during my DarkRP days actually plays on this server too, and is quite well accomplished. As far as I'm aware, he eats, shits and sleeps on this server. He's on it all the time. Unfortunately, I've yet to meet his character. But hell, what a coincidence. I think I've droned on enough now. It's been a while since I've joined another community, and I hope it lasts. This one's definitely a lot more complicated and developed than what I'm used to, but I hope that doesn't throw the sense of family askew. Thanks for reading!
  7. Thought I'd level in a little. I need to get a bit more active on the forums anyway. It's just my two cents, I'm not trying to start anything. This prison break was obviously pretty well thought out, and roleplayed well throughout. There was planning, and RP leading to the event, not just simply 'steal a helicopter and bust me out bro'. I admire that. This situation, if more officers were online (as it would be IRL, and assuming officer staffing for both the prison and PD was short at the time), could have made for a really interesting one. It could be one for Weazel News. Maybe things didn't happen normally for those involved due to the shock, but the original helicopter pilot hopefully would have hit the panic button or called it in, which maybe would have let the prison staff be a little more prepared (again, if they were online). It's always nice to see interesting roleplay scenarios play out, rather than the day-in-day-out norm. Obviously we can't have these sorts of things all the time, but assuming this was a first, or a first in a long while, I think this could have made for a really interesting situation. Again, however, if there was little active police or prison staff at the time, then this gets a little trickier. You wouldn't get it as easy as that, you'd be swarmed by those in the prison and you'd probably get tailed by a police helicopter. Again, it would be interesting if it played out like this. Perhaps this was just the wrong time to do it, but you would have little idea of the current state of the PD and prison in terms of staffing. It's a shame. I noticed Marco saying "try and do something more realistic" towards the end of the video. I agree with this, but I also believe this would have been more realistic had there been more active PD and prison staff at the time, and there may not be admin interjection as the situation would have been a bit more fair for both parties. Would you agree, Marco? As for Dylan, you could be correct one-hundred and ten percent, but if you start throwing in little remarks, nobody will help you. Unfair? Yes, of course, as a good level of professionalism should be held throughout. But, subconsciously, people are going to start building negative pictures of you if you've given them reasons to. I know you're frustrated, and you didn't comment much at all (I'm just referring to the 'shouldn't be an admin', 'doesn't understand simple roleplay' etc), but you're giving yourself less of a chance by getting that off your chest. Marco, the sarcasm towards Dylan as he was explaining his situation wasn't called for. Yeah, same problem, you just want to get the little nicks off your chest, but you're building a bad image of yourself in Dylan's head and he's only going to react more sour. It's unproductive. Believe me, I've staffed a lot of places in my time and I know the feeling, some people just seem like idiots off the bat and you just want it sorted (I'm not referring to you, Dylan), but you're representing Eclipse, not yourself. You're not on trial when you attend these situations, you're trying to find the resolution. This isn't meant in a bad way; when you're on active duty as staff, you *are* no-one. You're Eclipse, and you aren't trying to win a personal fight. From a purely logical point of view, the inclusion of personality only further delays the resolution in a lot of cases. It's perfectly fine for Dylan to disagree with you on matters - that's not a server right, it's a worldwide decency. But, we all need to remain professional throughout. Marco, I will however thank you for only voiding the RP, and not issuing any warnings or punitive action. I'm really sorry this has been as long a read, but hopefully we can all take something from it and simply improve. I'm not trying to attack any party, I would just like to put this to rest and have the parties involved agree with one another. Each has their own points, but there's a lot of other factors that affected this outcome. I don't know Dylan at all, or even Marco for that matter, so believe me when I say I'm not writing this from one side. We can always be better, and this situation can be a great learning point. Best of all, there has been no damaging action taken, and I hope this remains. Maybe we'll get a situation like this again, but it'll be with better timing and better thought-out. Thanks for reading, guys.
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