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In 1999, Yakuza General Isao Sakamoto, sent his three nephews to form and maintain the Dojin-Kai in Los Santos. Their names are James, Jake and Brian Sakamoto. James Sakamoto appointed the (会長 Oyabun) of the Dojin-Kai. Their task was to build the Dojin-Kai clan name and build their presence in the city with known gangs and organisations that were already established. They would have to approach this plan with an impeccable strategy and put in many hours of hard work to build a foundation. The Sakamoto brothers started looking for new members for the Dojin-Kai, looking for strong-abled people.

The brothers agreed that to survive in a city with so many established and powerful gangs, they would have to work under the radar and keep to themselves. With this in mind, they established ‘The Mining Union’ which acted as their legal front within Los Santos. The plan was to make enough money with this legal front to be able to establish a central location that they could use as a home without attracting the attention of any powerful entities. Many gangs in the past would fall within days by making a lot of noise and causing trouble in the city. Their presence would come with time and patience.

All apprentices that were accepted into the Dojin-Kai trial program knew the real intention of the Mining Union. Within days, they gathered a small force of new recruits, hosting the first Dojin-Kai member meeting. In this meeting, the Mining Union was discussed as well as the plan to funnel all funds into one person so that they could reach their goal of purchasing a future home for the Dojin-Kai Yakuza.


The Dojin-Kai are notorious for following a strict code of conduct and see themselves as a more sophisticated criminal syndicate, they are slow to quarrel, but when they fight, they fight to win. The Jingi (Code of Honour) is laid forth by the Oyabun and instilled into all members of the Dojin-Kai, any member seen to go against the Jingi opens themselves up to reprimands. The most common punishments being the ritual Yubitsume, (Finger Shortening) or death depending on the severity.





Over the last few months The Dojin-kai has gone from strength to strength, with building our first dojo in Paleto and a base of operations, growing our numbers and creating a steady flow of trails. The Dojin-Kai are easy to be seen, wearing all black, with a black mask and cars being all black too. With recent times of coming to the city, a lot of other organizations have approached us with open arms and are really enjoying the Dojo, the Japanese style and respect we bring,


we are keeping our mining operation up and running, making sure the mines are a safe place for people to work from, without being robbed when we are there. Currently, the Dojin - Kai are working on bringing the Dojo out to the public with obtaining a business licence for the property, so we can open the doors to the public to becoming a member of the Dojo and practise the dojo fighting style.



Looking onto the horizon and thinking about what our main goals are coming into the city, we want to make sure we push our presence over the city and our goal to open a Dojo within the city, was one of our main focus, also setting up a steady connection for illegal firearms to bring into the city and to send back to japan.




 Oyabun(Faction Leader)(Ceremonial)

The Oyabun is the father of the Dojin-Kai and is the de facto leader of the clan.


 Kumicho(Head Boss)(Ceremonial) 

The Kumicho is the head boss of the Dojin-Kai and is also Master of Ceremonies.

Wakagashira(High Command)(Ceremonial)

The Wakagashira deals with the outside affairs of the Dojin-Kai including war plans, logistics, and diplomacy.

Shategashira(High command)(Ceremonial)

 The Shategashira deals with all internal affairs within the Dojin-Kai including business, operations, and ceremonies.

Saiko-Komon(Higher up)(Head Recruiter)(Ceremonial) 

The second officer rank of the Dojin-Kai.  One of the most trusted ranks within the Dojin-Kai that is knowledgeable of most ongoings within the organizations. The Saiko-Komon is held as an advisor to the High Command and can put Minarai on trial without permission. For a Minarai to become a Kobun, they must at least get the approval of the Saiko-Komon. They oversee all official recruitment so the Saiko-Komon must approve a potential trial first before they become a Minarai.

Honbucho(Higher up)(Overseer) 

The first officer rank of the Dojin-Kai. Highly respected member that oversees the day to day activities of all ranks beneath them.The Honbucho acts as a link man between the lower echelon and upper echelon of the Dojin-Kai. As well as overseeing, can perform any duty of ranks below them as well including scouting, mentoring, or team leading


Very trusted member of the Dojin-Kai. On top of regular duties within the Dojin-Kai, a Komon will act as a spotter for potential trials to add to the organization. They will scout them, talk to them, and get to know them before bringing this information to a Honbucho or anyone above in rank.

Kyodai(Brother)(Minarai Mentor) 

A trusted mentor that will get assigned a Minarai to watch. They will watch the progress made by a Minarai to make sure they are Dojin-Kai material. Will also act as a team leader in day to day activities.


 A proven foot soldier of the Dojin-Kai and a team leader over the Kobun in day to day activities.



 An official member of the Dojin-Kai. Can wear the official Dojin-Kai mask and will use rank structure to push any concerns upwards.  


Fresh recruit that is assigned to a Kyodai for day to day duties. Will need approval from assigned Kyodai and a member of High Command or the Saiko-Komon to be passed onto being a full-blooded member.


- Start up a legitimate business income - Mining union 

- Recruit and build strong members to the organisation 

- Purchase and build Dojo/base of operations

 Increase and maintain a steady flow of recruits

- Start good relationships with other gangs and organisations 

- Obtain a business license for the Dojo

- Host events at the Dojo for the public to attend 

- Obtain an illegal gun connection 

- Extensively train all members to high levels of Martial Arts  

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The Mining Union was the first stage of gaining a foothold in Los Santos. The Dojin-Kai formed a front in the form of a mining union, this front was built so that the organisation could move and operate in numbers, without drawing too much attention. The aim of the operation was to gather enough treasury funds to buy, build and run our first purpose-built Dojo and Headquarters for the organisation. The Dojin-Kai offered any honest working person down the mine protection whilst the organisation was there, this act put the organisation in a good light to everyone that was operating out of the mine and fed into recruitment.



Week in week out the Dojin-kai would be working for a common goal, purchasing the first Dojo and getting the HQ. Within the first two weeks we had already gathered up enough money to build the first Dojo in Paleto, setting up operations there and hosting various organisations hierarchy and gaining diplomatic bonds.



Edited by James Sakamoto
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Good luck! I have nothing but well thought out, well executed RP from you guys in every interaction I have had. I wish you all the luck in building this.

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Been waiting for a good Japanese Criminal Faction to pop up for a while now, being of Japanese descent myself. Good luck and hope we meet in-game.

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Looks sick so far, I only recently came to Eclipse and was saying to my friends who had been playing longer it was sad that there was no Asian families besides the Triads. So good looks for setting this up! Will be following this.

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