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  1. And I have to notice that we are a undercover organization and no one can find us in game as a illegal faction member.This is our RP and we are planning to do some good RP's as a illegal faction.
  2. This is a picture taken by one of hospital cameras:
  3. Yeah, we was planning to make a good trailer video for mafia but some internet issues make it harder,Yes faction is still active in server.
  4. +1 But it depands on gang RP and if they really deserve it or not? Thats why there is a big progress of getting offical.
  5. After I reviewed his POV that was a desync problem and no one did any rule breach.
  6. Thanks @Aldarine for reviewing this player report. This is my side of the story: I get connceted to the server after having a lunch, When I got back my friends said bunch of WCA gang come there and robbed us so we was about to find one of them to take the revenge RPly, when we was going to check other labs one of other players involded said there is a WCA next to the lumber, when I was going there to check, I saw a WCA fletzer passing the dirt road so I decied to block him because in first look it was like he stoped in side of the road but when he got close to my bike he rammed me over and that give me and my friends a KOS to kill him everytime we see them in 3 hours. evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/637662471930380288/688041042766725137/Ramming.mp4
  7. Yeah but RPly and in real life the thing you are agree with it are not vaild and acceptable and I was talking only about the realistic part of this RP, some countries have better access to gun, some other countries dont have the same access. I think that was a full explain of what I'am saying at all.
  8. Yeah but I think every gang when using a name or country for their illegal RP needsto accpet the good or bad things about that country but I think if we want to make it more advanced gangs can import different kind of guns depands on their country like: Traids can import sawed off shotgun, vintage pistol , combat PDW Zetas and NLA can import: Compact rifle and Machine pistol. Rooks can import : Mini SMG, and AP Pistol. And some old guns like AK and SMG and Micro SMG can remain for all gangs.
  9. That is a good RP but the price must to be different tho, like china and Russia is far from Los santos but mecxico is nearest country to US so the price for Triads and Rooks need to be higher then zetas and NLA. and a big +1 to suggestion.
  10. Bleeding in the street Prepare for the Great Theft
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