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  1. Help

    Ah thanks guys
  2. SuperCars

    are they banned in the city and if so is it possible to get a refund as someone from la customs said i could ask for? 5500 points.
  3. Help

    I just bought a car and no houses or anything where will i get my car when i log back on
  4. Hey guys!

    Hi my names Daniel but you can call me Dan, I'm brand new to RP on GTA 5 ive obviously played GTA before on Xbox ive only really just moved over to PC and I came across GTA RP on Twitch I've always thought what if GTA could come to life and you could have jobs and it looks like it has! A bit about me: I love Football/Soccer whatever you want to call it. Horse racing is probably my fav sport at the moment. I'm 19 and a roadmarker irl if you dont know what that is look below: Anyway thanks for taking time to read this and hope to see you ingame soon!