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  1. Danfrewer

    New Commands for Factions

    /Anim notepad and /anim clipboard Notepad for writing down orders etc and taking notes can be used by cops as well when trying to solve a crime etc a clipboard for signing things like the bill and contracts/mechoffer 0
  2. Road names at the bottom or top of the screen telling you what road you are on and what direction your heading down it. Also a speedometer while driving would be cool rather than just a number.
  3. Danfrewer

    LSC Faction Addons

  4. Danfrewer

    Salary increase

    we are also here not to break rules but......
  5. Danfrewer

    Salary increase

  6. Danfrewer

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office

    Great idea as most cops only go north for Prison transportation and not much else.
  7. Danfrewer

    2920_8409 (NonRP/FailRP)

    Not much I can add to this you can see me driving down the stairs the only argument is the car fit perfectly so in real life it probably would have aswell if I broke a rule then I'll accept the punishment i was only saving myself 5 mins by using a short cut.
  8. Danfrewer

    2920_8409 (NonRP/FailRP)

    Its not a mini truck its a trophy truck with crazy suspension that could defo make it down the stairs.
  9. Danfrewer

    2920_8409 (NonRP/FailRP)

    Guess everyone who rides a bike down the pier is breaking rp aswell then.
  10. Danfrewer

    Selling 9F Cabrio

    Selling Upgraded 9F Cabrio For Only 200k Cheaper Than Stock... Call 3273662 for more info!
  11. Danfrewer


    Ah thanks guys
  12. Danfrewer


    are they banned in the city and if so is it possible to get a refund as someone from la customs said i could ask for? 5500 points.