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  1. Hardly power gaming if theres next to no rp being displayed in addition to this how is a taser a deadly weapon? So why would he be scared of it this whole report just seems like a built up of anger against Los Zetas so he will take any chance to report and get them in trouble also i was the driver who you tased through a window.
  2. Phone number: 3273662 - email - DanieI#1998 Offers starting from $950,000
  3. I get it sounds crazy but when at the Auction event the other week i saw a Bus type vehicle with Speakers on it and thought why not have a Music festival like Burning man or coachella. This is how in my head it would work but Admins or Developers could do more if people actually like the idea: The Event would be held in Sandy in a NCZ in the open bit in sandy near the airfield With if possible a stage or the bus (above) People who want a DJ set can apply via a app or by asking an Admin Obviously with how Voip is it would probably have to be done through Discord. I just think it could be a cool event for the summer and happen in the evenings over a weekend. Thats my thinking so far Let me know your thoughts and Additions.
  4. https://plays.tv/video/5cadda1d2a579c956a/loool?from=user is this you?
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