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Legal Faction Parking Lots

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I'd like to make a suggestion that I feel would benefit the following factions and although it's some what of a convenience suggestion, there are some practical uses as well.

This suggestion would benefit members of.. 

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos Sheriffs Department
  • Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
  • Downtown Cab Company
  • Los Santos Customs
  • Bayview Auto Center
  • Weazel News
  • San Andreas Department of Corrections

The suggestion is to add the ability to store one civilian faction vehicle at the headquarters of your particular faction/s like the /park parking lot. 

This would require NBDY perhaps to alter the Parking Lot code perhaps, to support additional parking lots but it would NOT give you an extra vehicle slot or parking slot. It would simply work off of the same system as /park does now. This also could lead to additional parking lot spots for non-legal factions down the line.


I'll use LSPD as a prime example. If you've ever been to PD, you will notice that the PD tend to park their vehicles when on duty in the open area at Mission Row garages.
Some Officers do tend to forget to take their vehicles away, as they might log off in the station and they get left there, we tend to tackle it as an IC issue though.
There is also the issue of space, as civilians and visitors tend to park and/or leave their vehicles across from Mission Row lobby or to the right of it.

This leads to a build of cars and GTA V's vehicle sync is sometimes unreliable so you end up with cars on top of one another, cars sticking out into the road and too many vehicles tends to make the area unsightly. There is also a small minor issue of cars being stolen from the NCZ which while an admin issue, doesn't always get reported.

PD has a faction of 100+ people, and often the employee parking lot is full. By allowing something like this, you ease that issue, not just for PD but for those visiting as well as our factions in their areas too. Yes, the Parking Lot is two minutes run from PD but it's not just about PD.

I'm also a member of DCC and there are only a few parking spots inside the gates, which are reserved for the highest ranks of DCC but they also have a good number of faction members and it can get cramped parking in there and since the DCC vehicles need to get out at an angle too because of the gate, it leads to problems.

If you've ever been past the DOC, you will also notice that their inner gate looks like High End with all their vehicles lined up.

- - - - 

If you want to go the realism route, Police Departments and other legal organisations provide their employees with secure parking for their vehicles. I think this is a suggestion that is both practical and realistic. These factions aren't gaining anything really over those not in a legal faction, it's just taking away vehicle clutter and also, allowing for the workers of those factions not to have to worry about their vehicles being stolen from NCZs or flipped over due to desync.

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15 hours ago, cammusnsgs said:

-1 I also believe it is an IC issue, if there isnt enough parking space IRL, finna park across the street, however, employees should have designated parking in the NCZ and visitors can parks across the street etc. 

They do have designated parking, but my point is that it gets full. PD is a faction with 100+ people.

You then have a bunch of people leaving their vehicles (legally) around Mission Row as it's a NCZ.

So it becomes littered with cars.

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As much as I would love for my vehicle to be in a safe place while I am working at Los Santos Customs, it would remove a lot of the good RP that has been happening between Zetas and LSC(even if it is happening late USTZ when the lowest number of cops are online....).


I think this would cut down on criminal RP in areas that use parking that are not NCZs.

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Posters please remember this is more than just PD - OP is citing this for all legal factions.

In regards to PD, this is not just a "simple IC issue" as there are physical limitations on parking spots as the layout of the GTA 5 map dictates - which is an OOC matter (mapping).

In regards to EMS, our NCZ script is literally broken more than half the time so our cars just get stolen - which is an OOC matter considering it's script failure/rule breaks.

ICly, all government employees have designated parking spaces (which are OOCly protected due to NCZ script support) and there are policies in place for this (ie: EMS can tow off duty employees if their cars are left behind). All this suggestion would do is give script support to that IC policy by providing an actual way of parking our vehicles. Along with this, as stated by another poster, it would assist with lag from having so many vehicles out at once as well as the lovely immersion breaking vehicles stacked on top of one another due to vehicle desync.

So many things can be done without script support but having it is a benefit which is shown by some of the suggestions on the forums such as animations, labels for bags, the ability to make outfits, etc. All legal factions don't even have gated parking for employees and this can somewhat be attributed to the mapping of GTA 5 alone.

At an absolutely minimum I think this should be implemented at all legal factions that are within NCZ bounds.

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Well the suggestion is flexible, you can apply it to whatever legal factions you want, if they have an area that supports it for example.

I could see perhaps the merits of keeping the vehicles out at Bayview and LS Customs because their operations are usually limited to their areas, but for Medics/Cops/Taxi Drivers etc.. we're all out in other areas of the city a lot.

The main issue here isn't vehicle safety though, it's vehicle organisation and space.

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I agree these jobs need secure parking, as it would be the case IRL. I also think that removing vehicles from the map that have been left by players not currently in the server is another issue in the NCZ's. My comp simply cant handle LSB or PD when we go a few days without a reset, which creates an issue as my character is a cab driver that generally needs to pick up/drop off people in these locations.

That being said... I also agree that the vehicles shouldn't just vanish from the map. I think creating a car park in these areas would just allow people to store them there and render housing and LS Parking a little more useless/not in demand ((thus dropping prices further)), where IC rules should be implemented that only on duty people can be parked. And if having people around to tow these vehicles is an issue then the work is obviously there to create jobs specifically to towing, so that should be implemented. ((The issue of abandoned cars on map is just as ridiculous and nonrp in many cases, but that's another issue in itself))

Bayview and Weazel seem to have abit of an opportunity already with closed in gates for on duty players, though obviously there are issues for LSC, PD, MD and DCC (not sure about the others sorry). With PD and MD there are multi story carparks within walking distance that are not used at all. Perhaps would it be a suggestion not to NCZ them, but to add gates to them with access for those faction members so the vehicles are technically still in game? This would still be a realistic scenario as its only a short walking distance to work for both. As for DCC, I still believe a section of the casino parking lot should be allocated to cover this. 

Again - All my suggestions revolve around on duty vehicles being permitted only, and towing jobs be created that arent based on PD or Mechanics solely whom sometimes have better things to be doing than towing vehicles.

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Gonna put in from DCC perspective here as i can provide the best insight there. We currently have prob the smallest lot among all factions and half of that is taken up by the car spawn for faction vehicles, meaning we have half the lot left for parking. As such our IC solution is to have the parking spaces left given to members of management and Employees of the month. The rest of the employees have to make use of the parking lot in the casino or other places they can find.

The issue with this is that it leaves our cars vulnerable to people stealing them, as they are in known spots and due to the nature of our work, are hardly ever watched. So people either have to take cabs to work or just log off at DCC, to avoid the trouble of having your car stolen while youre on the other side of the map.

We do not have big gated parking lots like the other factions and we do not have the comfort of a NCZ. Additionally, we are on the road 90% of the time, so if our cars are being stolen, it is likely that we can't reach the location in time. Unless we could build a parking lot somewhere to protect cars (there is a parking lot close by towards mirror park) that could be walled and gated if we could get those permissions), we would benefit very much from having the ability to store our cars in the provided manor.

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