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Weapon Attachments for Faction Guns

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Hello. With gun attachments coming back, could we please get them for PD as well? Specifically a flashlight for regular officers and a more wider variety of attachments for S.W.A.T. 

Maybe just make it a separate command to add attachments to the gun you've got out in the PD armory. Like, when I'm holding a weapon out in the PD armory, I can type:
/attach scope
/attach clip (for extended)
/attach grip (for a grip)
/attach armytint (for the tint)
/attach flashlight

S.W.A.T. would love something like this:
- Default Clip (or extended)
- Flashlight
- Scope
- Army Tint

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On 6/20/2018 at 1:26 PM, iSeeYou said:

Good idea to buff the PD even more, PD getting to greedy. Like it isnt enough that you have a revolver that 1-2 hits people.


Well every other criminal has attachments + only around 10% of PD has the revolver.


13 minutes ago, SteScotland said:


Agreed. SWAT are OP as it is.

Massive -1


The only thing that SWAT has that other officers do not have is heavier weapon like a carbine and other vehicles. 90% of criminals have AK's so idk.

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1 hour ago, nateX said:

How would that work out though? PD has everything that criminals have and a little more.

Criminals don't have tazers, they don't have armour, they don't have snipers, they don't have pd cars. Im saying criminals should be able to get access to stuff the pd has, for example the vehicles. Script wise you cant start a PD vehicle without a key? You should be able to and not be blocked from RP Script wise.

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22 hours ago, DeanThompson said:

Civilians out number cops by a lot...and we want criminals to have an element of fear of cops to deter brazen acts of crime

I know that... I just mean I do not see the reason why someone would think that giving criminals long range tazers, armor and PD vehicles would be balanced in any way.

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+1 and it's realistic to have them specially for SWAT/SED, it's weird that a criminal can have attachments like scope/grip/etc.. and a professional special unit like SWAT/SED doesn't.

Except for the extended magazines as it feels OP to have a full team of SWAT with extended magazines.

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