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  1. RockOutSkyGuy

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office

    +1, I agree fully, the rate of crime has increased exponentially since the farmer update.. can hardly farm anymore without being robbed.
  2. RockOutSkyGuy

    Shotguns in Ammunations

    I like it.
  3. RockOutSkyGuy

    Shotguns in Ammunations

    I think pump shotguns should be added to the Ammunations.
  4. RockOutSkyGuy

    Withdrawing money at banks

    Oh..... Okay then, thank you. Disregard this suggestion then. ^^
  5. RockOutSkyGuy

    Withdrawing money at banks

    The bank in Paleto bay doesn't have ATM's in it. I guess alternatively you could just add a few ATM's into that bank.
  6. RockOutSkyGuy

    Withdrawing money at banks

    Currently you can't withdraw money from the bank (where you use /takesalary), you have to instead go to an ATM and withdraw money. You should be able to withdraw and deposit money from the bank as well, not have to rely on ATM's.
  7. RockOutSkyGuy

    Prison and PD

    +1, only makes sense.
  8. Character to be refunded: Alex Khalinski Date and time of incident: 6/18/2018 @ 18:30 Requested refund (what and how much): $2800, equivalent to 14 bags (full van) of fantastic quality wheat Description of incident resulting in loss: Server crashed when I went to unload my wheat at the warehouse. Logged in, van was gone. Evidence of loss: Comments:
  9. RockOutSkyGuy

    Bank teller jobs

    +1, good idea.
  10. Oh, cool! Thanks for the heads up.
  11. +1, the ability to change clothes (and not have to rebuy them over and over again) would be great.
  12. RockOutSkyGuy

    Free Radio for Government Factions

    +1, makes sense that the employer would supply them.
  13. RockOutSkyGuy


    I like the idea of the weapons being on the player's back, that's the way it was in many SA:MP servers, and it worked out nicely.
  14. RockOutSkyGuy

    Chop Shop Tweaks and fixes

    +1 I agree on more chop shop locations.