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The Body Timers

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Okay Eclipse, we need to talk.
I know there was an issue with people not role-playing interacting with the bodies, but adding these timers ain't it chief. 

It just draws things out unnecessarily, whether it's for cops/medics clearing bodies on a scene, criminals having to pick up criminals to be able to kill them off because of Rage or whatever.

Since it's been implemented, it's clearly the plan for there to be timers, but can we change the timers. 

In real life, I understand that doing things like lifting heavy objects (like a corpse) would take some time, but as it is currently, it's just plain inconvenient and in the case of storing or dropping, putting someone in the trunk is cumbersome.

  • Picking up Body - 10 seconds to 6 seconds if they are alive, 3 seconds if they are dead. 
  • Dropping Body - This should be instant, if i'm carrying something and I want to drop it, I can do so instantly.
  • Storing a Body - Should be the same time frame as unlocking the trunk so like 3 seconds. You are dropping the body in a certain way onto something, gravity is doing the hard way. 
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6 hours ago, Phantas said:

+1 Having to ooc pick someone up in a gun fight to resync them when there trying to call cops or send texts for back up to be able to kill them is nearly impossible now as it just takes too long.

I haven’t even experienced the new body carrying but I can tell it’s annoying +1

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Semi +1. I think removing the timers overall would be a better fit.

If you think about it, by the time you do the /me’s and /do’s the timer would have been done. Deeming it to be a drawn out process. 

Other things like when you need to finish someone off and you can not due to the rage multiplayer desync, it prolongs the situation so long. I think it would be better to remove totally than keep it. 

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