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  1. I have had multiple conflicts with his group in the past and I assume he was apart of said group considering he was rolling in unison with them to give a little bit of backstory. We have chased these dudes to bank countless times. The entire conflict started off by them chasing and seeking conflict from "the sleepers" which he had mentioned in his initial report. Him and his fellow gang member were chasing them around while I was watching as well as listening on sleepers radio about them talking to them. At one point the Kamacho even got out of his car to attempt to hold up the sleeper the we
  2. Script opportunities are limited for ALL crims. If you are saying you think that there should be a feathery bed for new crim faction to sleep on I disagree with that.
  3. This is honestly appalling. As far as I know no actual reasons have been given for the cap. I have been playing for about 2 years now and have played as a criminal for 80-85% of my time here and as a LSPD member for the other 10% and a mechanic for 5%. The rules have never been something that was felt fair to us as crims as where it seems to cater to other factions. For about the past year now I have to rethink my decisions 5 times before I even make them due to the fact that the rules seem to be getting tighter and tighter with a lack of definition. It honestly feels like they are trying to p
  4. +1 The import situation has been rough for quite some time and only gets worse with the new additions to official. It is actually disgusting having to 15 people hound me to order 30 micro rounds when I offer to order.
  5. Good fight boys I enjoyed the RP
  6. It fixes Sync issues, thats why it is commonly used. Regardless of rolling or not people are going to be different on your screen than yours until they fix the sync.
  8. Here is an example of a situation similar to yours where it was deemed Not DM.
  9. You just admitted to entering an ACTIVE shootout in order to assist your allies. When you respond to a backup call and hear bullets flying you should be well aware of what implications that holds. If you drove towards me with the INTENT to hit me with your car but didn't you are still liable for your actions.
  10. You drove through the active shootout multiple times with a stolen car. It is clear you were apart of the attackers side it seems like you were are just baiting reports here. Also you drove throughout the scene multiple times, I find it very deceiving that you just posted this tiny snippet of our interaction. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • Driving a vehicle into an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover.
  11. Audio is in fact required I suggest you read the Report Guidelines before reporting. Would you like to upload 10 more seconds where you change your frequency as im running towards you? I am ID 151
  12. Huge +1 Our HQ can be extremely laggy and i believe this would definitely help solve the problem. Most vehicles parked are parking in an NCZ anyway where no RP is done regarding them excluding the few officers that check for parking pay. This implementation would force people to actually pay for parking instead of just leaving their vehicles at an NCZ over night and praying it doesn't get impounded.
  13. You think typing 2 extra letters takes way longer than typing 1? It seems like a matter of 1 or 2 seconds maximum.
  14. +1 OOC pickups are horrendous now. It can influence situations heavily especially when dealing with rule-breakers talking on the radio or calling police.
  15. This is how poker is played? Why should it be changed. Highest kicker wins if I'm not mistaken. Its like saying that we both have a pair of sevens and i have an 7/Ace in my hand and you have 7/K and we should split it?
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