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Change how NLR works and implement CK support.

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I've always role played " surgery " after I've been killed in game, forgetting everything that happened related to my death. Character kills right now are a joke, and I love both of your ideas.
Nice suggestion cueball ❤️

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22 hours ago, [email protected] said:

EDIT: This idea seems better. If you get injured and there's no one around to treat you - You get delivered to the hospital by NPC medical personnel and you'd RPly be critically injured. Perhaps to combat an endless cycle of retaliation e.g. gang vs gang, we could make it a rule to set OOC standards for better realism that your previous beef with a person is no more, and that you must engage in new role-play with them.

What I had in mind was there is no OOC rule that causes beef to squash after you wake up in hospital. If the gang violence between certain people goes on and on, so be it. Someone either has to CK, arrange some way IC to come to some kind of truce. Whether that is a meeting between both gangs/people to discuss the terms of the truce, whatever. OR they make use of a 'PK' system, explained below.

Now the third option and also what they used to do in samp (which is similar to the OOC rule you proposed, but it's IC instead) is a 'PK' system (Player Kill) which is different to a 'CK' (Character Kill). Let's say a gang has someone down on their knees ready to execute them, they call in an admin, mod or even support. The staff member witnesses the execution and if it's RP'd well, then after it's done the staff member initiates a 'PK' command. Now all that does is basically does exactly what the NLR does right now but it's something that the people doing the killing have to request and get approved based on the situation. The PK is a lot softer than a CK in the way that there is no loss of name, items etc. Only a loss of memory for x amount of time leading up to the situation.

In short

CK = Something you can request yourself to start over, but it comes at a price.

PK = Something others request to put on you. Only price being you forget everything up to that moment like the NLR.

Now some might ask 'well what is the difference between a PK and the current NLR'. Well the current NLR is something that happens no matter what, everytime someone respawns. Where as the PK requires more RP to gain approval in order for you to 'kill' someone and wipe their memory clean from that beef. If is doesn't get approved, then there is no memory loss even on respawn, the beef continues & you need to to find a better way to put a PK on that person in future.

I don't know if I made that sound complicated but it's a system that works really well onces the ball is rolling.

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