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  1. I don't recall too much of this, I was just standing there with my hands up helplessly. But didn't you all have an OOC discussion after this about some apparent bug where one of you started shooting? Isn't that why the fight started? The cops thought you were opening fire? I can't really remember the conversation OOC afterwards.
  2. It should just work like an even quieter /low
  3. Not to mention his first collision of the cruiser was not an accident as he had tons of time to switch lanes seeing our cruiser from far back, but he purposely hits the back end of it on his video with no attempt to swerve.
  4. Osborn already came to us about this but I'll pretty much say the same here as I said to him. It looked totally different on our screens. We are dealing with our suspect roadside when this trophy truck comes hammering past us, then he turns around and drives back at us slamming and mounting our cop car. For all we knew he was trying to injure us or kill us so who we thought was his buddy could go free, or whatever other reason. You can see on his video that we don't react at all until he us right beside us, which on our screen is the moment he slams us a second time. You can even hear the guy with us say 'arent you going to do anything about that' so obviously on his screen (ID 153) he smashes us as well. Sometimes cars are not at the same location for other players. This is why you sometimes can witness cars going through other cars like butter and take no damage, because the car is not there on their screen. This is what happened here; on his screen he pushed the car away, but on mine, Palmer's and the suspect's screen the car wasn't moved, so when he returned to us it looked like he was obliterating our vehicle. If the events were exactly like it shows on his video then yeah, sure it was DM. But it didn't happen like his video suggests for us, which means it was a simple desync issue. Me and Palmer aren't seriously going to just turn and shoot someone for zero reason.
  5. You guys fit the criteria perfectly, you're all in.
  6. MReefer

    Body Behind

    The body should only be there until the NLR limit expires. So if you go back to an area and your body is still there. You know you shouldn't be there.
  7. (( https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewforum.php?f=89 ))
  8. What I had in mind was there is no OOC rule that causes beef to squash after you wake up in hospital. If the gang violence between certain people goes on and on, so be it. Someone either has to CK, arrange some way IC to come to some kind of truce. Whether that is a meeting between both gangs/people to discuss the terms of the truce, whatever. OR they make use of a 'PK' system, explained below. Now the third option and also what they used to do in samp (which is similar to the OOC rule you proposed, but it's IC instead) is a 'PK' system (Player Kill) which is different to a 'CK' (Character Kill). Let's say a gang has someone down on their knees ready to execute them, they call in an admin, mod or even support. The staff member witnesses the execution and if it's RP'd well, then after it's done the staff member initiates a 'PK' command. Now all that does is basically does exactly what the NLR does right now but it's something that the people doing the killing have to request and get approved based on the situation. The PK is a lot softer than a CK in the way that there is no loss of name, items etc. Only a loss of memory for x amount of time leading up to the situation. In short CK = Something you can request yourself to start over, but it comes at a price. PK = Something others request to put on you. Only price being you forget everything up to that moment like the NLR. Now some might ask 'well what is the difference between a PK and the current NLR'. Well the current NLR is something that happens no matter what, everytime someone respawns. Where as the PK requires more RP to gain approval in order for you to 'kill' someone and wipe their memory clean from that beef. If is doesn't get approved, then there is no memory loss even on respawn, the beef continues & you need to to find a better way to put a PK on that person in future. I don't know if I made that sound complicated but it's a system that works really well onces the ball is rolling.
  9. If we are going to put a change like this in, why not just get rid of everything. No comas that make you forget eveything (you just wake up in hospital from a bad injury), no NLR, no nothing. Just like in real life your choices you make have consequences and your problems can follow you around forever unless you kill yourself (CK) or you resolve them somehow.
  10. It would be great if fatal injuries cause people to have red nametags indicating they are dead, if they are dead the healthbar simply drops faster allowing people enough time to loot the body before they despawn, while not forcing the person to sit there for ages waiting to respawn. And yellow names for injuries where the person can be saved, with a slower healthbar drop rate to allow for medical RP. I'm sure this is doable as the script does show where the person has been hit with /analysewounds (which would be the deciding factor that says whether the person could live or not). This would solve any arguement like this. The only issue is I don't know exactly how accurate the hit boxes are. We just need something like that script wise that indicates whether the person is savable or not, I mean yeah we do have the analysewounds command but even if the bullets aren't anywhere 'fatal' people still say 'well I would bleed out'.
  11. https://www.gtabase.com/grand-theft-auto-v/properties/gta-online/2866-hillcrest-avenue The 3 cars should be the stilt house interiors (example above) as most of the 3 garage places on the server in Vinewood are these ones or similar. As for the 4 car garage houses, they would obviously need to be even better than these interiors so things are fair. For over 1mil, I would be expecting the Penthouse style for my buck.
  12. Being to able get into the LSPD radio frequency would be something that can happen in real life. There are people who sit there and listen to police radio as a hobby, I would entertain that idea once cop baiting was shown to ease up on the server. I don't think that being able to listen in on 911 calls (as they are made by phone) or being able to hack your record and clear it is very realistic though.
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